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Zaporizhzhya is the history by itself. Only here you may be imbued by
the spirit of irrepressible Dnipro river, sweet air of Cossack’s liberty
and respect to the giant oak’s strength. This land awarded heroes, whose
deeds were described in songs and legends.

Zaporizhzhya has never been outside of the Ukrainian history. From the
time beginning it has been standing on the legendary trade way «from
Varangians to Greeks» that greatly influenced over the formation of
truly internationalism, welcome and warmth of its people.

We are happy to present our region, not only as an original historical
pearl of Ukraine and cradle of the first democratic republic in the
world formed by Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, but also as a one of the main
Ukrainian centers of economic, technology and intellectual potential

Today Zaporizhzhya is a region of inexhaustible human, economic and
scientific potential. We believe that our region will continue to be one
of the sources of the further development of the young independent


Zaporizhzhya region has favorable economic and geographical situation.
It is situated in the south-east of Ukraine. It’s neighbors are Kherson,
Dnipropetrovs’k and Donets’k regions. The southern borders of the region
are washed by the Azov Sea with its coastline of more than 300 km.

The area of Zaporizhzhya region is 27,200 sq. km, i.e. 4.5% of the
Ukrainian territory. It stretches for 208 km. from the north to the
south and 235 km. from the east to the west. The distance from
Zaporizhzhya to the capital of Ukraine Kyiv-city is 715 km by railway
and 618 km by motorways.

Zaporizhzhya region is conditionally separated by three natural and
agricultural areas: steppe area (50,8%), droughty steppe area (34,8%)
and dry steppe area (14.4%).

Climate conditions of Zaporizhzhya region are favorable for growing of
practically all kinds of agricultural cultures and let to get great

The climate is moderate-continental and is characterized by the clear
defined droughty. The average annual temperatures are: summer +22°C,
winter -4,5°C. The average number of sunny days is 225; the average
annual precipitation level is 448 mm. Such climatic conditions are
favourable for the development of agriculture, health resorts and

The region is mostly plain. The soils are predominantly fertile «black
earth» varieties. Natural resources are rich and varied. Rich sources of
iron and manganese ores, granites are concentrated in the region. The
share of the region in total Ukrainian stocks of mineral raw materials
is: pegmatite – 88,06%, apatite – 63,42%, manganese ore – 69,1%,
secondary kaolin – 22,9%, fireclay – 8,6%.

Through the territory of the region flow 109 rivers, including important
Ukrainian transport artery the Dniprо river which is third biggest river
in Europe. The Dnipro river and a number of its reservoirs supply the
industry with water.

The population of the region is 2004800 inhabitants, i.e. 4,0% of the
total Ukrainian population. Urban population presented by 1534800
inhabitants, rural – 470000. The level of regional urbanization is
76,6%, which is higher than Ukrainian average level. More than 42,0% of
the region population (847800 inhabitants) lives in Zaporizhzhya city, a
significant industrial center that takes an important part in social and
economic development of the region.


Zaporizhzhya region has a developed transport system.

Motorways (total length – 6683 km) connect all urban and rural
settlements. Through the region run a number of strategic routes: Odesa
– Melitopol – Novoazovs’k, Kharkiv – Simferopol – Sevastopol, Borispil –
Dnipropetrovs’k – Zaporizhzhya.

The major regional industrial centers have railway links with other
parts of Ukraine, CIS and European countries.

The large part of cargo and passenger transportation is possessed by
motor and railway transport. The number of agencies providing
international auto transportations is constantly increasing.

A large navigable artery – the Dnipro river, which flows from the north
to the south, plays an important role in the Zaporizhzhya transportation

The significant part of freight flow in the region passes through
Zaporizhzhya River Cargo Port, which specializes in processing of
industrial, including metallurgical, cargos.

Berdians’k seaport (on the Azov Sea) is a marine gate to Zaporizhzhya
region. Terminals and other portal equipment allow to receive and store
all kinds of cargoes (except liquids) and to serve all types of ships
including river and ocean ones. The cargo can be delivered by the
railway from the port to any region of Ukraine.

An important role in the regional transport system is played by
Zaporizhzhya regional international airport, which takes one of the
leading places in Ukraine by the passenger turnover. Zaporizhzhya
airport is one of few profitable airports and constantly increases its
service range. Berdians’k international airport is included into the
structure of the state enterprise «The Airport of Zaporizhzhya».

Such companies as «Lufthansa», «Austrian Airline Group» and «Eurowings»
opened their branches in Zaporizhzhya region.

All kinds of communication are developed in the region. Zaporizhzhya has
wide telephone network. Mobile and paging systems are developing
actively. The digital telephone station was implemented in Zaporizhzhya.
Internet is available in online mode. There are several powerful e-mail

The region takes the first place by the number of telephone numbers
(25,8 per 100 inhabitants) in Ukraine.


Nowhere else over Ukraine, except Zaporizhzhya region, you can find such
traditions which are based on the famous history of the region.

Favorable climate and geographical situation of Zaporizhzhya attracted
men from the immemorial times. The oldest settlements of the primitive
people in a Dnipro river valley are dated back to the middle Paleolithic
period (100-40 thousand years ago). During many centuries this territory
was a sort of corridor, through which different peoples passed and where
cultures crossed. Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Goths, Huns, Avars,
Khasars, Pechenegs and Slavs left here various archaeological memorials.

After the Tatar-Mongolian invasion of 1237-1240 years the territory of
Zaporizhzhya region was included into the structure of the Golden Horde
for two centuries.

In 1445 Zaporizhzhya steppes on the left side of the Dnipro were
included into the structure of the Crimean Khanate. From the end of XV
to the middle of XIX century nomadic and half-settled Nogays occupied
this land.

The natural, geographical and historical conditions of XV-XVI cc. were
favorable for the formation within region of the «Zaporizhzhya
Cossacks». Khortitsia island, which is known from the times of Old
Russia, became one of its strongholds and symbols.

A great significance for Ukraine had the formation from separate Cossack
detachments and industrial artels of social, political and military
organization of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks – Zaporizhzhya Sich.

Zaporizhzhya Sich was the first political formation within territory of
Ukraine with all attributes of a republic. It stayed independent for a
long time and took an outstanding place in the international relations.
European countries established the diplomatic relations and looked for
its military assistance.

At the end of XVIII century the lands of southern Ukraine were included
into the structure of the Russian Empire.

The process of new settling and development of the present Zaporizhzhya
region was complicated. The representatives of many nations took part in
that process, and it resulted in multinational nature of the region. It
also promoted the merge of cultural and economic traditions. The
population of modern Zaporizhzhya region was partly formed by the
Mennonites, Germans, Bulgarians, immigrants from Poland, Serbia, Greece
and Albania. The Jews, the Gagauses created the settlements as well.

Zaporizhzhya became one of the ranges, where the strategic plans of
industrialization of the USSR were implemented. In March 1927 the
building of Dniproges began. It was the most powerful hydroelectric
power station in Europe for those times. The rapid construction of a
complex of new power-consuming enterprises followed the new power plant.

The rapid development of the economy and culture of the region was
interrupted by the Second World War.

One of bright pages in the history of the region was the restoration of
Zaporizhzhya industrial complex – Dniproges and the enterprises of
ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. In the beginning of 1950 all of the
670 factories and plants were restored.

In 1950-1970 the new branches of industry (electrotechnical and
chemical) were created in the region.

The power potential of the region continued to grow. Alongside with
putting Dniproges-2 into operation, Zaporizhzhya TPS and Zaporizhzhya
atomic power station were constructed.


Zaporizhzhya region is one of the Ukrainian regions, which make a basis
of its industrial and agrarian potential.

Being the ninth in Ukraine for population, the region ranks second in
the state by the GVA per head rate, Kyiv being the first.

Zaporizhzhya region is one of the industrial leaders of the country,
taking the first place among regions for volume of industrial output per
head and per one industrial worker.

The industrial growth continues six past years and is observed in all
industrial branches.

The region has practically all basic industrial branches, where leading
part is possessed by the electro power production, metallurgy, machine
building, metal working and chemistry. The basis of regional industry is
formed by metallurgy and power complexes, producing 12,1% of the
Ukrainian total cast-iron production, 14% of steel, 15,6% of rolled
products, 11,9% of coke, 26,5% of electric power. Such regional
enterprises as «Zaporizhzhya aluminum plant» and «Zaporizhzhya
transformer building plant» are the only Ukrainian manufactures of
aluminum products and transformers of the high world quality.

Joint venture «AutoZAZ-Daewoo» is the leader in the car market of
Ukraine producing 36,7% of all cars on the market. The well-known
Italian manufacturer of the middle and heavy tracks «IVECCO» choose JSC
«Motor Sich» as its partner for producing of tracks of europian quality.

Zaporizhzhya is one of the first five Ukrainian regions by manufacturing
of consumer goods per head. Well-directed efforts are made for filling
of domestic consumers’ market with the products of Zaporizhzhya
enterprises as well as for new markets conquer. Output growth rate of
light and foodstuff industries in 2001 considerably exceeded average
rates per industry.

Zaporizhzhya, having rich black earth lands, is traditionally
agricultural region of Ukraine where grain is the main product. The
growing of fruits and vegetables is also well developed. In agrarian
sector in 2001 over 2,5 million tons of grain was harvested, that is the
best harvest for the last decade. Zaporizhzhya region is the largest
manufacturer of sunflower in Ukraine.

Zaporizhzhya possesses the fourth place among Ukrainian regions by the
volumes of foreign trade and especially by the export rate.

Zaporizhzhya region is one of the most investment attractive Ukrainian
regions. Having approximately $260 mln. of direct foreign investments
Zaporizhzhya region takes 4th place over Ukraine. By the investments in
main capital Zaporizhzhya is one of the first ten in Ukraine, and by the
investments per head it ranks fourth.

By the income per head the region ranks 5th in Ukraine, and by the
average month wages – second.


More than 160 large industrial enterprises operate in the region. The
metallurgical complex of the region is presented by world-famous
enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, such as JSC
«Zaporizhstal» – the leading manufacturer of steel and cast-iron, JSC
«Dniprospetsstal» – the manufacturer of special steel, JSC «Ukrgraphite»
– the leading manufacturer of graphitized electrodes, JSC «Zaporizhzhya
aluminum plant» – the only Ukrainian manufacturer of aluminum,
«Zaporizhzhya titanium and magnesium plant» – the only Ukrainian
manufacturer of sponge titanium, the leading enterprise in manufacturing
of germanium and crystalline silicon.

Zaporizhzhya has a world-famous machine-building enterprises with
high-tec production. This branch is presented by JSC «Motor Sich» – the
manufacturer of aircraft engines for planes and helicopters of leading
companies (such as: CB Antonov, Yakovlev, Tupolev, Beriev, Kamov, Mil);
JSC «Zaporizhzhya transformers plant» – the only Ukrainian manufacturer
of power transformers; JSC «Zaporizhabrasive» – Ukrainian and world
leader in manufacturing of abrasive materials and tools.

Joint Venture «AutoZAZ-Daewoo» is the leader of the Ukrainian car
market. Autos produced by the Zaporizhzhya plant meet all world
standards of quality and safety.

Closed joint stock company «IVECCO-Motor Sich», being in co-ownership
with Italian company «IVECCO», produces not only autos, but also a
products for installation into Ukrainian technique as well as for
exporting. Zaporizhzhya manufacturer produces 70-110 h.p. autos, gear
boxes and engines. In the future, depending on the market demand, the
widening of the outputting model line is planed. It will be made
generally by the producing of the heavy tracks for international cargo
transportation as well as by the upgrading of the existing line of light
tracks by the new model, which is already used in Europe. Autos produced
by «IVECCO-Motor Sich» come into the market under trademark «IVECCO».

Aircraft industry develops very dynamically as well. The receiving of
certificate for AN-140 and its modification AN-140-100 by JSC «Motor
Sich» made possible its operation on Ukrainian and international

The metallurgical plant «Zaporizhstal» is one of the most powerful
metallurgical enterprises of ferrous metallurgy with a complete
metallurgical complex in Europe. Main products of the plant are: foundry
iron, hot- and cold-rolled sheet metal, cold roll-formed section and so
on. The new resource-saving technology of production of hot-rolled
double weight metal rolls was implemented. There is being mastering of
high-quality automobile-body sheet. The plant exports its products to
more than 50 countries all over the world.

JSC «Ukrgraphite» – is a leading Ukrainian enterprise producing
graphitized electrodes for electrosmelting, orethermical and other types
of smelting furnaces, carbon masses for Soderberg’s electrodes, felting
materials on carbon base for the metallurgy, machine building, chemical
and other industrial enterprises. Accordingly to the results of
Ukrainian rating of 2000 enterprise’s products were rewarded by the name
«The highest sample».

JSC «Aluminum rod plant» – the only Ukrainian manufacturer of aluminum
products for electrotechnical purposes by the method of non-stop
casting. The enterprise was one of the first in Ukraine certificated by
the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.

JSC «Azmol» – one of the most powerful Ukrainian enterprise of chemical
industry. Its main products are: universal, automobile, industrial,
railway and special lubricants; cooling and lubricantive liquids;
synthetic and mineral motor oils, hydraulical oils, oils for
refrigerators and special oils. Products of JSC «Azmol» are always in
demand not only within Ukraine and CIS-countries, but in far abroad
states as well.

Such companies as «Selena» and «Elegant» present clothing industry of
region not only at the Ukrainian and CIS market, but they also
fruitfully cooperate with West European countries. Zaporizhzhya
manufacturer’s clothes for the world class quality was rewarded by the
Diploma «Golden Bayda» and a name «The highest sample». Despite the
constant demand from the leading french, britain, german, austrian and
switzerland companies for the products of Zaporizhzhya manufacturers
joint stock companies «Selena» and «Elegant» are available for any type
of cooperation with any interested enterprise.

JSC «Brewery and non-alcoholic combinat «Salvutych» – is one of the
leaders of east-europian brewery and the most modern enterprise with
high level of automatization. The quality of more than ten types of
«Slavutych»-beer is confirmed by many national and international

The power-generating complex of Zaporizhzhya is the most powerful in
Ukraine. There were 48.521 billion kW/hour generated by the regional
power stations in 2001, that is 28,5% of the total Ukrainian power

Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station is the largest europian station
generating 6000 MW. Zaporizhzhya NPS today – is a modern highly
technological enterprise well-known all over the world. The complex of
measures that guarantee safety and pollution-free production of the
electric power is applied here.


Zaporizhzhya region is one of the largest producers of agriculture
products and foodstuff in Ukraine.

Area of arable lands in the region is 2 246 300 hectares that is 5,4% of
Ukrainian arable lands.

The implementation of agrarian reform became a basis for development of
agriculture. In the region operate 331 communities, 135 agricultural
cooperative societies, 162 private (private-rental) enterprises, 2339
farms that all are privatized. Area of arable lands used by new
agricultural companies of different types is 1761400 hectares that is
78% of all lands available. The infrastructure of agrarian market is in
development. 21 agro-trading houses were created.

Plant-growing prevails in the structure of agricultural production.
During 1996-2001 the part of plant-growing production was 58,3% while
cattle-breeding made only 41,7%.

The central place in the structure of plant-growing now and in a
long-term perspective is taken by grain growing which is a basis for the
development of other agricultural branches, and especially

The main crop of Zaporizhzhya region is sunflower. In 2001 the share of
the region in total volume of sunflower production in Ukraine was 12,8%.

There are favorable conditions in all agroclimatic areas for cultivation
of vegetables and melons and gourds.

Poultry keeping and swine-breeding are defied as the priorities in the
development of cattle breeding for the next three years. The
agricultural enterprises of all types of property increase their
livestock of pigs and poultry.

There are 546 enterprises of foodstuff and processing industry operating
in the region. 87% of them are the enterprises, which belong to the
sphere of small-sized business and are focused on supplying of the local
demand in food products (mini-bakeries, oil mills, dairies, grit cutters
and other).

The enterprises which are Ukrainian leaders by the output volumes are
located in Zaporizhzhya region. They are «Pology oil-extracting plant»,
«Zaporizhzhya oil-fat mill», «Zaporizhzhya meat processing factory»,
«Melitopol meat processing». Such enterprises as JSC «Zaporizhzhya
brewery and non-alcoholic combinat «Slavutych» and «Zaporizhzhya factory
of non-alcoholic drinks» are marvelous examples of profitable investment
into the foodstuff industry and regional agriculture.

Rural aria of Zaporizhzhya region has a well developed social
infrastructure which is presented by more than 110 hospitals, 730
institutions of primary and middle level of education as well as almost
900 libraries.

Hence, agricultural complex of the region can be estimated as extremely
attractive for investing. The base of investment attraction is fertile
soils, inexpensive and qualified labour resources, significant
production capacities of industrial enterprises, favorable geographical
situation for exporting.


The Zaporizhzhya region is one of the ukrainian leaders by the foreign
trade volumes. The majority of products of Zaporizhzhya industrial
leaders such as joint stock companies «Zaporizhstal», «Dniprospetsstal»,
«Zaporizhzhya productive aluminum plant», «Zaporizhtransformator»,
«Motor Sich», «Peretvoruvatch» is directed to foreign markets.

Annual volume of Zaporizhzhya region foreign trade turnover accounts
almost $2 billions. Zaporizhzhya region is definitely indicated as
export directed area, export volume of which by the results of 2001 is
two times higher than import volume. Zaporizhzhya region ranked fourth
in Ukraine by its export volume.

More than 100 enterprises of the region maintained foreign trade
activity. Foreign trade relations were maintained with partners from
more than 100 countries all over the world.

Ferrous metals present more than a half of export, second and third
places are divided between production of non-ferrous metallurgy and
engineering industry.

The largest volumes of goods and service export were directed to Russian
Federation, Turkey, China, Hungary, Germany and Poland.

Almost a quarter of all regional import was taken by mineral oil.
Another main item of import was machinery and theirs spare parts
presenting more than 10%.

The main suppliers were Turkmenistan, Germany, Slovakia, United States,
Byelorussia, Poland, China, Uzbekistan.

Recently commodity structure of export has being changed dynamically by
increasing of science intensive and highly technological production of
large scale processing. This process brings geographical diversification
of foreign trade. The sphere of bilateral cooperation between our region
and regions of neighboring and far abroad countries has being
dynamically developed.

The special role in international economic relations of our region is
played by Russian Federation. Geographic closeness, trade, economic and
humanitarian relations formed historically, availability of enterprises
with technically interrelated production and infrastructure make
cooperation of our region with regions of Russian Federation vitally
indispensable for both states.

During last years Agreements about trade and economic, technological and
cultural cooperation were signed with 11 regions of Russian Federation,
and further work for elaboration and realization of definite projects is
being carried out within these Agreements.

The similar Agreements were signed with Burgas (Bulgaria), Chonchin
(China), Karaganda region (Republic of Kazakhstan). Definite
negotiations are carried out concerning establishing of cooperation and
signing of the Agreements with regions of Austria, Germany, Belgium,
Poland, Uzbekistan, Azerbaydzhan and Iran.

During last year Zaporizhzhya region was visited by many representatives
of diplomatic missions and business communities of foreign countries.
There were arrangement reached concerning further development of
international relations of our region, creation of joint ventures,
foreign investment engaging to the region economy results of these

The essential contribution into development of international economic
relations of both region and definite enterprises is introduced by
direct relations of Department of foreign affairs and international
economic relations of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration with
diplomatic representatives of Ukraine and trade delegates.


Zaporizhzhya region is concerned to be one of the most attractive region
of Ukraine for investing due to its industrial potential, natural
resources, own energy resources, highly developed scientific and
technical potential, well developed transport infrastructure, developed
bank system and admittance to markets of Ukraine, CIS, Europe and Asia.

The share of Zaporizhzhya region is 6% in the total investments in
Ukraine. As for direct foreign investments the region ranks fourth in

According to the rating of investment attractiveness region is one of
the leaders and ranks sixth in Ukraine.

The volume of direct foreign investments per head in Zaporizhzhya region
exceeds the average Ukrainian level by $36,9 and makes $121,9. World
famous consulting company «Coopers & Lybrandt» considers our region as
one of the most attractive for investing Ukrainian region.

Direct foreign investments in the regional economy are presented by
$229,98 mln.

Over 145 regional companies are invested.

The following branches are the most investment attractive: mechanical
engineering (64,9%), foodstuff industry (9,7%), metallurgy (8,5%).

Among companies with foreign capital the most effectively operate JSC
«IVECCO-Motor Sich», one of which founders is Italian company «IVECCO»
(the volume of foreign investments is $8,1 mln), JSC «Brewery and
non-alcoholic combinat «Slavutich», which was invested by the Swedish
company «Baltic Beverages Holding AB» ($20,0 mln.), CJSC «Zaporizhzhya
iron ore factory» which was invested by the Slovakian company «MINERFIN»
($20,6 mln.). Korean companies «Daewoo heavy industries, Ltd» and
«Daewoo Motor Co, LTD» invested $150 mln. into JV «AutoZAZ-Daewoo».

Such fields of industry as machine building, foodstuff industry,
metallurgy, agriculture, radio and electronic production and other
high-technological branches are priorities for investing into the region


Zaporizhzhya region has a developed financial structure. There are 53
banks and bank institutions available in the region, 5 from which are
domestic regional banks. Such regional banks as « Industrialbank»,
«Metallurg» and «AutoZAZ Bank» accordingly to their consolidated assets
(more than $20 mln.) are referred to the group of the «Large Ukrainian
banks». A large group of regional banks (such as «Metallurg»,
«Ukreximbank», «Vabank», «Munitsypal’nyj», etc) have corresponding
accounts of leading europian and world banks, which confirms trust to
the financial and credit system of the region from international
partners, as well as guarantees further development of that field of

One of the world leaders of banking – financial group «Reiffeisenbank»
opened its branch in Zaporizhzhya region.

In the region are available 13 local insurance companies and 50 branches
and departments. 20 of them are subsidiaries from other regions of

In addition, export credits are reinsured automatically by the leading
German, French and American companies such as: «Herling», groups «Skor»,
«Sant Paul», «Erk-Frankona». Total insurance funds of the partners of
transnational insurance group «Inderzhstrah» exceed tens of billions of

Partner relations between leading local insurance companies and largest
insurance and reinsurance companies of Ukraine and world make it
possible to insure large property and financial risks of regional
enterprises and foreign investors.


Development of small-sized business is the powerful additional factor,
which positively influences the growth of regional economy. Its progress
leads to the elimination of disproportions in some markets, creation of
additional workplaces and reduction of unemployment. Its development
also enforces the competition, fastens the saturation of the market with
goods and services.

During years region had formed favorable trend for development of
small-sized business.

There are 8.5 thousands of small enterprises operating in the region,
which provide 14% of all regional workplaces.

Among small-sized business enterprises with personnel up to 10 persons
prevail and make 75% of total number of small enterprises.

Their total volume of product and services in 2001 reached 5,1% of total
volume of product and services produced in the region. The production
volume growth rate is 128,8% (in current prices). In some branches the
share of small-sized enterprises in the volume of production is much

There are very few changes in branch distribution of the small-sized
enterprises: more than the half of them operate in the sphere of trade
and servicing, 15% – industry, 10,2% – construction, 3,6% – agriculture,
3,2% – transportation and communication business.

Almost 65% of all the small-sized enterprises have joint ownership, 35%
are private.

Accept for legal persons almost 62000 entrepreneurs operate in the
small-sized business. The majority of the businessmen – physical persons
– operate in the markets, the number of the businessmen, who provide
services (repairing of home appliances, custom repairing, shoe-making)
is also increasing.

During agriculture complex reforming many inhabitants which were granted
by the land lot choose farming as a form of operating. There are 2.35
thousands of farmers operating in the region.


By January 1, 2001 the number of the constant population of the region
made 1976,1 thousands people, i.e. 1510,9 thousands of townsmen, and
465,2 thousands of villagers. During previous year population decreased
by 20900 persons (urban population decreased by 15700 people and rural
population – by 5200 people).

1166.4 thousands people (59% of total population) – are in able-bodied
age, 352.4 thousands (17.8%) – are younger, 457.3 thousand (23.2%) – are
retired. 79.5% of able-bodied population are townsmen, 20.5% are

Of every one hundred of working people 60 are women, 17 – young people,
aged 16-28; 15 are retired.

In 2000 146.3 thousands people (24.6% of the workers employed in the
economy) left their workplaces for various reasons, including 9.8
thousands (1.7%) that were dismissed because of staff reduction. After
this 120.1 thousands of workers (20.2%) got jobs at other enterprises
and organizations, the rest (26.2 thousands people) became self-employed
or became unemployed.

As well as in the previous years, the high mobility of the staff is
observed mainly in industrial branches. In 2001 the process of
structural redistribution of employment of the population between
private, collective and state sectors was prolonged.

The fast growth of employment in private sector of economy is reached
mainly due to the development of personal subsidiary agriculture and
self-employment of population. 186.8 thousands people, or 22.1% of the
total number of employed in the economy belonged to these structures.

The rapid upsurge of economic activity, realization of the regional
employment programs improved the situation at the labor market.

Increase of the number of industry workers (by 7.8 thousands people) was
marked in 2001 firstly.

During 2001 10000 new workplaces in various spheres of the regional
economy were created.

As the result, the level of registered regional unemployment is still
one of the lowest in Ukraine – 3.29% of able-bodied population.


The education in the region today is a stable system with positive
development and a good potential.

672 general educational institutions operate in the region. Their basic
advantages are varied network, opportunity to chose among the
institutions and educational programs depending on individual
educational requirements of the pupils.

The system of free non-school education has been saved and optimized
(there are 82 institutions, including palaces, houses, centers of
creativity for children and youth, profile institutions of technical,
aesthetic creativity, sports, tourist, ecological hobby groups and so

There are 630 pre-school institutions, with 40190 of children being
brought up there.

Radical changes took place in the system of the regional professional
and technical education. Its development, first of all, is determined by
the reformation of the economy, change of labour market requirements. 42
professional educational institutions operate in the region nowadays.
One of priority directions of educational institutions reforming is the
use of modern technologies of personnel training.

Today the institutes of higher education of Zaporizhzhya region are the
powerful factor of personnel and scientific training of regional social
and economic development. Today there are 35 state higher educational
institutions in the region with 75 thousands of domestic and foreign
students studying there.

Institutions of high education (such as Zaporizhzhya National technical
university, Zaporizhzhya state university, Zaporizhzhya state technical
academy and so on) train the highly skilled staff: professionals with up
to date knowledge of industry, agriculture, education, medicine, culture
and so forth. Agriculture specialists are trained by 7 institutions 1
from which is «Tavrijs’ka state agricultural and technical academy» of
III-IV level of accreditation and other 6 – of I-II level of

The mechanisms of support of the gifted students and learning youth,
formation of the future intellectual elite are implemented at a regional
level. The search by high educational institutions for their future
students among the winners of intellectual competitions of school youth
(subjected Olympiads, research competitions of The Mala Academy of
Sciences of Ukraine) is carried out on a large scale. Combining of final
school examinations results with entering exams to High School
accordingly to the previous agreement is a widely used practice in the


In order to meet cultural requirements of the population there are
operating in the region: 5 theatres – 3 regional and 2 municipal,
regional philharmonic, circus, 3 recreation parks, 614 libraries, 586
arts and leisure centres, 16 museums, 2 museums-reserves, the National
park «Khortitsa», 74 schools of aesthetic children’s education.

The laborious work for preservation and popularization of a historical
and cultural legacy is carried out by libraries and museums.

The recognized leader of libraries is regional universal scientific
library named after M. Gorky. Its library fund contains 1.5 million
copies, 10 thousand of them are rare editions.

Among state museums the leading place is taken by the Regional museum,
its funds have more than 100 thousands exhibits, many of them are
unique. Each regional museum has the unique collection. Unique rock
paintings and collections are presented in historical and archaeological
museum-reserve «Kamyana Mogyla» near Melitopol. As a part of the
National park «Khortitsa» which received this high status in 1993, the
museum of a history of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks is opened. Annually
state museums of the region have about half a million of visitors.

The pride and beauty of Zaporizhzhya city is the Regional Ukrainian
Musical and Dramatic Theatre.

Zaporizhzhya Regional Philharmonic Society is one of the biggest concert
organizations in Ukraine. Symphonic Orchestra directed by national
artist of Ukraine М.Redya is well-known far away from Ukraine. High
professional level of performance lets the orchestra to cooperate with
world famous musicians.

Many culture institutions of a club type actively operate in the region.
During the last years due to reconstruction of club network the
institutions of a new type are being created: district and city
recreation centers, club-libraries, rural cinema clubs, houses of
national creativity, culture and leisure.

The deep knowledge of the Ukrainian traditions, originality,
independence of art thinking marked works of the masters of
decorative-applied art and amateur artists. There are more than 1500
such masters in the region, among them sewers, carvers, carpet makers,
and other.

Zaporizhzhya region has numerous memorials – unique products of material
and mental culture. The studying, protection and use of these memorials
is important direction of cultural policy. With this purpose in 1994 one
of the first in Ukraine the regional inspection of protection memorials
of history and culture was created. As a result of its work about 5580
monuments of archaeology, 1654 of history, 75 of art were put on the
state account. 93 monuments are included into the State Register of
Cultural National Property. At the day of the celebration of 10-th
anniversary of Ukrainian independence, August 24, 2001, the first part
of the historical and cultural center «The 700 year-old Zaporiz’kyj Dub»
was opened.


In Zaporizhzhya region about 56 thousand workers are employed in 694
medical institutions, including almost 9 thousand doctors and more than
20 thousand of middle medical staff. Health protection has a powerful
potential of scientists and experts. During last 10 years in the region
have been developed perspective trends of granting of medical assistance
to the population.

There are following medical institutions operate in the region: Centre
of multiorgan transplantation, Centre of ear and deaf-and-dumb
microsurgery, regional Centre of children’s cardio surgery service,
regional Service of hand microsurgery, regional Centre of joint
endoprosthetics, Zaporizhzhya regional cardio clinic.

The regional network of the paramedic service is presented by 65
institutions. The leader of this branch is regional Centre of extreme
medicine and urgent medic assistance for 780 beds with 72 mobile

The pride of regional health protection is Zaporizhzhya infection
hospital constructed and equipped in accordance with world standards.
Not everywhere in Ukraine there are such modern and specialized centres
– hepatocentre, “TORCH” Centre of immunoprophlaxis and serodiagnosis of
infectious diseases.

The only Ukrainian medical institution, where it is possible to receive
comprehensive medical-diagnostic modern-level help regarding children’s
and parents’ health, conjugal relations, planning of family and
barrenness, including operative treatment is Zaporizhzhya regional
centre of reproductive function of the family rehabilitation.

Complex treatment and rehabilitation of pre-school and school age
children is provided by 7 children’s sanatoriums: sanatorium for
consumptives (Berdians’k); bone tuberculosis sanatorium (Zaporizhzhya);
rheumatic cardiologic sanatorium (Molochans’k); versatile preschool
sanatorium (Zaporizhzhya); pneumo-gastroenterologic sanatorium
(Melitopol’); psycho-neurologic sanatorium for children of preschool and
school age (Zaporizhzhya).

Professor Nikonenko founded in 1992 one of the best Ukrainian centers –
The Centre of multiorgan transplantation with blood clearing unit on the
base of regional clinical hospital. Zaporizhzhya transplantologists in
accordance with the most modern technologies performed 318 operations
connected with kidney transplantation (including 8 made to children) and
8 connected with liver transplantation, mastered under stomach gland
transplantation and are completely ready for heart transplantation.

Regional surgery center successfully operate on the base of regional
clinic hospital. This surgery center contains subdivisions of cardio
surgery which specialists make a line of complicate world-known
operations for installing of different artificial components of human
blood and heart system. The Center of chirdren’s heart surgery was found
in 2001. This center provides surgery assistance to children with
hereditary defects of heart and blood system. The Regional center of
sport trauma is affectively functioning in liquidation of different
sport diseases.

The achievements of zaporizhzhya ophthalmologists in implantation of
artificial eye crystal are well-known not only within Ukraine but also
far abroad. Unique operations of creation of artificial bladder and
gullet were made in 2001.

The number of drugstores per head considerably exceeds the average
Ukrainian number. 36% of existing drugstores are municipally owned, 64%
– are collective and private (individual). Regional pharmaceutical
manufacture is being developed very dynamically as well.

A reforming process in regional public health services is being
continued. Priority and perspective as for the investments are rural
family medicine, development of medical diagnostic base of children’s
and obstetric institutions, cardio-surgery service.


In recent years regional physical culture and sports presents the
positive development, i.e. the increase of persons, who are engaged in
sports and physical training. In particular it is observed in high
schools and rural educational institutions.

The work for improvement of the effective methods and ways of physical
training and sports activity concerning local traditions and working
conditions is carried out in the region.

There are 1 high sports school, 16 specialized youth schools of Olympic
reserve, 45 youth sports schools, 63 youth sports clubs, 10 youth clubs
of physical training operating in the region.

For a long time Zaporizhzhya land has been famous for the sports
achievements. The first highest Olympic award in 1952 was won by
wrestler Yakiv Punkin, and the greatest success was achieved by
glorified weight-lifter Leonid Zhabotinsky – the winner of two
Olympiads. Three Olympic awards were won by mid-distances runner Tatyana
Borovskich (Samoilenko), two awards – by handball players Mikhajlo
Ischenko and Sergij Kushniruk, sprinter Tetyana Prorochenko. In total,
since 1952, the sportsmen of our region have won in the main world
competitions 11 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze medals.

There are worth to be mentioned achievements of such world and europian
champions, Olympic champions as Denys Selantjev (swimming), Olena
Zhupina, Ganna Sorokina, Roman Volodykov (water jumpers), Sydorenko
brothers (boxing), Roman Kukushka, Olga Roschupkina (spot gymnastic),
Oleg Mykhajlov (bullet shooting) as well as their coaches Segij Gusev,
Tetjana Ladejna, Volodymyr Manzulja, Olexander Barsukov and Ljubov
Barsukova, Mykola Nazarenko, etc.

During the last decade 100 world-level masters of sports, 14 sportsmen
of the title “the Honored master of sports of Ukraine” have been trained
in the region. 47 sportsmen took part in Olympic games.




??????????????????????$??u? center «700 years-old Zaporiz’kyj Dub»,
Khortytsja-island – the cradle of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks and the firs
democratic republic in the world, etc.) as well as natural conditions
that let touring of any type. There are 69 enterprises and private
entrepreneurs providing tourist services in the region.

The work of the tourist centre is based on the interest to the land of
Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, spiritual values of the Ukrainian people, and
also upon good traditions of visitors’ reception and service.

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