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Learnung a Foreign Language

Foreign languages are absolutely necessary for us nowadays because of
our growing international contacts with all the countries of the world.

There are many reasons why we begin the study of a foreign language. One
of them is to be able to communicate with other people who use this
language. We may be planning to travel in one or two countries where the
language is spoken. If we know the language of a foreign country, we can
talk to its people and understand what they are saying to us. If we are
working in any branch of science, we naturally wish to read scientific
books and magazines in other languages. Making business nowadays also
means knowing foreign languages because of the growing international
business contacts. Knowing foreign languages helps people of different
countries to develop mutual friendship and understanding. We can also
make our intellectual and cultural horizons wider through contacts with
people of another culture. It is also very interesting to read foreign
literature in the original. We can also read foreign newspapers and
magazines and to understand films in foreign languages without any help.

Learning foreign languages is compulsory in all the secondary and higher
schools in our country. English is a very popular language. People use
it in many parts of the world and there is a lot of business
correspondence and literature in English.

I think, it is very important to know at least one foreign language —
English, German, French, Spanish or any other one.

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Иностранные языки абсолютно необходимы для нас в настоящее время из-за
наших растущих международных контактов со всеми странами мира.

?????=? иностранную литературу в оригинале. Мы можем также прочитать
иностранные газеты и журналы и понимать фильмы на иностранных языках без
любой помощи.

Изучение иностранных языков обязательно во всех вторичных и более
высоких школах в нашей стране. Английский язык – очень популярный язык.
Люди используют это во многих частях мира и есть много деловой
корреспонденции и литературы на английском языке.

Я думаю, очень важно знать по крайней мере один иностранный язык —
английский, немецкий, французский, испанский или любой другой один.

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