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New York (Part I)

New York is the largest city in the world & the biggest seaport. It is
the money-center of the U. S.

New York is situated in north-east of the USA in the state of N. Y. Of
the Empire State.

In companion with such ancient historical cities as Rome, London &
Paris, New York is quite young. It was founded in 1613 by Dutch
settlers. A Dutch-man Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the
Indians for 24 dollars & a barrel of rum. The Americans say that this
was the best business deal ever made in New York. In 1613 the Dutch had
built only four small houses in Manhattan. New Amsterdam was the first
name of the city. After the English had taken over the city in 1626, it
was renamed New York after the Duke of York who was commander of the

During the War for Independence New York was an important political
center & for 5 years from 1785 – till 1790, the capital of the USA. The
population of New York numbers 10 million people, together with the
population of it’s suburbs it comes to 16 million people (1910). It is a
multi-national city, the people that live in it, speak seventy-five
different languages.

New York (Part II)

Manhattan is the name of an island which forms the heart of New York.
The island is 13 miles long, 2 miles long & lies at the mouth of the
Hudson River. The population of Manhattan is about two million people.
Here is the heart of America’s business & culture, the city of
sky-scrapes, of Broadway, of Wall Street, which is the center of
American money business. The street got it’s name in the old day when
one of the Dutch governors of Amsterdam built a wall across Manhattan to
protect the colonist from the Indians. The wall was later broken down,
but the name remained.

Harlem – the largest Negro ghetto is also in Manhattan. The houses are
old & dirty, there are few schools & few hospitals. Very many Negroes
are out of work because a colored person in the USA “is the last to be
hired & the first to be fired”. Like other capitalists cities New York
is the city of deep social contrasts.

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