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1 1853
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My family and me are fond of reading newspapers. At our flat you can
always find very much different magazines and newspapers lying
everywhere. There are political, economical, informational, reading for
mind and other newspapers and magazines about all spheres of life. We
don’t like to eject old magazines because there is always interesting
and useful information that one-day can be used.

Nowadays we don’t subscribe to any newspapers or magazines. Some years
ago we subscribed to some newspapers, for example “Moscovsky
komsomolets”. It is, I think, the most popular newspaper at russian
people. It deserved its fame as a newspaper, which writes about actual
things about our politics and pop stars. For first time journalists were
trying to write only truth but after some years reading it we understood
that “Komsomolka” is classified as “yellow press”. The concept “yellow
press” was led in America in 20 –Th years of our century and means a
kind of press which writes not to tell something to his reader but only
to be bought by him. That’s why they don’t pay much attention to the
truthfulness of that information what they print, just the other way
about they try to create something unusual, what is often absolutely
wrong and they are doing that with the sole purpose of compel reader to
bye there newspaper. As for me, I like better publications, which
consider their reader & would never admit that in their publications,
would be something wrong. I think that reader must trust in what he’s
reading, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want “yellow press” to exist,
I think that we always must have possibility to make a choice what to
read, and it’s very important to choose what to read.

That’s why we renounced from “MK”. Now we don’t subscribe to any
newspaper, we like better to bye at the newsstand anything what we would
like to. Also we don’t subscribe to any newspapers because they were
often stolen from our mailbox.

Usually we bye some interesting magazines and every member of our family
has its own favorite kind of reading. For example, my father likes
better economics and political reading, that’s why he likes better to
bye something that is near this theme, for example magazine “Dengi” or
“Profil”. My mother doesn’t like to read any newspapers because she
doesn’t trust to any of them but she byes smth to read while going to
her work by metro, usually it’s “Novaya gazeta” or “Komsomolskaya

As for me, I like better to bye a magazine “Kariera”. It is a magazine
where you can find everything about how to make your own career, there
are advice about work, about study,

Now I’ll tell you about TV. Usually I don’t watch TV because I don’t
have much time to spend time with it. But I have to watch smth while
having dinner and supper. Often it’s a film “Sliders”, it’s a fantastic
film about a group of young people travelling through parallel worlds.
Sometimes it’s very interesting to watch it. Also I like to watch a
cartoon “Beavis & But-head ” which tells about two American teenagers.
It is a very funny cartoon and I like to watch it while having

Also sometimes, when some interesting movie is on I watch it.

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