План-конспект уроку для учнів 6 класу з теми: Appearance (план-конспект)

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План-конспект уроку для учнів 6 класу з теми: APPEARANCE

Мета: розвиток навичок читання; формування навичок зв’язного мовлення,
розвиток навичок непідготовленого діалогічного мовлення, активізація
навичок діалогічного і монологічного мовлення; формування навичок
аудіювання за фонозаписом; виховання в учнів поважного ставлення до
людей похилого віку.

Обладнання: географічна карта, таблиці, магнітофон з фонозаписом, дитячі
іграшки, малюнки, картинки, книги.

Хід уроку

І. Вступ до уроку: одержання листа від товариша за листуванням.

Учитель: Children! We’ve got a letter from an English pen-friend Jack
Fornson. He wants to have a pen-friend in our country, Ukraine. Let us
read this letter.

A Letter

London, 30 September 2002

Dear Boys and Girls,

I want to have a pen-friend from your country, Ukraine. I am a pupil of
a school in London. My name is Jack. My surname is Fornson. I am 12. I
study Biology, Maths, Geography, History, French. In the afternoon I
have physical training lessons. I like to play football.

I am tall and thin. I am a grey-eyed boy. My face is oval. My hair is
fair and short.

I have a brother. His name is John. He is 5.

I take care of him. I have a grandmother and a grandfather. They are
pensioners. Our family is friendly and happy.

Please, write to me about yourselves, your school, your hobbies.


I. What kind of boy is Jack? PI; P2; P3; P4; P5;

Pl: He is tall and thin. P2:He is a grey-eyed boy. P3:He is!2.

P4: His hair is fair and short. P5: His face is oval.

II. The theme of our lesson is «Appearance»

The aim of the lesson is: to develop our speech, to read, to understand
foreign speech, to learn to describe each other and different persons.

III. Phonetical training: [n], [d], [f], [a:], [p], [a:], [A],
[m], [1]

Never, day, table, girl, pen, window, park, cup, many, little, dog,

IV. 1. Words and expressions: ніс, обличчя, губи, щоки, шия, волосся,
блакитноокий хлопець, кирпатий ніс, коротке волосся, світле волосся,
довга коса.

2. Make up dialogues using questions: Whom do you look like?

What do you look like?

P1-P2; P3-P4; P5-P6; P7-P8; P9-P10.

3. Who can describe his/her father, mother, brother, sister?


4. Physical training exercises.

Hands up, Stop!

Hands down, Stand still!

Hands on hips, Clap, clap, clap!

Sit down! Clap your hands

Bend right, Together!

Bend left, Hands up!

Bend down. Hands down!

Hands on knees, Hands to the sides!

Sit down. Clap, clap, clap!

Hands on hips, Clap your hands

One, two, three Together!

Hop! Sit down! Stand still!

V. Now children, open your books and read the text on page 37.

1) P1;P2;P3;P4;P5.

2) Describe Snip, please.

3) Describe Snap, please.

4) Answer the questions: Where is Snap? Where is Snip?

Why do you think so?

Who are your favourite characters of the tales?

PI: My favourite hero is Buratino.

P2:My favourite heroine is Malvina.

P3:My favourite hero is Chipolino.

P4:My favourite heroine is Snow-Maiden.

P5:My favourite heroine is Little-Red-Riding-Hood.

Can you describe them?

Pupils describe their favourite heroes. P1;P2;P3;P4;P5.

VI. Now, tell me, please. How many seasons are there in:

1) a year? PI answers: There are four seasons in a year.

2) What are they? P2: They are spring, summer, autumn, winter.

3) What season is it now? P3: It is autumn now.

4) What is the weather like in autumn? P4: Sometimes the weather is
fine, sometimes the weather is bad.

5) What is the weather like today?

PI: The weather is bad.

Teacher: Why? Prove it.

P2:It is raining now.

P3:The sky is grey.

P4:There are clouds in the sky.

P5: The sun is not shining brightly in the sky.

P6: A strong wind is blowing now.

VII. Аудіювання

Now, children, listen to the record and answer the questions:


There are four seasons in a year. They are spring, summer, autumn and
winter. September, October and November are autumn months. The sky is
grey. The days become short and the nights become long. It often rains.
The leaves in the trees are red, yellow, green, brown and golden. The
farmers gather the harvest of fruit and vegetables in the fields and
gardens in autumn. I like autumn very much. And you?

1) How many seasons are there in a year?

2) What are autumn months?

3) Is the sky grey?

4) Are the days short in autumn?

5) Do you like autumn? Why?

WII. Now, children, tell me please, if you like to play, laugh, sunburn,
swim, bathe in the sea?

Altogether: Yes, we do.

So, what is the Child’s wish?

A Child’s wish

I want to live I want to swim

And not to die! As fishes do.

I want to laugh I want to stretch out

And not to cry! Friendly hands

I want to feel To all the young

The summer sun. Of other lands.

I want to sing I want to laugh

When life is fun. And not to cry!

I want to fly I want to live

Into the blue And not to die!

IX. Home-task

1) Write a composition describing your favourite personage.

2) Do ex. 78 p. 37.

X. Conclusion of the lesson

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