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Many man,many minds. All people are different and so they

prefer spending their free time in different ways. Some of them

go the parks, forests,to the country and enjoy the beauty of

nature. Others like to stay at home watching TV or reading

books. There are people who are fond of cinema and theatres, so

they try to go there as often as pos- sible. As for me I prefer

to spend my free time in different ways. I like to go in for

sports, to play football, basketball or volleyball with my

friends. I like to watch TV, to listen a tape recorder and play

computer games. Also I like to go for a walk in the country and

enjoy the beauty of nature.And my way of spending free time is

connected with my hobby. And my hobby is reading books…

I”d like to say that it”s hard to imagine our life without

books.Books play such a great role in the development of

personality. They help as to forget our daily problems and to

pretend we travel to the past, future and to many different,

wonderfull places that we can”t visit in reality. I am also

sure that books are our good friends and teachers. From them we

get to know the life around as better, they teatch as how to

tell right from wrong, to love our Motherland, to understand

friendship, people”s feelings. So, they teach us how to live.

As for me I like to read different kinds of books: ……

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