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Помогите пожалуйста! (0) stayet ( stay) in the village. what dib we do? we (1) ______ (climb) trees and. (2) ______ (jump)

down from them/ We (3) _____ (play) a lot of games. We (4) _____ (visit) the farm. We (5) _____ ( chase) the ducks and then we. (6) ______ (fish) in the river. But last summer we. (7) flew ( fly) by plane to Africa. We (8) ______ (go) boating there. We (9) ______ (swim) in the sea. We (10) _______ (eat)oranges. We (11) ______ (ride) an elephant. We (12) ______ ( see) an ostrich. We (13) _____ (buy) a bow and arrows.
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  1. Иван Степанов:

    We stayed in the village. What did we do? We climbed trees and jumped down from them. We played a lot of games. We visited the farm. We chased the ducks and then we fished in the river.

    But last summer we flew by plane to Africa. We went boating there. We swam in the sea. We ate oranges. We rode an elephant. We saw an ostrich. We bought a bow and arrows.

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