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Vinnitsya region has been formed on 27 February 1932 and now is one of
the most developed agrarian-industrial and cultural-historical parts of
Ukraine. Its territory is 26,5 thousands square kilometres – 4.4% of
Ukrainian territory.

Vinnitsya is the administrative regional centre. It is situated in 222
km from Kyiv to South-West. Population is 357 ths.

Vinnitchina now includes three town regions and 27 village regions. The
oblast counts 17 bigger and 30 smaller towns, and 1467 villages.

There are a lot of mineral resourses and rare raw materials in Vinnitsya
region. The largest group includes non-metallic minerals, natural
construction materials in particular. This group includes about 800

At present, fifteen deposits of these minerals have been prospected and
are being used. Among the mineral resources kaolin-beds take the first

In the territory of Murovani-Kurilivtsi district the considerable
reserves of fluorite have been discovered. This deposit, unique in
Ukraine, is capable to provide completely our state and foreign
companies with fluorites.

The granite reserves are available in all the districts of the region
but the industrial production is being executed only in 12 deposits with
the total volume 6 mln cubic metres.

In the region the only in Europe garnet-bed is situated. This mineral is
being used only by the enterprises of Zaporizhzhia and Krivyi Rig. In
ten types of minerals there are deposits of semi-precious stones –

Our enterprises are exported about 30 percent of their production to 100
countries of the world. The main trade partners are Russian Federation,
Germany, the USA, the Republic of Belarus.

The region is ready to export the equipment of industry automation, the
systems of weight measurement, the equipment and systems of monitoring
of electro-transmission networks of Science-inculcational enterprise
“InnoVinn”; the equipment and computer providing for digital
fotometering and cartography, including colour fotogrammeter scaners and
stations of State enterprise “Geosystem”; high-quality diamonds,
equipment and instruments for diamonds faceting of “Vinnitsya Kristall
Diamond Factory”; a broad range of fire weapon: live guns, carbines,
hunting rifles of Science-industrial association “Fort”; high-quality
production of Ukrainian Vodka Company “NEMIROFF” and Close joint-stock
company “Vinnitsya Liqueur-Vodka Plant”, which is in demand in many
countries of the world.

Light industry is also of great importance in regional economy. This
branch, under the unfavourable conditions of production, did not reduce
greatly the production output. Due to this fact, it kept the personnel.
As they possess high quality equipment, high qualified personnel, these
enterprises attract the attention of foreign companies.

The main branch in export increasing potential and regional economy
stabilization is agroindustrial complex. The land resources is the
greatest value of Vinnitchina. Long since Vinnichina has the name of a
“Sugar-mine”. Sugar beets are converted to sugar at 36 sugar plants some
of which are 150 years old.

The regional state administration gives the equal support opportunities
to various forms of economy and agricultural structures of the market
type. It encourages existing effective collective enterprises, joint
stock companies and processing enterprises.

8 sanatoriums in Khmilnyk and Nemiroff health centre “Avangard” are
functioned on the base of low-radiation mineral water “Radon” and
medical mud baths, where successfully treat people who suffer from pains
in the back, cardiovascular diseases, illnesses of respiratory tract and
nervous system.

There are National Pirogov Medical University, State Technical
University, Agrarian University, Pedagogical University, Institute of
Trade and Economy in Vinnitsya, where future specialists from Ukraine
and 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America get the

The city is famous for National Pirogov Museum – the Museum of
outstanding Russian surgion with church-mausoleum, where Pirogov’s
embalmed body is kept; expositions of regional and art museums,
monasteries of 16-18 centuries, regional music-dramatic theater named in
honor of Sadovsky, regional philharmonic society, city chamber
orchestra. Tourists from many countries of the world visit Vinnitsya
region. The region has developed network of highways, hotels and

The regional state administration is interested in subsequent
development of mutually beneficial relations between Vinnitchina and
regions of other countries.

Тulchinskaya’s shoe factory ” produce modern, beautiful, elegant man’s
and female suits, a dress for women, a product for children and
teenagers, the top jersey, man’s and woman’s footwear of high gualiti.

In the countries of compact residing ukrainians Podolsk embroidered
shirts, towels and other art products are well-known.

Production is in great demand in Ukraine in Italy, Germany, the USA and
other states. It became possible due to modern technologies, qualitative
materials, art skill of designers, fashion designers, work of

The enterprises were united in the Ukrainian association of
manufacturers of clothes which represents commercial interests of the
named enterprises abroad.



In agriculture more than 850 agroformations function on the basis of a
private property on the ground. Besides 1240 country (farmer) facilities
operate. The arable land makes more then 2 mln hestares. Fertility of
the grounds on the average on area makes 60-65 units (on 100 – a ball

On volume of gross output of an agriculture the area takes leading place
in Ukraine. Densities of plant-growing is – 61 %, animal industries – 39
%. Vinnytchyna remains one of the greatest the manufacturer of
agricultural production. It has a powerful beet-sugar complex, takes
leading positions on total gathering grain crops, in potato growing,
gardening and animal industries.

Food and a process industry

The area is submitted:

28 milkprocessing factories daily productivity 2,6 thousand tons
processings of milk;

19 enterprises of meat area daily capacity of 320 tons of processing of

9 fruit-canneries enterprises capacity 154 thousands conventional tins
for a season;

14 spirituous factories annual capacity more than 10 million dal.spirit;

63 enterprises flour-grinding and groating industries daily capacity
over 4410 tons of a flour and 600 tons of groats

34 sugar factories capacity from above 3 mln.tons processings of sugar
beet during a season;

3 breweries with annual capacity from above 3,3 mln.dal.

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