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History of London.

Numerous finds prove that the area around London was inhabited by the
Celts from 800 BC onwards. The earliest prehistoric settlers in the
London area lived along parts of the Thames valley. Some of their flint
tools have been found in river graver. All the time it was mostly wild
forested countryside.

In later prehistoric times the settlers became more organized. They
lived in villages of huts made of timber, branches & clay. They hunted,
fished & farmed.

Following Caesar’s initial landing in Britain in 55 BC, the Emperor
Claudius conquered the south-east of Britain & founded the military camp
of Londinium on a strategic ford across the Thames. The camp rapidly
developed into a flourishing port & trading post. The area of about 1
square mile which the Romans fortified with a massive rampart
corresponds approximately to today’s City of London.

They built a bridge over the Thames & there has been a «London Bridge»
in the same area ever since.

Roman Londinium grew up on the northern side of the bridge. Products
such as olive oil & wine were brought by ships from different parts of
the Roman Empire & unloaded into wooden quays along the river.

Londinium was surrounded with a wall of stone & brick which lasted for
many centuries.

Inside the Roman wall low houses were built with bright red tiled roofs.
There were probably temples, bathhouses, shops & market stalls there.

Around AD 61, the Romans faced an uprising of Boadicea, the warlike
Queen of East Anglia, who even succeeded in capturing London. From about
240 onwards, London was the capital of one of the four provinces of
Britain under the Emperor Diocletian.

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