The working day of an engineer (перевод)

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The working day of an engineer

One of my friend, Dmity Shevelev, lives in Vladivostok now though he was
born in Nakhodka. Some years ago he graduated from the one of our
institutions and became an engineer. Now he lives near his office. He
usually walks there.

He works on weekdays. I can’t say that he work hard, but all his mates
like him because he is a good mixer or, as you may say, he is very
communicable person. He doesn’t work on Saturday or Sunday. His working
day usually lasts for eight hours. His duties are to answer all incoming
letters and calls, to meet with different specialists, to help young
engineers. He often tells me that he likes his job. I usually meet him
after the work and we speak about life. He is very glad that he found
such work where he can show all his talents. Though there is a
difference between our ages, we have much in common. He is among my best
friends. By the way, my friend knows English rather well (he finished
school #13). It helps him a lot as every year various foreign
delegations come to their office. These delegations change different
technologies with our specialists and discuss many problems. All
foreigners thought Shevelev to be the best translator in their

Перевод текста: The working day of an engineer

Один из моего друга, Дмайтай Шевелева, живет во Владивостоке теперь,
хотя он родился в Находке. Несколько лет назад он закончил то из наших
учреждений и стал инженером. Теперь он живет около его офиса. Он обычно
идет туда.


$a$gdr;e оты, и мы говорим о жизни. Он очень рад, что он нашел такую
работу, где он может показать все его таланты. Хотя есть различие между
нашими возрастами, мы имеем много вместе. Он – среди моих лучших друзей.
Между прочим, мой друг знает английский язык скорее хорошо (он закончил
школу #13). Это помогает ему много как каждый год, различные иностранные
делегации приезжают в их офис. Эти делегации изменяют различные
технологии с нашими специалистами и обсуждают много проблем. Все
иностранцы думали, что Шевелев был лучшим переводчиком в их институте.

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