Macro-microcosm substance space time quantum

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During year 1999 I must pass to the peoples the novae knowledge
about macro-and microcosm. Because of that in many respects will be
depended on the fate civilization in the Third thousandth years. These
knowledge will be passed by the brief portions in order to that
specialists might arrive at a conclusion about of them truth. WATСH
CLOSELY FOR THESE PUBLICATIONS. Tape them one after another on your
floppy disc.

I. G. Goriachko. St. Petersburg, Russia, 1999, in January, 06.

1.The major property of Nature

«There is nothing in Universe except but matter forever moving
in space and time».

This philosophical revelation imaged the nature’s unity
«SUBSTANCE—SPACE–TIME». It may be described by the next unknown

( A )

are the non-dimensional parameters which determinate: the form of
body’s trajectory, its radius vector, its real time; p, T- pressure,
absolute temperature.

is absent. This signified that these laws are uncorrected with respect
to the nature’s unity «substance-space-time». In other words, this
circumstance is appeared as a main reason for the crisis the modern

To correct this situation– the most responsible task of all.

2.The major law of Nature

The law of the conservation the full energy is carried out by any
processes running as in macro-as in microcosm owing to that kinetic E
energy turned to potential П one (and back). It has the next usual form

W = E +П =const

The transformation these types of energies is possible owing to the
next also unknown quantum ratio

, (1)

– describing the form of body’s trajectory parameter – see (A).

The explanation 1. Write down (B) as

where K=const; a, r – are the values of the trajectory’s semi-axis and
body’s radius vector.

-for the non-orbital body (+)


-for the orbital body (-)


) – are also differently (see later).

for potential energy П, we are find with help (B) and (1)

, (B’)

where the sign (+) conformed to the non-orbital body, but the
sign (-) – to the orbital one.


This unified for macro-and microcosm quantum law of the conservation
the full energy – (B’) – the major law of Nature.


Thank you. To the next report in February, 23. GIG.


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