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The United States of America

The United States of America is located in North America. It is one
of the largest countries in the world. The population of the USA is
about 250 million people. The USA has 50 states. The largest of
America’s states is Alaska. It’s nearly 400 times the size of Rhode
Island, which is the smallest state. But Alaska has half the population
of Rhode Island. The capital of the country is Washington DC ( the
District of Colombia ). It was chosen as permanent site for the nation’s
capital on December 1800 by George Washington. It’s main cities are New
York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston. There are many
tall buildings in them that really scrape the sky, that’s why they are
called skyscrapers. It’s highly developed country. It is rich in coal,
oil, iron and natural gas. It exports a lot of raw materials,
industrials and agricultural products. The United States of America is a
federal republic. The American parliament ( called Congress ) has two
chambers : the House of Representative and the Senate. The head of State
is the president. He is elected for four years and his powers are
limited by the Constitution. Now the President of the USA is Bill
Clinton. The flag of the country has 13 red and white stripes
representing the original 13 states and 50 stars – for each of the state
of it. Each state has its own national motto, bird and flower as its
symbol. America as any other country has its own customs, traditions and
holidays. The United States is called “ melting pot ” because people
from all over the world have mixed together to create modern America
society. The earliest immigrants came from every countries of the world.
People enjoy the wonder of nature practically in every state. The
Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains, forest, plains, parties and even
deserts, wonderful lakes, water falls and rivers cover the American
territory that equals about 9.4 million square kilometers. Together with
Hawaii and Alaska it is the 4th largest nation in the world in area
behind Russia, Canada and China. Among the most famous sites of interest
are the Great Lakes, Niagara falls, the Golden Gate bridge in San
Francisco and other. There are many beautiful Nation park and protected
areas of wilderness in America. I think that the USA is very beautiful
country and if you visit it you will never forget it.

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