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Complete the questions. Use the prepositions: with, without, of, for, about. Write the answers. 1)What are Londoners

proud______?- ______ 2)What are London parks full_____?- 3)What can you take part_____?- 4)Who are the Royal Parks the property____?- 5)What is Hyde Park famouse____?–_____ 6)What can anyone make his speech___? – ____ 7)What is St Jame’s Park beatifull____? – _______
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Дроздова Анна
01.05.2019 в 03:00


1)What are Londoners proud of?- Londoners are proud of their parks.

2)What are London parks full of?- London parks are full of trees, flowers, small lakes.

3)What can you take part in?- You can take part in competitions, games.

4)Who are the Royal Parks the property of?-The Royal Parks are the property of Royal family.

5)What is Hyde Park famous for?–Hyde Park is famous for its Speaker Corner.

6)What can anyone make his speech about? – Anyone can make his speech about something he thinks important.

7)What is St James’s Park beautiful with? – St James’s Park is beautiful with the view of Buckingham Palace and flowers and trees.


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