Why I study English

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Making on a theme: “Why I study English”

Why I study English.

For Europeans of reasoning of English and fixing after him of status of
international are not small talks. Many questions still remain opened.
How indeed modern English is optimum mean for intercourse of people of
different nationalities? Or does he become the threat to the variety of
national cultures and languages? Are there another ways (languages) of
intercourse in world association?

A necessity in a single language goes from the depth of ages. It is
possible to remember the Babylonian tower or comparatively recent
attempts to create the common language of esperanto. How history
rotined, and that and other was doomed to the failure.

English was taken out by the English emigrants to North America and
other parts of the world. In addition, England spread the language in
the entire conquered countries former colonies of the Britannic empire.
Vividly expressed, England stretched a cultural and linguistic bridge
over ocean, connecting continents.

But United States were created by emigrants not only from Great Britain.
In this country people stretched from all Europe and from other
countries. New nation needed an uniting element which would help to
overcome national and linguistic distinctions. This role was executed by

But in spite of it, the mother tongues of emigrants were able to
transform initial English, making supple him more and opened to the
changes. This new language which usually name «American English» crossed
Atlantic and got back in Europe in a 20 age, in basic after the second
world war.

A language acquired this new look for 150-years-old history of incessant
emigration in the USA. In our time American English is language of
economic, military and political superpower.

The specific of American English generated the new name for him: the
French linguist Azhezh Claude named American English by a «comfortable
language» (americain de commodite). It is possible to accede to his very
witty submission, that to «world economic power similarly predefined to
move forward the language, as well as to conquer markets for the sale of
the products, and these two facts are closely associated: distribution
of the language opens a road for the export of the products». It is yet
easier to accede to that «from all languages on a planet English most
flexible and most quickly reactive on changing reality, and he the first
reflects these new realities».

An e-mail and Internet is today used in a whole world, and this,
indisputably, very comfortable, rapid and effective means of
intercourse. People in different countries are forced to adapt to the
language and features of electronic facilities communications which were
created, naturally, under English . To communicate in other language,
they have to come running to the different technical devices. Say, the
written above the line characters accepted in the different European
languages cannot be used in most programs of e-mail, the same behaves to
the Un Roman alphabets (Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and other).

In the world there are thousands, and even ten of thousands of different
languages. It is possible even to say – how many people so much and
languages. About some did not hear. But for today almost all try to
study English. Why? It is an interesting question. Fashion, interest,
utility or….? I do not know as all, but I want to study English,
because consider that this the necessity. He will help me in life, at
work and on rest. How? Yes all very simply. English is acknowledged by
an international language and exactly him study many. If I will depart
to travel (optionally to England), without knowledge of English, to me
it will be very difficult to socialize with local habitants and will
travel difficultly. And if I will depart, even to France, by English
will be able to avoid a lot of problems. For example: to settle down in
a hotel, to pass to the place necessary to me, to order a meal in a
restaurant and etc On the face of it it does not even seem a problem,
but, not knowing a language, make attempt do all of it!

During work I also need knowledge of English. Suppliers, firms with
which do we co-operate mainly are abroad, and as you think, I will
conduct with them negotiations? Well certainly and here I will be
rescued by this wonderful language! We go along is the personal life. I
very want to lead friends above-ground in other countries and except for
as in English I with them to socialize to not smog (certainly, if I will
not know their mother tongue).

To also me is opened much other possibilities, for example, I will be
able to work abroad.

Knowledge of English can help me with honour to go out from any
situation practically in any point of earth and, certainly, in those 60
countries of world, where the English became the major language of
business and intercourse. For 377 million persons English is first and
basic, and yet for 98 millions is the second language.

In the total after all long reasonings I showed out five main reasons,
why it is needed to study English:

1. A Culture. Knowledge of languages develops and enriches personality,
allowing, with the study of new language, how to find the “second soul”.
The songs of Beatles in English language, having large influence on the
musical culture of the twentieth age, are saved in memory of a few
generations. In every house from Santiago to Bangkok, today there is
multfilms teaching the computer programs or computer games with the
English interface.

2.A Economic. In any region of our activity – industry, commerce,
diplomacy and culture, international tourism, science and computers
technologies Internet and e-mail, is knowledge of English is required
daily in every working situation. Knowledge of English is needed for the
effective teaching subsequent work and improvement of quality of our

3. Business. In a modern world largely business is controlled by
numerous daughters’ companies in the different countries of world. By
the condition of reception of personnel for work ability reports freely
to speak English. It is simply impossible to succeed in the twenty first
age, not knowing English being today the means of international
intercourse. In English the employees of Interpol, avyadyspetchery and
participants of rescues works, talk in the areas of natural calamities,
where exactness of information transfer matters primary.

4. Education. Four fifth the information contained in the data banks of
computers of whole world, writtenin in English language. Almost all
important books or articles appear from the seal or in English language
or is translated into English.

5. Availability. Is it how hardness to capture English? Maybe, that as
easy as anything. Two important factors of cooperant to lightness of
study of English: at first, everywhere in advertising and on satellite
television we see and hear news and advertising in English language, and
secondly, methods of teaching of English to the foreigners most well
developed. Pronunciation, intonation and grammar, will not bring us
insuperable difficulties.

Here from it I and decided to study English.

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