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Вставьте нужный предлог1)Jane Is very fond… banana ice-creama)onb)atc)in d)of2)They promised to come … Sunday afternoona)at

b)onc)ind)out 3)We couldn’t see the sky … the clouds a)throughb)overc)afterd)in4)The largest country … the world is Russia.a)onb)inc)fromd)at 5)When did you make friends… Andrew?a)tob)onc)aboutd)with6)Our winter holidays last… two weeks.a)betweenb)inc)ford)to 7)I haven’t seen Jane … last Friday.a)onb)sincec)tod)from 8)Can you give us some facts … traditional English holidays?a)aboutb)fromc)ofd)out of9)There is a table… the window.a)nextb)near toc)next tod)to 10)I think I can buy a drink… you.a)withb)forc)tod)about
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  1. Нестерова Ирина:

    1) Jane Is very fond of banana ice-cream.

    2) They promised to come on Sunday afternoon.

    3) We couldn’t see the sky through the clouds.

    4) The largest country in the world is Russia.

    5) When did you make friends with Andrew?

    6) Our winter holidays last for  two weeks.

    7) I haven’t seen Jane since last Friday.

    8) Can you give us some facts about traditional English holidays?

    9) There is a table next to the window.

    10) I think I can buy a drink for you.

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