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1)London is ____________________(big) than Oxford. 2)It’s __________________(cold) in winter than in summer. 3) The Eiffel

Tower is_____________(famous) THAN ANY OTHER TOWER in the world. 4)A banana is_______________(sweet) than a lemon. 5)A plane is_________(fast) than a lemon. 6)Cinderella is_____________(beautiful) than her sisters. 7)A pen___________(cheap) than a computer. 8)It’s_________(hot) in summer than is spring. 9)Ukraine is_____________(big) than Poland. 10)A giraffe is____________(tall)than a Bear. 11)Harry Porter is ______________(interesting) than Tanya Grotter.
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Буров Тихон
26.04.2019 в 03:00

1) London is bigger than Oxford.
2) It’s colder in winter than in summer.
3) The Eiffel Tower is more famous than any other tower in the world.
4) A banana is sweeter than a lemon.
5) A plane is faster than a lemon.
6) Cinderella is more beautiful than her sisters.
7) A pen is cheaper than a computer.
8) It’s hotter in summer than is spring.
9) Ukraine is bigger than Poland.
10) A giraffe is taller than a Bear.
11) Harry Porter is more interesting than Tanya Grotter.

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