Mass media

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Mass media

It goes without saying that mass media have become a necessary part of
any modern society. The press, the radio and television play a very
important role in people’s life. They inform, educate & entertain us.
They also influence the way people look at the world & even make them
change their views. In other words, mass media play a very important
part in shaping public opinion.

Millions of people read popular issues of newspapers & magazines in
their spare time. Newspapers publish articles which cover the latest
international & national events, give a full coverage of commercial,
financial and public affairs. Many people buy newspapers also for the
radio & TV programmes which are printed there. A lot of magazines give
an opportunity for youth to be in known in the fashion world, cultural
life, sensational news & nightlife events; there we can find reports on
education & sports.

Television is one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century and
the most popular kind of mass media. Television brings world to our
living rooms. It gives people an opportunity to be well-informed by
watching documentaries, science programmes, panel discussions and so on.
Television provides great opportunities for education. With the help of
TV it is possible to study foreign languages, to learn a lot of amazing
things. At the same time there are many arguments against TV. Accessing
watching has a bad effect on the eyes. Today a lot of people have become
TV-addicts, in other words couch potatoes. Instead of going to a theatre
or reading books mankind prefer to watch TV. But still, television plays
a very important role in people’s life in spite of the rise of the
Internet & other high-technology sources of information.

So today mass media offers us a great variety to choose from. There are
many educational, political & entertainment programmes, so everyone can
find what to listen to, to read or to watch.

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