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Japan school

We all know that education is important in every country, but in Japan
it’s more important for lots of reasons. The main reason is because the
Japanese attitude to jobs. A good job is important to most people, but
in Russia for example many people expect to, and perhaps want to, try
more then one job in their lives. In Japan is different. People usually
stay with the same company from the time they leave school or university
until they retire. So the children must do well at school to get a good
job then they leave. The hard work starts at 12 then they leave primary
school and move to junior high school. There is less relaxed and more
competitive. They are about 40 pupils in each class and discipline is
quite strict. The pupils sit in rows, and before each lesson they stand
up and bow to the teacher. Politeness and respect are very important in
Japan. The pupils don’t ask questions. It’s considered rude to question
a teacher. And another difference is that they go to school on Saturday.
So they have 6 days of school a week. They also go to special extra
schools in the evening, so they are busy most of the time. They have 3
or 4 hours of homework every night. The Japanese teenagers go back to
school because that is when they have club activities – sports clubs,
art clubs, English clubs and others. And children like their schools
‘cause they have no time to be bored. I think Ukrainian schools could
learn something from Japan.

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