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1) George … the guitar every afternoon.2) Mr Wilson … pictures in his free time.3) Joe … in the sea in summer.4)

Mary, Mike and Nick … cards on Fridays.5) Robin … to music in his free time.6) Daniel … at the weekend.7) Cliff .. computer games every evening.8) Martin and Richard … chess on Fridays.9) Mr and Mrs Norton … on Saturdays.Вставьте глаголы play, paint, go, listen, go snorkeling, dance, go , rollerblading, ride в Present Simple
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  1. Семёнова Мария:

    1) George plays the guitar every afternoon.
    2) Mr. Wilson paints pictures in his free time.
    3) Joe goes snorkelling in the sea in summer.
    4) Mary, Mike and Nick play cards on Fridays.
    5) Robin listens to music in his free time.
    6) Daniel goes rollerblading at the weekend.
    7) Cliff plays computer games every evening.
    8) Martin and Richard play chess on Fridays.
    9) Mr. and Mrs. Norton ride on Saturdays.

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