Meals and cooking (перевод)

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Meals and cooking

When we cook, we boil, roast, fry or stew our food. We boil eggs, meat,
chicken, fish, milk, water and vegetables. We fry eggs, fish and
vegetables. We stew fish, meat, vegetables or fruit. We roast meat or
chicken. We put salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar and mustard into our food
to make it salted, sweet, sour or simply tasty. Our food may taste good
or bad or it may be tasteless. The usual meals in England are breakfast,
lunch, tea and dinner or, in simpler houses, breakfast, dinner, tea and
supper. For breakfast English people mostly have porridge or corn-flakes
with milk or cream and sugar, bacon and eggs, marmalade with buttered
toast and tea or coffee. For a change they can have a boiled egg, cold
ham, or fish. English people generally have lunch about one o’clock. At
lunch time in a London restaurant one usually finds a mutton chop, or
steak and chips, or cold meat or fish with potatoes and salad, then a
pudding or fruit to follow. Afternoon tea can hardly be called a meal.
It is a substantial meal only in well-to-do families.

It is between five and six o’clock. It is rather a sociable sort of
thing, as friends often come in then for a chat while they have their
cup of tea, cake or biscuit. In some houses dinner is the biggest meal
of the day. But in great many English homes, the midday meal is the
chief one of the day, and in the evening there is usually a much simpler
supper — an omelette, or sausages, sometimes bacon and eggs and
sometimes just bread and cheese, a cup of coffee or cocoa and fruit.

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© анины, или стейк и чипсы, или мертвец или рыба с картофелем и салатом,
затем пудинг или фрукты следует. Послеобеденный чай можно едва назвать
пищей. Это – существенная пища только в зажиточных семьях.

Это – между пятью и шестью часами. Это – скорее общительный вид вещи,
поскольку друзья часто входят тогда для чата, в то время как они имеют
их чашку чая, пирог или бисквит. В некоторых зданиях обед – самая
большая пища дня. Но в очень многих английских домах, пища полудня –
главный дня, и вечером есть обычно намного более простой ужин — омлет,
или колбасы, иногда яичница с беконом и иногда только скудная пища ,
чашка кофе или какао и фрукты.

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