Role of the interpreter in the modern world

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Essay on the topic: “Role of the interpreter in the modern world”

The modern world is very various. Each country, each nation and its
culture differ from each other; they possess the specific features which
are interesting to other people. And at the same time the world at the
present stage is very dynamic. Nowadays great value is paid to
interaction between the countries: economic, political and cultural. In
my opinion, only due to multilateral rapprochement of the countries the
creation of the world community on the equal rights for all nations and
open international cooperation is possible. In realization of this
important affair it is certainly impossible to dispense without the
interpreter’s services which becomes the peculiar bridge between the
countries. And though it is considered that the interpreter is only the
intermediary, he is able to make the dialogue between the countries more
effective and simple.

Here I’d like to point out that I believe that both the interpreters who
usually work verbally during negotiations and the translators who
translate fiction and technical texts in writing play an important role
in the international coordination in the world community.

In my opinion the profession of an interpreter is one of the most
important and indispensable in the present-day business world. All large
transnational corporations which have their sister companies all over
the world implement their business-like co-operation with the help of
interpreters. An interpreter is an indispensable conferee, his services
are essential when effecting a business transaction. But an interpreter,
of course, is not an independent conferee; he can’t express his own
opinion and points of view. He plays a role of an instrument with whose
help business negotiations precede in the most effective way. The best
interpreter is that who is imperceptible at a dialogue and at the same
time provides this dialogue in such a manner that business partners
start to think that they communicate with each other on the language
clear for both of them.

Another sphere where you can’t spare without an interpreter is
international political interaction between different countries of the
world. All the international summit talks are held at obligatory
participation of interpreters. In this case an interpreter is made
responsible for carrying on negotiations effectively. And though he is
only an intermediary between representatives of different countries his
work plays decisive role in establishing of mutual understanding and
friendly relationship between diplomats. Here I should say that an
interpreter must transfer correctly not only sense of statements but
also their emotional painting, style of speech and even tempo of speech
of a speaker. But at the same time it is an interpreter who is able to
smooth things over during diplomatic negotiations when it’s necessary.
So I think that a professional interpreter can promote better
understanding between countries and that makes this profession noble.

One more sphere which I want to mention is translation of world fiction.
I think that translators made an outstanding contribution to the
development of national literature of different countries. On the one
hand, they give us an opportunity to join to the cultural heritage of
the world when reading their translations of famous foreign works of
art. On the other hand, translating works of our national writers into
foreign languages translators make them widely available to other people
and of course it often awakes great interest to the county and its
culture. But here I should note down that there is no translation from
language into language, but always from culture into culture. The
translator should know perfectly the source language and culture and the
target language and culture as well to make his translation clear. It’s
a rather hard work but its results are worthy of it.

In conclusion I’d like to say that nowadays the world needs the
interpreters’ services and without their help we won’t be able to build
the easily cooperating world community, to find the most suitable ways
of communication between countries. In my turn I wish to become a
professional interpreter and make all the efforts in laying bricks in
the large bridge between different countries and nations.

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