Australia on the world’s tourist map

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The topic of the term paper is Australia on the touristic map.
Tourisitic industry is discussed in the first chapter, there is
statistic data about arrivals to Australia in March of 2007. The second
chapter is devoted to Australia`s land. Australia is the word’s smallest
continent. Nearly 7600000 square kilometers in area. It is one-fourth
the size of Africa. The third chapter considers transportation,
accommodation and catering services.



1. Tourism

2. Australia’s land

3. Australia on the world’s tourist map

3.1 Transportation

3.2 Accomodation

3.3 Catering service






How can a single country have world-class cities, snowfields, deserts,
rainforests and golden beaches? Well, being nearly 8 million km? in
size, Australia has a lot of ground to cover. If you want to know About
Australia, grab your thongs (and your flip flops) and get ready for
adventure — Aussie style!

Australia’s awesome natural beauty is talked about worldwide with
wonder. And while Australians are proud of the diverse landscape, we are
equally proud of the diversity of our people and the warm welcome we
offer visitors from near and far.

Australians are laid back, as we often say. Enjoying our food and our
sport are common pastimes for many Aussies. If you can’t find us at the
local footy ground cheering our team on a Saturday afternoon, then
chances are we’re enjoying the day with friends at one of many chic
street cafes to be found in any of our major cities.

About Australia invites you to explore the possibilities. Along the way
we’ll provide you with information on things to see and places to stay.
Whether you’re an Australian exploring your own backyard or planning to
visit here — welcome and happy travels!

1. Tourism

Tourism Australia has been recognised as the best National Tourism
Organisation (NTO) in South Korea, Tourism Australia Managing Director
Scott Morrison, announced today.

“Tourism Australia (TA) is proud to have received the 2005 Global Top
Management Award for ‘The Best NTO’ from one of Korea’s most prestigious
media groups, beating key competitors such as Singapore and Hong Kong,”
Scott Morrison said.

The award, from Korea’s Herald Business, was reviewed on: creative and
initiative; marketing activities; campaign performance; and brand power.
Last year, HSBC Korea, Coca-Cola Korea, Philip Morris Korea, Nike Korea,
ING Life and BMW Korea were included in the winners.

Korea is an important market for Australia, with forecast growth of 36
per cent between 2005/09 according to the Tourism Forecasting Committee
and the number of arrivals is expected to increase by 82,800 during the
same period. According to the most recent ABS visitor arrivals figures,
there were 19,900 visitors from Korea during March 2005 bringing the
total for the three months to March 2005 to 74,500, an increase of 23
per cent relative to the same period of the previous year.

“In Korea many consumer surveys have shown that Australia is ‘the’ most
desired travel destination. Australia has strong recognition and
aspiration for many Koreans, particularly among independent travellers
aged 20-30 where Australia’s popularity has experienced considerable
growth,” Scott Morrison said.

“There are major changes underway in the Korean market that TA is
seeking to adapt to and capitalise on. Strong growth in the Korean
economy is making travel more affordable and Korean working life is
about to become more flexible, moving from a six to a five day working
week. As a result Koreans will be increasingly able to find more time to
travel away from home.

“Tourism Australia recently launched the ‘Best of Australia’ campaign to
encourage the growing Fully Independent Traveller (FIT) segment in Korea
to choose Australia for their next holiday experience.

“In recognition of Korea having one of the world’s highest Internet
penetration rates, TA has enhanced its on-line marketing communication
to target South Korea’s younger and more affluent independent travellers
as potential high yield visitors to Australia.

“To ensure that we realise expected growth and continue to attract high
yield visitors, Australia’s activities in key markets such as Korea must
be world’s best practice and this award shows that Tourism Australia is
on the right track.

“In addition to the award for best NTO in Korea, Tourism Australia has
won several international awards in Asia, including Singapore and China
and most recently Tourism Australia won two Gold PATA awards for public
relations and marketing.

“Tourism Australia continues to strive to take the lead by employing
creative marketing strategies and innovative activities in Korea and
many other markets around the world.”

The data about touristic industry are given below. There were 1,468,700
visitor arrivals to Australia during the three months to March 2005, an
increase of 12 per cent relative to the same period of the previous

There were 5.38 million visitor arrivals during the year ended 31 March
2005, an increase of 11 per cent relative to the previous year.

There were 504,700 visitor arrivals during March 2005, an increase of 17
per cent relative to the same month of the previous year.

The timing of Easter in March 2005 impacts on these results as Easter
tends to be a peak travel period. The 12 months to the end of March 2005
includes two Easter periods; the first quarter 2005 results include
Easter while the same period in 2004 didn’t; and the results for the
month of March 2005 include Easter while the March 2004 figures didn’t.

The timing of Easter has most influence on Western hemisphere markets
and markets with large ex-patriot populations such as Singapore and Hong
Kong. For example arrivals from the UK were up 27% during the month of
March 2005.

Key trends by market are outlined below.

New Zealand

There were 91,500 visitors from New Zealand during March 2005 bringing
the total for the three months to March 2005 to 219,500 an increase of
16 per cent relative to the same period of the previous year.


There were 86,800 visitors from the United Kingdom during March 2005
bringing the total for the three months to March 2005 to 235,200, an
increase of 15 per cent relative to the same period of the previous

There were 14,700 visitors from Germany during March 2005 bringing the
total for the three months to March 2005 to 42,500, an increase of 3 per
cent relative to the same period of the previous year.

The Americas

There were 43,600 visitors from the United States of America during
March 2005 bringing the total for the three months to March 2005 to
122,700 an increase of 8 per cent relative to the same period of the
previous year.

There were 11,000 visitors from Canada during March 2005 bringing the
total for the three months to March 2005 to 34,800, an increase of 12
per cent relative to the same period of the previous year.

Southeast Asia

There were 22,400 visitors from Singapore during March 2005 bringing the
total for the three months to March 2005 to 59,300, an increase of 15
per cent relative to the same period of the previous year.

There were 14,000 visitors from Malaysia during March 2005 bringing the
total for the three months to March 2005 to 40,500, an increase of 3 per
cent relative to the same period of the previous year.

There were 8,200 visitors from Thailand during March 2005 bringing the
total for the three months to March 2005 to 18,400, a decrease of 3 per
cent relative to the same period of the previous year.

Northeast Asia

There were 67,600 visitors from Japan during March 2005 bringing the
total for the three months to March 2005 to 193,600, an increase of 5
per cent relative to the same period of the previous year.

There were 19,900 visitors from Korea during March 2005 bringing the
total for the three months to March 2005 to 74,500, an increase of 23
per cent relative to the same period of the previous year.

There were 17,400 visitors from China during March 2005 bringing the
total for the three months to March 2005 to 94,200, an increase of 31
per cent relative to the same period of the previous year.

2. Australia’s land

Geographical Position

Australia is the word’s smallest continent. Nearly 7600000 square
kilometers in area. It is one-fourth the size of Africa. East of
Australia is Oceania, a group of islands spread over a vast area of the
Pacific. Australia and Oceania combined cover an area of nearly 9000000
square kilometers, which is but a little less than that of Europe.

Australia lies wholly within the Southern Hemisphere. It is surrounded
by oceans and seas: in the south, west and north by the Indian Ocean, in
the east by the Pacific. It lies far from the other parts of the world.
For this reason Europe was long unaware of it’s existence. It was not
until the beginning of the 17th century that Australia was discovered by
the Dutch.

Like the other continents of the Southern Hemisphere Australia’s
coastlines are smooth, with few peninsulas and bays. In the south it is
washed by the Great Australian Bight which, however, penetrates only
slightly inland. Its shores are regular and unsuited for harbours.

Along the north-eastern coast extends the Great Barrier Reef for 2000
kilometers, at some distance from the land and interrupted in places by
narrow straits. In the north it is barely two kilometers wide. In the
south it widens to 150 kilometers. It consists of submarine rocks
(cays) above water in places and fantastically shaped. These have been
built by the coral polyp, a small sea animal living in the warm waters
of the southern seas. The Great Barrier Reef makes it hard for ships to
approach the shore.

Off the southern shores lies the island of Tasmania, separated by a
shallow strait from the mainland.

The climate

Two-thirds of Australia, mostly in the centre and the west, is desert.
There are hills and big dry salt lakes, and it is very difficult to grow
anything. Not many people live there.

In the north, half the year is ‘wet’, and half is ‘dry’. From November
to April -heavy rain fills the rivers and makes enormous lakes where
thousands of birds come for the summer. From May to October it is often
sunny and dry for weeks, and it is a popular place for winter holidays
in the sun.

The only place where snow falls in Australia is in the south-east and
Tasmania. The highest mountain, Mount Kosciusko, in the Great Dividing
Range, near the eastern coast, is 2,228 metres high. Most of Australia’s
population lives in the south and east of the country, where the summers
are warm and the winters not too cold. Australia’s longest river is here
too – the Murray-Darling, which is 2,700 kilometres long.

Tasmania is cooler and wetter than the rest of Australia, with high
mountains, thick forests, and some of the world’s oldest trees.

The Aborigines

When British people came to Australia in 1788, they gave the name
‘Aborigine’ to the people they found there. The 300,000 Aborigines who
lived in Australia at that time belonged to more than three hundred
different groups and each group had its land and language. They
travelled to different parts of their land during the year to find food
and water; they ate plants and fruits and caught animals and fish. They
did not own many things, and their only buildings were by animals,
plants and humans together. This time was called ‘Dreamtime’, and there
are many songs, stories and pictures about it.

At special times Aborigines came together in big groups. They painted
their bodies and sang, danced and made music.

After 1788 their life suddenly began to change. Thousands of Aborigines
died from fighting the British or from the diseases that they brought to
Australia. The new Australians took a lot of Aboriginal land, too.
Tasmania is a terrible example. In 1804 there were about 7,000
Aborigines there. In 1831 there were 190. By 1876 there were none.

Houses made from branches and leaves. This way of life did not damage or
destroy the land where they lived.

They believed that a long time ago the world was made between 1900 and
1930 special places were made where the Aborigines had to live, far away
from other Australians. Life was very difficult for the Aborigines: they
could not own land, they could not get jobs very easily, and their
children could not go to school with white children. Nobody counted the
Aborigines in the Australian population. Some people thought that there
was no hope for the Aboriginal people, and many of their languages
disappeared successful, many feel that they belong neither to Aboriginal
Australia nor to white Australia. At last now in some cities Aborigines
are helping each other to learn about the Aboriginal way of life; young
people are taken to the country, where older Aborigines teach them the
songs, dances, and way of living of the Aborigines of the past. And
perhaps white Australians also are beginning to realize that they can
learn a lot about their country from the Aborigines.

In fact, after about 1940 the number of Aborigines began to grow again,
and now there are about 160,000 in Australia. In some ways life is
better; for example, some of the land that the British took now belongs
to the Aborigines again. By 1983, the Aborigines owned twenty-eight per
cent of the Northern Territory.

But for lots of Aborigines life is still difficult. Most now live in
cities and towns, away from the land although some have been.

The political system of Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia is a self-governing federal state and a
member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Formally the head of the state is
the King or Queen of England represented by the Governor-General. The
Commonwealth of Australia consists of six states and two territories:
New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western
Australia, Tasmania, the Federal Capital Territory and the Northern
Territory. The Capital Territory is the land around the Federal Capital,

The states run such things as education, police, health, railway and
roads; the Commonwealth looks after the army, posts and telegraph,
relations with other countries.

Australia has a parliament in each state and the Federal Parliament of
the Commonwealth at Canberra. The Federal Parliament consists of the
Senate and the House of Representatives. The federal government of the
country is headed by the Prime Minister, usually the leader of the
party which has majority in the House of Representatives. The political
parties represented in the parliament are the Australian Labour Party,
the Liberal Party of Australia and the National Agrarian Party.

3. Australia on the world’s tourist map

3.1 Transportation

There are three choices of transportation in Australia:

· Air

· Land

· Water

Airlines on regular services

The airline situation in Australia has changed frequently since
mid-2001. Anything you hear about routes, fares, and availability may
change quickly. When making travel plans, be sure to check the relevant
websites or talk with your travel agent often. You should be fine once
you’ve booked your tickets, although (as always) exact flight times can
change on short notice.

You can buy some tickets over the Internet (often at good discounts), if
you know exactly what you want, but to get a good idea of the choices
available, you may need to talk to a travel agent or to airline
reservations staff.

In some cases overseas visitors will get a lower price by including
within-Australia travel on their overseas tickets (for one thing, you
won’t pay GST – Goods and Services Tax – on air travel purchased
abroad). If you’re an overseas visitor buying a ticket after you arrive
in Australia, check with a travel agent about possible discounts not
available to Australian residents (note that you will pay GST on those

Many parts of the country are well served by local carriers (both
fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters) taking people to tourist locations
or simply flying around scenic areas and returning to the same airport.

Air tours may last anywhere from half an hour to several days. We’ll
list some (as we find them) on the relevant pages, and put some here
that cover a wider area.

If you have your own plane, you can fly to many hard-to-reach parts of
the country as well as more populous areas. Pilots may also be able to
make arrangements with a local flying club to rent a small plane.

Land transportation

Rent (hire) a vehicle

Many travellers prefer to rent a vehicle rather than take a guided tour.
The major international car rental companies are here, and most of them
have both conventional (2-wheel-drive) and 4-wheel-drive cars and

Most car-rental companies restrict where you can go, so be sure to check
before you head off onto unsealed (unpaved) roads or even all the way
across or around the country.

Also check exactly what the insurance covers. The standard insurance for
rental cars often does not include damage to tires and windscreens
(windshields), but you should be able to pay a bit more to include that

Major car rental companies:

· Avis

· Hertz

· Thrifty

· Budget

Larger towns and cities generally have several local car-rental
companies. These companies may be cheaper than the international
companies, but they often restrict where you can drive the car (only in
the immediate area).

If you want a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, local companies are often your best
bet. They may also provide camping equipment, at additional cost. Check
websites or other travel information for places of interest to see which
ones have local car rentals.

Campervans and motorhomes

Campervans and motorhomes are all-in-one; for more about what’s in them,
see the Campervan and motorhome rentals page.

New and used vehicles, including some 4-wheel-drive models, are readily
available. Here are some of the major brands and dealers:

1. Swagman. One of the most expensive and luxurious lines of motorhomes,
which come in a range of sizes. They will do buy-backs, so they sell
used models too.

2. Winnebago motorhomes are available from many dealers, including
Maconachie’s in Nowra, NSW, and Robert’s Leisure Vehicles in Kew,

3. Matilda Motorhomes are based in Cairns. They provide many of the
vehicles rented by NQ Rentals.

4. For smaller campervans, try John Terry Campers in Sydney.

5. Britz, Maui, NQ, and other rental companies sell used campervans and
motorhomes. See the Campervan and motorhome rentals page for contact

Caravans and tent-trailers

A caravan (called “travel trailer” or “mobile home” in the USA) is towed
by a car or truck. New and used caravans are readily available. Some are
designed specifically for off-road use. Many popular designs use a
pop-top to keep the caravan’s profile low during towing.

Trailers with fold-out tents are very popular; some of these open into
quite elaborate structures.


You can buy or hire a bicycle, or take an escorted tour.

We’ve met people riding bicycles around the country, but it’s difficult
unless you have a support vehicle carrying your supplies. Although
Australia is mostly flat, compared to many countries, it’s a very long
way between towns in much of the country, and you have to carry a lot of
water. Most roads are quite dangerous for bicyclists because they don’t
have much of a shoulder, and in many cases the shoulder isn’t paved.

A bicycle can be a good way for getting around within a town, and we see
many motorhomes with bicycles strapped on the back.

Water transportation

Cruise ships

In addition to the cruise ships from Singapore or other ports that visit
a limited number of Australian ports, several cruises are available in
the Great Barrier Reef and along the tropical coasts of Australia. Here
are two. Your travel agent may have information about others.

Rent a boat

In popular holiday areas, you can rent boats ranging from dinghies to
multi-berth sailing yachts to motor cruisers to houseboats. You can
either sail the boat yourself or rent one with one or more people aboard
as crew.

In most cases, you’ll need to return the boat to the place where you
picked it up, although you may be able to arrange a one-way charter,
especially if the boat is crewed.

From mainland Australia, you can fly or take a ferry to the state of
Tasmania. If you want to take a car with you, you’ll definitely want to
take the ferry. (Rental car companies don’t generally allow this; you’ll
need to drop off one car on the mainland and pick up another one in
Tasmania.) The ferry to Tasmania has sleeping compartments as well as
cheaper seats (staying in your car or camper is not allowed).

Paddle steamers operate on the Murray River, or you can rent a

3.2 Accomodation

The choices in Australia are limited only to your imagination. The
climate in Australia allows travellers to pick from many styles of
lodgings and the region and length of your stay can help determine how
you choose.

Your stay in any of the luxurious and reputable hotels in Australia’s
major cities will make your visit a sheer delight. While waking to the
sound of the ocean and stepping out onto soft white sands makes pitching
a tent someone’s idea of a real holiday.

Just arrived and need somewhere to stay? Making plans and exploring your
options? We have plenty of ways for you to find your ideal accommodation
in Australia. Below you can check out some of the nation-wide
accommodation providers who either manage bookings in most locations or
national accommodation chains or associations.

If you are looking for a place to stay in a particular region of
Australia the best way to find them is to navigate your way to that
state or region and check out what’s available there.

As a guide, descriptions of popular styles of accommodation and
providers are outlined below.

Five Star Luxury

Australia is home to many international hotel groups that provide the
ultimate in luxury and comfort. They include; ANA, Hilton, Hyatt, Inter
Continental, Marriott, Nikko, Parkroyal, Radisson, Ramada, Ritz Carlton,
Sheraton and several others. All situated in major cities.


A wide range of comfortable three to four star hotels can be found in
both city and country areas. Some of the better known chains include:
Best Western, Centra, Flag Inns, Metro Inns, and Travelodge. The country
hotels or pubs are also found all over Australia and offer comfortable
accommodation to travellers, however the standards vary considerably
from place to place.


Recreational and leisure activities dominate the Australian resorts.
Coupled with high quality service and facilities they represent the most
popular mid-priced accommodation. Some of the chains include: All
Seasons Resorts and Australian Frontier Resorts.

Guesthouses & Lodges

For a home away from home, guesthouses and lodges provide private rooms
and communical facilities.

Cottages & Retreats

For short term stays in self contained cottages and retreat style

Holiday Houses

For homestyle accommodation, holiday houses and beach houses are a cozy

Accommodation Directories

Organised listings and contact details of accommodation providers.


For a holiday with a difference and the ultimate way to relax, stay in a


More like a home away from home, apartments offer complete privacy and
self-contained facilities. In most cases the serviced apartments have
cooking and laundry facilities provided. Most have swiming pools, saunas
and recreational facilities.


Located all around Australia, motel accommodation offers rooms with
private bathrooms, television, telephone and tea and coffee making
facilities. Many have swimming pools and spas. Motel chains include:
Best Western, Budget, Country Comfort, Flag and Metro Inns.

Motor Inns 

The perfect stopover when you are on the road, with facilities similar
to most motels, motor inns are designed for the traveller and they can
be found all over the country. In general, reservations are optional
just pull in if you see a vacancy sign.


Youth hostels and backpacker venues provide budget priced accommodation
with 24-hour access and shared facilities. Generally these facilities
cater for the younger age groups although there are no age restrictions.
Hostels offer budget-style accommodation and are a great way to meet

Caravan Parks 

Nearly every small town has at least one caravan park. If you are on a
self-drive holiday, either in a campervan or towing a caravan, you will
find them a convenient and affordable place to stopover. Toilet and
shower facilities are usually in a central location in the parks, and
powered sites are available. Most van parks have on-site vans or cabins
available and can comfortably accommodate family groups.


Camp grounds are plentiful and usually located in areas close to natural
attractions such as national parks, beaches, lakes etc. Most have toilet
facilities and running water. If joined to a caravan park, electricity
and share-kitchen facilities or barbeques are available. Many national
park camping areas allow free camping, only a permit is required from
the park ranger’s office.

Use the dropdown box below to go to the Australian state or Territory
where you want to stay.

3.3 Catering service

Australians love entertaining. As a caterer you can take advantage of
this by offering everything from breakfast for two, intimate gourmet
dinners for 20 or traditional wedding buffets for 200.

Caterers have always been and will continue to be in demand for
functions like weddings, receptions, graduations, anniversaries,
christenings, birthday parties, anniversaries and so on.

Increasingly, businesses are also turning to catering services to
arrange food and beverages at home or at their premises for luncheons,
staff parties and receptions where clients or business associates are

Unlike most other food businesses, catering can be started with a small
investment. Emphasis is on service and much of this service is performed
on the client’s premises. There is no rent involved, no “slow” nights,
no hostile clients waiting impatiently for a table by the window.

Industrial, factory or warehouse areas are all good areas to set up your
business. All you need is sufficient space to establish your store room
and a small commercial kitchen – ideally between 70 and 150 square
metres. Your clients will never see your office because you will be
meeting them in their homes or places of business to plan their

When starting your business you will need to pay careful attention to
your pricing structure. It is essential to make enough money to make
sure your business is successful. Our guide explains how to assess your
business operations, how much you should charge for your services and
how to make sure you are charging the right amount to cover your
operating costs as well as generate a profit.

All this and much more is outlined in this guide. It investigates market
potential, what to consider when choosing business premises and
location, what equipment you will need, what to consider when it comes
to costs and stock, how to effectively operate your business and the tax
and legal issues you should be aware of.

Remember, not only is starting a business a major life-changing
decision, it is also a major financial investment. As a result, you will
need to make sure you are fully aware of the commitment you are about to
make and what is involved.

This guide will help you to arm yourself with the appropriate
information. Information that is accurate, up-to-date and applicable to
your individual circumstances and show you how you can earn a decent
living helping others have a great time.

Start planning early if you’re going to prepare the food yourself.  Be
sure to test out new recipes ahead of time as you don’t want to
experiment on your guests!

Whether you’re serving a six-course dinner or just entrees, try to plan
lots of dishes that can be prepared ahead of time and then just pulled
from the refrigerator, or heated and served.  You don’t want to spend
the entire evening in the kitchen.

Whatever you prepare, be sure to have lots of it and keep platters
refreshed so the food always looks abundant and appetizing, even to
guests who arrive halfway through the party.

A fun dish making a comeback is the FONDUE!  The 70’s trend proved to be
ideal for self-serve food that caters to just about everyone.  If you
don’t have a fondue (and there isn’t many that haven’t got one in the
cupboard) knick down to the local Op Shop and pick one up for a bargain
that will entertain your guests and prove to be a valuable and
entertaining talking point bringing back a flood of memories. 

If all this seems like too much work then consider hiring a caterer. 
Australian Catering companies offer a wide range of food and services
for any occasion. 

If your guests are expected to bring their own drinks, let them know in
the invitation.  Don’t forget the ice, you can never have too much ice
at a party.   Don’t forget to add fresh fruit to your shopping list. 
Also consider making a punch or two; one alcoholic and one without.

Perth catering

All Seasons Catering – Perth’s most flexible, competitive and reliable
caterer. All Seasons Catering Established in 1986, All Seasons Catering
has always had the aim of providing quality functions at an affordable
price. Initially, All Seasons Catering operated primarily in the home
party/function market, however in 1992 management took the decision to
broaden the company’s operations.

Their clients

Since that time All Seasons Catering has undergone a significant
expansion in terms of its operational capability. The results have
certainly vindicated the decision, to the extent that business and
corporate functions now comprise approximately half of our day to day
operations. Our corporate client list includes organisations such as
Bankwest, Telstra, National Mutual, the University of Western Australia,
Alinta Gas, the Commonwealth Bank, 6PR, MMM and McDonalds (yes, that
McDonalds!) to name a few.

Their functions

All Seasons Catering’s breadth of experience means we can take on any
assignment with confidence, be it a cocktail party or a wedding with two
hundred guests in a paddock somewhere beyond Burracoppin. We’ve done
them all, business breakfasts and lunches. Private functions continue to
be an important part of our business. Each year All Seasons Catering
caters for many private functions, including weddings and engagements,
anniversary parties and birthday parties.Whatever your occasion, be it a
romantic dinner for two, or the World Triathlon Championship with over
two thousand guests, with All Seasons Catering you can be confident of
its success – we will make your special day a very special occasion.

Their service

As part of our personalised service, All Seasons Catering can provide
individualised menus and if requested will come to discuss your
requirements. All Seasons Catering prides itself on its flexibility and
its commitment to providing a complete service. All Seasons Catering
have the experience and capability to handle every aspect of your
function, including:

§ Arranging marquee or tent hire,

§ Providing a comprehensive, first class decoration service,

§ Provision of Perth’s finest patisserie chefs.

With All Seasons Catering you can be assured of brilliant service and
complete attention to detail, whatever the occasion.

MELBOURNE’s best companies

Benjamin’s Catering Service: сorporate lunch catering and have a
specialty in gingerbread houses, decorated & filled with lollies.

is operated by Benjamin Bramble, a qualified Chef de Cuisine, who has
trained and worked in Canada and Bermuda before coming to Australia with
the Hilton chain of hotels. In 1983, Benjamin began operating as a
caterer to well-known multinational companies in Australia. In 1988,
Benjamin further expanded his expertise to   become a qualified
patisserie chef.

Customer satisfaction through practicing quality principles has long
been  a passion for Benjamin and in 1997 he undertook additional
training through the Australian Quality Council.

All food is prepared in a 5 star commercial kitchen licensed by the City
of Whitehorse.

All employees hold current food handlers certificates.

All food delivered in refrigerated food transport vehicle.

Greg’s Mobile Catering: provides mobile catering services including spit
roasts, finger foods, buffets and formal dinners.

Greg’s Mobile Catering Pty Ltd has been in operation throughout the
Melbourne and Outer Melbourne Regions and also catering in Geelong for
the past 10 years.  Greg himself has been in the catering industry for
over 27 years and is a fully qualified Chef.  Operating from our fully
designed commercial kitchen and premises which are licensed by the
Health Department of Victoria  (not just a van and a spit sitting
outside your backyard). We operate our business with good old fashioned
principles offering – quality and reliability to our customer’s at all
times. Our catering ranges from budget to gourmet and corporate catering
is a speciality.  Able to meet your individual needs, we will endeavour
to assist you in making your function a complete success. Remember if
you want the best then look no further, Greg’s Mobile Catering looks
forward to being of service to you on any occasion and can assure you of
a superb function that your guests will thoroughly enjoy.  We cater for
all types of events – Fully licensed off site catering at any venue
around Melbourne Parks and Gardens, Marquee Wedding Reception’s,
Corporate catering, 21st’s, Birthday Parties, Engagements,
Christening’s, Wakes, Special event catering.

Grinner’s Buffet Catering: Australia’s largest mobile catering company.

I Cook Catering Service: Choose one of our fabulous menus & we’ll arrive
with it beautifully prepared & presented.

Irresistible Roasts: Cater for all kinds of functions such as weddings,
birthdays and all social and corporate functions.

Sodexho Australia: Provides food and management services to major venues
around Australia.

Black Tie Beverages: Offer a complete food and beverage catering service
to Metropolitan Melbourne.

Cristy’s Spit Roast Professionals: Provide spit roast catering for every
type of function and occasion.

Danny & Cris established Cristy’s Spit Roast Professionals in 1992, and
have been catering for every type of function (i.e., birthdays,
engagements, weddings, christenings, house warmings, sports clubs, work
functions, family get-together , fundraising events, etc.)

They are always happy and qualified to give you free advise on planning
your function as they have catered for over 5,000 functions serving over
480,000 guests. 

With their experience, you know that they will always buy the best
quality produce fresh from the market, bread baked on same day from the
bakery, and the best cuts of meat from the butcher.

They cater for formal and informal functions, whether it is a last
minute planning or has been planned months in advance.

They pride ourselves on giving you, the host, the best possible quality
and quantity for your money. And sit back and take delight when they
hear the guests go up to you, the host, and express what a wonderful job
you have done while you did not have to lift a finger.

Gourmet Group: Private parties, weddings, conferences.

John Stephens Catering Equipment: Factory direct manufacturers of
commercial bars and kitchens.

SYDNEY’s best companies

All Occasions Catering: Catering services for all occasions including
party hire, spit roasts, desserts and finger foods.

They at All Occasions Catering know that in these hectic 90’s there is
little time to organise and prepare for that important occasion. That’s
why you need to rely on caterers you can trust.

They have been in the catering business for the last ten years and they
realise the most critical factor at any function is that the Host /
Organiser is not left embarrassed in front of family, friends and/or

They specialise in caring for the needs of the host by providing:

Quality and freshness of all their food

Considerate personal service and attention to detail.

Staff who are eager to make your occasion special and memorable.

Trying our best to accomodate any special requests.

Ample food for all – as long as they know final numbers prior to the
function – what’s left is yours!

Fully uniformed staff – for that important professional touch.

Capitan Cook Catering: Spit roasts and BBQs for parties.

Catering & Function Management Sydney: This team of qualified chefs and
waiting staff offer a range of menus and catering services.

They are a catering company situated on the beautiful Northern Beaches
of Sydney, Australia, whose aim is to give you exceptional good food in
abundance, fantastic service and more importantly, a reasonable price.

A team of qualified chefs and waiting staff is looking forward to making
your function a real success which you will remember and rave about.

Grinners Buffet Catering: Australia’s largest mobile catering company.

Sodexho Australia: Provides food and management services to major venues
around Australia.

The Golden Roast: Specialist spit roast catering service, equipped with
mobile facilities and professional staff.

Coast To Coast The Golden Roast is a specialist spit roast catering
service, equipped with mobile facilities and professional staff to host
your function, inside or out.

They cater for all occasions including ~

Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Functions, Sporting events and more. The
Golden Roast was established in 1983 and is now one of Australia’s
largest and fastest growing spit roast caterers, with franchises
Australia wide, attributing its outstanding success to quality,
professionalism and exceptional customer service.

Complete Catering

Coast to Coast The Golden Roast is your complete catering solution. They
prepare, cook and present the food, allowing you to completely enjoy
your function and entertain your guests. They even clean up after
ourselves and package any unconsumed foods for your continued enjoyment.

Something Extra

Their professionally trained staff also provide complimentary tea and
coffee with your function and are pleased to accommodate special dietary

The Golden Roast Guarantee Renowned for their generous servings, they
never run out of food, for numbers quoted, and what is not consumed,
remains with you. They are dedicated to ensuring your function is
catered for professionally, with unbeatable value. There is absolutely
no compromise on quality, quantity or presentation.

The Service Continues

Further options include hot or cold pre-dinner nibbles, entrees, hot
hearty soups and crockery. Bar waiters are available upon request and
Coast to Coast The Golden Roast are equipped to cater for up to 5,000


Coast to Coast The Golden Roast provide professional uniformed staff
plus plates, bowls, cups, cutlery and serviettes in the colour of your

All Areas Weddings: Wedding catering; buffets, sit-down, spit roast,

They strive to be the creative leader in the Catering Services field.

They continually review ourselves and our goals to ensure they meet the
changing expectations of our clients and the marketplace.

They ensure that only the highest quality products and services are
delivered to our clients – on time.

All Suburbs Spitroast & BBQ Catering: Offer a mobile catering service
for any occasion, anytime, anywhere!

Belinda Franks Catering: Caters to exclusive and high profile events and
launches including the Packer wedding in 1999.

Belinda Franks Catering is the byword in offering sophisticated cuisine,
the result of many influences and styles distinguished by a dash of the

Belinda Franks, Director and Stephan Mueller, Executive Chef, regularly
create menus to incorporate the best and freshest of local produce for a
comprehensive range of seasonal menus. Constant innovation and
incorporation of new influences adds to the signature already implicit
in the name; Belinda Franks Catering. We are committed to presenting
quintessential Australian contemporary cuisine with an original and
eclectic style incorporating French, Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern

At Belinda Franks Catering, all food is made fresh in our purpose-built
kitchens in Alexandria – including exquisite petit four and pastries.

Belinda Franks and Stephan Mueller continually seek to update their
knowledge and harvest new techniques and ideas. They regularly attend a
variety of cooking schools, food festivals, workshops and tastings,
which ensures there is no limit to their creativity.

Exquisite food is one of the primary ingredients to ensure a successful

Exquisite Food is one of the primary ingredients to ensure a successful
event. However, there are many other elements that also need

We would be delighted to recommend and provide beverage to compliment
your selected menu. Alternately, should you have a particular favourite,
we will endeavour to source it on your behalf.

Having formed working relationships with Australia’s leading special
event producers, Belinda Franks Catering can advise and recommend
specialists – of the finest calibre – on every aspect of your event.
Importance is placed on fulfilling traditional values and exceeding your

Laissez-faire Caterer: Corporate Caterer of the Year 1995, 1996 & 1999.

They are a multi award winning culinary team redefining the art of
catering. With world class imagination and flair, Laissez-faire has
proven its standing within the hospitality industry by winning

Caterer of the Year 1999, Corporate Caterer in 1995, 1996 and 1999 as
well as Popular Choice Caterer in 1997. They were one of the inaugural
Gold Licence Caterers and the first caterer to achieve AS9002 quality
assurance accreditation.

Laissez-faire is synonymous with versatility, producing successes in
corporate, conferences and special events. From boardroom lunches and
cocktail parties to extravagant gala balls, we will tailor a package to
your specific requirements. In addition, their professional team can
manage all aspects of your event including, staffing, theming, and

Laissez-faire have catered at venues all over Australia.

They are the core caterers at – the Australian Technology Park
Conference Centre – please check the venues page for more exciting

The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour (the
Centre), is the largest and most technologically advanced facility in
Australia. It has been purpose built to host a spectrum of conferences,
international congresses, exhibitions, gala events, product launches and
small meetings.

It is a flexible venue and can meet all your needs with in-house
services such as catering, technical expertise, security, car parking,
construction and cleaning.

Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre is unique because of its ideal
location within the Darling Harbour convention area. It is only five
minutes from Sydney’s city centre and within walking distance of
restaurants, shops, and a range of accommodation and entertainment

Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre is owned by the New South Wales
Government and is privately managed by Convention Centre Management Pty
Ltd (CCM).

CCM is a consortium jointly owned by hotel group Accor Asia Pacific and
food services organisation Eurest Australia. The operating company under
the CCM holding company is Darling Harbour Convention and Exhibition Pty
Ltd (DHCE).


Australia is located southeast of Asia, and is the only country in the
world to occupy a single continent. The Australian continent and the
nearby island of Tasmania, from the 6th largest country on earth. This
large area is populated by only 19 million people, making Australia the
most sparsely populated continent after the Antarctica.

I see Australia had the rich tourist’s resources. The vast movements of
the earth’s crust made it large, isolated it and positioned it across
the tropical and temperate climatic zones. Among the results are a small
population, with has left enormous areas unspoiled; an astonishing
variety of environments, from desert to rainforest, from tropical beach
to snowfield, from big, sophisticated cities to vast uninha-bited
areas; a wide array of unique and intriguing animals and flora; a
comfortable and sunny climate; and an interesting, cosmopolitan and
friendly people.

A series geological and historical accidents has made Australia one of
the world’s most attractive countries from the tourist’s viewpoint.

Australia has also the advanced transport network. About 9 million
vehicles use roads and Australia is among world leaders in road safety.

Australia has a lot of great catering service companies, which provides
food and management services to people.


1. Christine Lindop. Australia and New Zealand. Oxford University Press.

2. McGonagal and John Borthwick. Sydney. APA Publications (HK) LTD,

3. Timanovskaya N.A. Spotlight on English-speaking countries. – Tula,
Autograph, 2004.

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