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English–speaking countries

The United kingdom of Gr. Britain is a capitalist country. England,
Wales, Scotland are made in Gr. Britain. Peoples in countries outside
the British Isles often call the inhabitants of United kingdom English.
There are four main nationalities: English, Wales and Irish.

The population of the United kingdom of Gr. Britain is almost fifty six
million Gr. Britain is highly industrialized. The United kingdom is a
parliamentary monarchy. But it is well known that the monarchy today has
no power.

The USA is situated in the central part of North American continent. The
USA is an English speaking country. Many people of this country speak
English. But here we can hear French, German and other languages too.

Washington is the capital of the USA. The population of the USA is about
256 million people. There are 50 states in this country.

Canada is to the north of the USA. It is very large country? Larger then
the United States. The people who live in these parts came to Canada
from France. Canada has to official languages – English and Fresh. In
Canada many people speak English, because they also came from England
many years age. But in some part of Canada they speak Fresh.

Australia is also an English – speaking country Australia the hottest
summer month is January, and the coldest winter month is June. But June
is not very cold. Snow falls only on the mountain there. And there are
not many mountains in Australia.

New Zealand is not far from Australia, but it is great distant from
Britain. The seasons in New Zealand are also different from what they
are in Britain from January to February. It is summer, from march to may
it is autumn; From June to August it is winter, from September to
November it is spring. The national language is New Zealand is also
English. Many people from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland came to
live in Australia and New Zealand many years ago.

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