Let’s Make Friends in English (урок)

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Let’s Make Friends in English

Цели урока:

Активизировать употребление в речи учащихся ранее введенного
лексического и грамматического материала.

Развивать готовность практического использования знаний учащихся в новой

Способствовать повышению интереса к изучаемому предмету и необходимости
получения знаний.

Let’s Make Friends in English



T: Children!

Do you like English? Why?

P1: I like to speak English.

P2: I like to read English.

P3: I like to sing English songs.

P4: I like to learn English poems.

P5: I like to play games in English.

T: And you can make new friends because you can speak English. Let’s see
how you can do it.

P?P: 2 & 4 & 6 & 8 – What’s your name?

My name is Kate.

1, 3,5,7,9 & 10 – What’s your name?

– My name is Ben.

T ? P: I’m Lidia Alexandrovna and who are you?

P1: I’m Nick. And who are you?

P2: I’m Ann. And who are you?

P3: I’m Mike. And who are you?

P4: I’m Sue. And who are you?

Children sing the song “Who Are You?”

I’m Nick, I’m Nick, I’m Nick

And who are you?

I’m Ann, I’m Ann, I’m Ann

And who are you?

I’m Mike, I’m Mike, I’m Mike

And who are you?

I’m Sue, I’m Sue, I’m Sue

And who are you?


T: What colours are these? (red and blue)

CL :(girls only) Red and blue!

Red and blue!

I’m Sue

And who are you?

T: And what colours are these?

P: 1,2

Red and blue

Up and down,

Yellow and brown.

Bow to a Queen,

Orange and green.

Look at the kite ,

Black and white.

T: And what is blue?/ green?/ white?/ black?/brown?/red?

P: (holding a picture)

Blue is the sea,

Green is the grass,

White are the clouds

As they slowly pass.

Black are the crows,

Brown are the trees.

Red are the sails

Of a ship in a breeze.

T: And what colour are the seasons?

P: Spring is green.

Summer is bright,

Autumn is yellow.

Winter is white.

T: What season is it now? Do you like winter? Why do children like

P: Children like winter because they can ski, skate, sledge, play
snowballs, make a snowman. Schoolchildren and students have holidays in
winter. We celebrate New Year’s Day, decorate New Year’s Tree and put
presents under it.


T: Do you want to meet this nice girl? Yes? And I know she is happy to
meet you too at any season. Listen to her, please. (The pupil from
another form recites a poem “Meet Me in the Morning”

P: Meet Me in the Morning

Meet me in the morning.

Meet me at noon.

Meet me in September,

Or the middle of June.

Meet me at midnight.

Meet me in the hall.

Meet me in the summer.

Meet me in the fall.

Meet me in the evening

Meet me at eight.

I’ll meet you any time you want,

But, please, don’t be late.

T: And now ask her questions to know more about this girl.

P: What’s your name?

P: How old are you?

P: Have you got a mother?

P: How is she?

Pupils sing the song “How is Your Mother?”

-How is your mother?

-She is fine, thanks.

-How is your father?

-He is fine, thanks.

T: Masha, Have you got any questions to our pupils?

P: Yes, I have some.

P?CL (The poem “Do you know Mary?” The girl asks the questions and the
pupils answer in chorus).

Do you know Mary?

Mary who?

Mary McDonald.

Of course, I do!

Do you know her parents?

Yes, of course, I do!

I know her father ,

and her mother, too.

Do you know her grandparents?

Yes, of course, I do!

I know her Grandpa

and her Granny, too.

Do you know her cousins?

Yes, of course, I do!

I know her nieces

and nephews, too.


T: I know that Mary has got a grandfather, Mr. McDonald. He’s a farmer.
His farm is in the wood. Many animals live in the wood and on his farm.

Hush, children! I hear the animals speaking English. Can you tell me
what they are speaking about?

P: “I can jump”,- says the bear.

P: “ I can hop”,- says the hare.

P: “ I can run’,- says the dog.

P: “I can fly’,- says the cock.

P: “Give me some honey’,- says the bear.

P: “ Give me some cabbage’,- says the hare.

P: “Give me some meat”,- says the dog.

P: “Give me some corn”,- says the cock.

T: Tell me, please , what animals old McDonald has got on his farm.

Teacher shows pictures of different animals and pupils say:

He has got some chicks/ ducks/ pigs/ cows.

T: Let’s sing a song about Old McDonald.

Pupils sing the song “Old McDonald”


T: Old McDonald has got many animals on his farm. And have you got any
pets at home? Who has got a dog? Are you good friends to them?

P: I’ve got a dog.

His name is Jack.

His tail is brown.

His nose is black.

I take him out

Every day

Such fun we have,

We run and play.

Such clever tricks

My dog can do,

I love my dog,

He loves me too.

P: Watch this dog! P: Watch that dog!

Watch! He runs for a frog.

He can play His name is Mark.

Hopscotch! He likes to bark.

P: Watch the cat!

He runs for a rat.

His name is Nick.

He can play hide-and-seek.

T: Well, I see that your pets like to run and play. And what do you like
to do in your free time?

P: I like to listen to the music and play computer games.

P: I like to take pictures and draw.

P: I like to collect stamps and read.

P: I like to paint and collect coins.

P: I like to play football and basketball.

P: I like to ride my bicycle.

Pupils sing the song “I Like to Ride My Bicycle”

I like to ride my bicycle

I like to ride my bike.

I like to ride my bicycle

I like to ride my bike.


T: I want you to meet these two brothers. They aren’t from Ukraine. Do
you want to know where they are from? Then ask them questions.

Cl.: -Where are you from?

-Do you live in a house or in a flat?

– Is your house big or little?

– How many rooms are there in your house?

– What rooms are there in your house?

Two pupils answer the questions and tell about themselves.

P: We are from America, from New-York. We live in a house. It’s big.

We have got six rooms in our house. There are two bedrooms upstairs. We
sleep in them. There are two bathrooms. We take a shower there. We have
a kitchen downstairs. We cook, eat and wash up in it. There is a
living-room downstairs. We watch TV in it.

T: And now let’s sing a song about our house and what there is in it.

Pupils sing a song “There is a Room in My House”

There’s a room in a house.

It’s a very fine room,

It’s a very fine room indeed. (4 times)

There’s a bed in a room.

In a room in my house,

It’s a very fine bed indeed. (4 times)

There’s a lamp by the bed.

In a room in my house,

It’s a very fine lamp indeed. (4 times)

There’s a cupboard by the lamp,

By the bed in a room in my house,

It’s a very fine cupboard indeed. (4 times)

There’s a table by the cupboard,

By the lamp, by the bed

In a room in my house,

It’s a very fine table indeed. (4 times)

There’s a chair by the table,

By the cupboard, by the lamp,

By the bed in a room in my house,

It’s a very fine chair indeed. (4 times)

There’s a person on a chair,

By the table, by the cupboard,

By the lamp, by the bed

In a room in my house,

It’s a very fine person indeed. (3 times)

There’s a person on a chair

By the table, by the cupboard,

By the lamp, by the bed

In a room in my house.

That person on a chair is me.


T: Are you tired? Then have a little rest and Nick will recite a very
beautiful poem “Friends”. (The pupil from another form recites the poem


(by Larry Groce)

The stars are out, the moon is up.

It’s time to go to bed.

I’m so glad you have a place

To lay your little head.

Have a deep and peaceful sleep,

Dream away the hours.

When you wake the sun will come

To smile upon the flowers.

Go to sleep, my little friend,

Beneath the evening star.

You will


















1/[email protected]?

If you work hard and learn English well at our lessons, you will be
able to make friends with people from all over the world. English will
help you do it.

Here’s a group of girls from the 7-th form. They were present at the
lesson and I’m sure they like the way you work at the lesson and they
also want to make friends with you and give you their helpful hand.

The girls sing the song “Here’s My Hand”

Here is my hand, friend, here is my hand,

Over to you from my bonny homeland;

Building the future, comrades, are we,

Here is my hand, friend, over the sea.

Over to you, friend, over to you!

Here is my hand, friend, we will be true,-

True to youth’s promise never to break,

True to the new world we’re going to make.

Here is my hand, friend, over to you!

Building the future, we will be true-

True to the new world, let it ring clear,

Peace is our future, peace must live here!

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