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Выбери правильный вариант:1) Jim’s friend (go,goes) to school.2) Jim’s friend (don’t,doesn’t) want to be a driver.3)

Jim’s friends (don’t,doesn’t) want to come.4) Mr Brown’s niece (live,lives) in London.5) What is your little sister’s (name,names) ?6) Ann and Jerry’s mother (play,plays) tennis well.7) Ann and Jerry’s parents (play,plays) tennis well.8) Ted and John’s uncle (don’t,doesn’t) work in the office.9) The students’ teacher (don’t,doesn’t) speak Russian.10) The Browns’ dog (don’t,doesn’t) eat soup.
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Федотова Вера
26.04.2019 в 03:00

1) Jim’s friend goes to school.
2) Jim’s friend doesn’t want to be a driver.
3) Jim’s friends don’t want to come.
4) Mr. Brown’s niece lives in London.
5) What is your little sister’s name?
6) Ann and Jerry’s mother plays tennis well.
7) Ann and Jerry’s parents play tennis well.
8) Ted and John’s uncle doesn’t work in the office.
9) The students’ teacher doesn’t speak Russian.
10) The Browns’ dog doesn’t eat soup.

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