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The exhibition “Intensifikation-90” which is devoted to economic and
social developments of Leningrad region was on in Leningrad. Its
exhibits show the Leningraders’ efforts to improve the quality and
efficiency of the region production. A large section of the exhibition
demonstrates electronics/

The most impressive of the exhibits are robots. They can cut metals,
drill holes, compute and teach. All robots are very much things of the
present. A multipurpose lathe-robot is specially interesting in that it
can “ask questions”. An engineer showed how it works. He pressed a key
which has the mark “Thread cutting”. And “Thread pitch?” immediately
appeared on the video displey screen. The engineer pressed another key
with the mark “I”. Another question came on: “Thread length?”. The robot
has to get all the answers to all its questions before it goes to work.

Another exhibit was a “Sfera” robot which was to operate some
metallurgical processes. Before it starts working its operator must take
him by “hand” and go through all the programme. The robot memorizes the
instructions and then is able to do everything by itself and without any
mistakes. Its memory can hold as many as 70 programmes.

Practically all the equipment on display serves to improve the equipment
on display serves to improve the productivity. Intensifikation-90
progpamme provides for high increase in production of technologically
perfect, top-quality and efficient types of machinery for Leningrad

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