\o «Newcastle upon Tyne» Newcastle upon Tyne , HYPERLINK
«» \o «England» England

Years active 1977-1984 ( HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Police» The Police )

1982–present (Solo)

HYPERLINK «» \o «Music genre»
Genres HYPERLINK «» \o
«Rock and roll» Rock/Pop

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label» Labels HYPERLINK «»
\o «A&M Records» A&M Records

For other uses, see HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sting
(disambiguation)» Sting (disambiguation) .

For professional wrestler Steve Borden, see HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sting
(wrestler)» Sting (wrestler) .

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Order of
the British Empire» CBE (born HYPERLINK
«» \o «October 2» 2 October
HYPERLINK «» \o «1951» 1951 ), usually
known by his HYPERLINK «» \o
«Stage name» stage name Sting, is a HYPERLINK
«» \o «United Kingdom»
British HYPERLINK «» \o
«Musician» musician from HYPERLINK
«» \o «Newcastle upon
Tyne» Newcastle upon Tyne . Prior to a distinguished solo career, he
was the lead HYPERLINK «» \o
«Singer» singer , principal composer, and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bassist» bassist of the
1970s/1980s rock band HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Police» The Police .


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Sumner was born in HYPERLINK «»
\o «Wallsend» Wallsend , near Newcastle upon Tyne in northeast
HYPERLINK «» \o «England» England ,
to Audrey Cowell and her husband, Ernest Sumner. He is the eldest of
four children and has a brother, Philip, and two sisters, Angela and
Anita. His father managed a dairy, and as a boy Sumner would often
assist him with the early morning milk delivery rounds. Sumner was
raised in the HYPERLINK «»
\o «Roman Catholic» Roman Catholic tradition, due to the influence of
his paternal grandmother, who was from an HYPERLINK
«» \o «Ireland» Irish family.

Sumner attended St. Cuthbert’s Grammar School in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Newcastle upon
Tyne» Newcastle upon Tyne , and then the HYPERLINK
«» \o «University of
Warwick» University of Warwick , but did not graduate. After jobs as a
bus conductor, a construction labourer, and a tax officer, he attended
Northern Counties Teachers’ Training College from 1971 to 1974. He then
worked as a teacher at St. Paul’s First School in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Cramlington» Cramlington
for two years.

From an early age, Gordon Sumner knew that he wanted to be a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Musician» musician . His
first music HYPERLINK «» \o
«Concert» gigs were wherever he could get a job, performing evenings,
weekends, and during vacations from college and teaching. He played with
local HYPERLINK «» \o «Jazz» jazz
bands such as the HYPERLINK
\o «Phoenix Jazzmen» Phoenix Jazzmen , the Newcastle Big Band, and
«Last Exit (British band)» Last Exit .

Origin of nickname

He has stated that he gained his nickname while with the Phoenix
Jazzmen. He once performed wearing a black and yellow HYPERLINK
«» \o «Jersey
(clothing)» jersey with hooped stripes that bandleader Gordon Solomon
had noted made him look like a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bumblebee» bumblebee ;
thus Sumner became «Sting.» He uses Sting almost exclusively, except on
official documents. In a press conference, he once jokingly stated that
even his children call him «Sting». However, his current wife Trudie
Styler, affectionately refers to him by his real name, Gordon.

The Police

Main article: HYPERLINK «» \o
«The Police» The Police

The Police

In January 1977, Sting moved from Newcastle to HYPERLINK
«» \o «London» London , and soon
thereafter he joined HYPERLINK
«» \o «Stewart Copeland»
Stewart Copeland and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Henry Padovani» Henry
Padovani (who was very soon replaced by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Andy Summers» Andy
Summers ) to form the HYPERLINK
«» \o «New Wave music» new
wave band HYPERLINK «» \o «The
Police» The Police . The group had several chart-topping albums and won
six HYPERLINK «» \o «Grammy
Award» Grammy Awards in the early 1980s.

Although they jumped on the punk bandwagon early in their career, The
Police soon abandoned that sound in favor of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Reggae» reggae -tinged rock
and minimalist HYPERLINK «» \o
«Pop music» pop . Their last album, HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Synchronicity (album)» Synchronicity , which included their most
successful song, » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Every Breath
You Take» Every Breath You Take «, was released in 1983.

Solo career

Early work

In September HYPERLINK «» \o «1981»
1981 , Sting made his first live solo appearance, performing on all four
nights of the fourth HYPERLINK
«» \o «Amnesty
International» Amnesty International benefit HYPERLINK
«» \o «The
Secret Policeman’s Balls» The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball at the
invitation of producer HYPERLINK
«» \o «Martin Lewis» Martin
Lewis . He performed solo versions of » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Roxanne (song)»
Roxanne » and » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Message in a
Bottle» Message in a Bottle «.

He also led an all-star band (dubbed «The Secret Police») on his own
arrangement of HYPERLINK «» \o
«Bob Dylan» Bob Dylan ‘s, » HYPERLINK
it» \o «I Shall Be Released» I Shall Be Released «. The band included
HYPERLINK «» \o «Eric Clapton»
Eric Clapton , HYPERLINK «» \o
«Jeff Beck» Jeff Beck , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Phil Collins» Phil
Collins and HYPERLINK «» \o
«Bob Geldof» Bob Geldof , all of whom (except Beck) later worked
together on HYPERLINK «» \o «Live
Aid» Live Aid .

His performances were featured prominently in the album and movie of the
show and drew Sting major critical attention. Sting’s participation in
The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball was the beginning of his growing
involvement in raising money and consciousness for political and social

In HYPERLINK «» \o «1982» 1982 he
released a solo single, Spread a Little Happiness from the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dennis Potter» Dennis
Potter television play HYPERLINK
«» \o «Brimstone and
Treacle» Brimstone and Treacle . The song was a re-interpretation of a
song from the 1920s musical HYPERLINK
«» \o «Mr. Cinders» Mr. Cinders
by HYPERLINK «» \o «Vivian
Ellis» Vivian Ellis , and was a surprise Top 20 hit in the UK.


Sting’s first solo album, 1985’s HYPERLINK
«» \o «The
Dream of the Blue Turtles» The Dream of the Blue Turtles , featured a
cast of accomplished jazz musicians, including HYPERLINK
«» \o «Kenny Kirkland» Kenny
Kirkland , HYPERLINK «» \o
«Darryl Jones» Darryl Jones , HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Omar Hakim» Omar Hakim , and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Branford Marsalis»
Branford Marsalis . It included the hit single «If You Love Somebody Set
Them Free», which included a fan favorite non-LP track titled «Another
Day». The album also yielded the hits, «Fortress Around Your Heart»,
«Russians», and «Love is the Seventh Wave». Within a year, it reached
Triple HYPERLINK «» \o «Gold
album» Platinum . This album would help Sting garner a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Grammy Award» Grammy
nomination for Album of the Year. The film and video «Bring On The
Night» documented the formation of the band and its first concert in

Also in 1985, he sang the introduction and chorus to » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Money
for Nothing (song)» Money for Nothing «, a groundbreaking song by
HYPERLINK «» \o «Dire Straits»
Dire Straits . He would perform this song with Dire Straits at the Live
Aid Concert at HYPERLINK
«» \o «Wembley Stadium»
Wembley Stadium . Sting also provided a short guest vocal performance on
the HYPERLINK «» \o «Miles
Davis» Miles Davis album HYPERLINK
«» \o
«You’re Under Arrest (album)» You’re Under Arrest .

Sting released HYPERLINK
«…Nothing_Like_the_Sun» \o «…Nothing
Like the Sun» …Nothing Like the Sun in 1987, including the hit songs
«We’ll Be Together», «Fragile», «Englishman in New York», and «Be Still
My Beating Heart», dedicated to his recently-deceased mother. It
eventually went Double Platinum. The song «The Secret Marriage» from
this album was adapted from a melody by German composer HYPERLINK
«» \o «Hans Eisler» Hans Eisler
, and «Englishman In New York» was about the eccentric writer
HYPERLINK «» \o «Quentin
Crisp» Quentin Crisp . The album’s title is taken from HYPERLINK
«» \o «William
Shakespeare» William Shakespeare ‘s Sonnet #130.

Soon thereafter, in February 1988, he released Nada Como el Sol, a
selection of five songs from Sun sung (by Sting himself) in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Spanish language»
Spanish and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Portuguese
language» Portuguese . Sting was also involved in two other recordings
in the late 1980’s, the first in 1987 with noted jazz arranger
HYPERLINK «» \o «Gil Evans» Gil
Evans who placed Sting in a big band setting for a live album of
Sting’s songs (the CD was not released in the U.S.), and the second on
HYPERLINK «» \o «Frank Zappa»
Frank Zappa ‘s 1988 » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Broadway The
Hard Way» Broadway The Hard Way » album, where Sting performs an
unusual arrangement of «Murder By Numbers», set to the tune «Stolen
Moments» by jazz composer HYPERLINK
«» \o «Oliver Nelson» Oliver
Nelson , and «dedicated» to fundamentalist evangelist HYPERLINK
«» \o «Jimmy Swaggart» Jimmy
Swaggart .


Sting’s 1991 album The Soul Cages was dedicated to his recently-deceased
father and included the Top 10 song «All this Time» and the
Grammy-winning «Soul Cages». The album eventually went Platinum. The
following year, he married HYPERLINK
«» \o «Trudie Styler» Trudie
Styler and was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in music from
«Northumbria University» Northumbria University . In 1993, he released
the album HYPERLINK
«» \o «Ten Summoner’s
Tales» Ten Summoner’s Tales , which went Triple Platinum in just over a
year. The title is wordplay on his surname, Sumner and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Geoffrey Chaucer»
Geoffrey Chaucer ‘s classic HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Canterbury
Tales» The Canterbury Tales . Concurrent video albums were released to
support «Soul Cages» (a live concert) and «Ten Summoner’s Tales»
(recorded during the recording sessions for the album).

In May 1993, Sting released a re-mix of the classic Police song from the
«Ghost In The Machine» Ghost In The Machine album, «Demolition Man»
for the HYPERLINK «» \o
«Demolition Man» Demolition Man film.

Sting reached a pinnacle of success in 1994. Together with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bryan Adams» Bryan Adams
and HYPERLINK «» \o «Rod
Stewart» Rod Stewart , they performed the chart-topping song «All For
Love» from the film HYPERLINK
«» \o
«The Three Musketeers (1993 film)» The Three Musketeers . The song
stayed at the top of the U.S. charts for five weeks and went Platinum;
it is to date Sting’s only song from his post-Police career to top the
U.S. charts. In February, he won two more Grammy Awards and was
nominated for three more. The HYPERLINK
«» \o «Berklee
College of Music» Berklee College of Music gave him his second
honorary doctorate of music degree in May. In November, he released a
HYPERLINK «» \o «Greatest
hits» greatest hits compilation called Fields of Gold: The Best of
Sting, which eventually was certified Double Platinum.

Sting’s 1996 album, Mercury Falling debuted strongly, but it dropped
quickly on the charts. Yet, he reached the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Top 40» Top 40 with two
singles the same year with «You Still Touch Me» (June) and «I’m So Happy
I Can’t Stop Crying» (December). During this period, he was also
recording music for the upcoming Disney film Kingdom of the Sun, which
went on to be reworked into HYPERLINK
«» \o «The
Emperor’s New Groove» The Emperor’s New Groove . The film went through
drastic overhauls and plot changes, many of which were documented by
Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler. She captured the moment Sting was called by
Disney who then informed him that his songs would not be used in the
final film. The story was put into a final product: The Sweatbox, which
premiered at the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Toronto Film
Festival» Toronto Film Festival . Disney currently holds the rights to
the film and will not grant its release. That same year Sting also
released a little-known CD-Rom called «All This Time», which was well
ahead of its time in providing music, commentary and custom computer
features describing Sting and his music from his perspective.

The Emperor’s New Groove soundtrack was released, however, with complete
songs from the previous version of the film, which included HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rascall Flatts»
Rascall Flatts and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Shawn Colvin» Shawn
Colvin . This is seen by many as a move on Disney’s part to soothe the
relationship with Sting and to keep open the door for future projects.
The final single used to promote the film was «My Funny Friend and Me».

Sting also performed a duet country cover version of «I’m So Happy I
Can’t Stop Crying» on HYPERLINK
«» \o «Toby Keith» Toby Keith ‘s
1997 Dream Walkin’ album.


Sting made a (partial) comeback with the September 1999 album Brand New
Day, including the Top 40 hits «Brand New Day» and » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Desert Rose
(Sting)» Desert Rose » (Top 10). The album went Triple Platinum by
January 2001. In 2000, he won Grammy Awards for Brand New Day and the
song of the same name. At the awards ceremony, he performed «Desert
Rose» with HYPERLINK «» \o «Cheb
Mami» Cheb Mami . For his performance, the HYPERLINK
\o «» Arab-American Institute Foundation gave him the
HYPERLINK «» \o «Kahlil
Gibran» Kahlil Gibran Spirit of Humanity Award. However, Sting
received some strong criticism for appearing in a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Jaguar (car)»
Jaguar advertisement using Desert Rose» as its backing track,
particularly as he was a notable HYPERLINK
«» \o «Environmentalist»
environmentalist . Sting has countered this accusation by pointing to
how important it is to maintain one’s high profile in the notoriously
difficult and generally domestic-biased HYPERLINK
«» \o «United States»
American music market, the advertisement a means of doing so.

In February 2001, he added another Grammy to his collection. His song
«After The Rain Has Fallen» made it into the Top 40. His next project
was to record a live album at his HYPERLINK
«» \o «Tuscany» Tuscan villa,
which was to be released as a CD and DVD, as well as being simulcast in
its entirety on the internet. The date for this event was to be
«September 11, 2001 attacks» September 11th, 2001 . Due to the events
of that day, the whole project was nearly cancelled, yet the band
members ultimately decided to press-ahead with the show. Only the first
song «Fragile» was broadcast on the internet before the simulcast was
pulled as a mark of respect to those affected by that day’s terrorist
attacks. The rest of the show went ahead mainly as planned, although a
few changes were made to the intended setlist. The resultant album and
DVD «…All This Time», was released in November, but didn’t generate
healthy sales. It featured jazzy, more organic re-workings of Sting
favourites such as «Roxanne» and «If You Love Somebody Set Them Free».
Later, Sting performed «Fragile» for the fund-raiser HYPERLINK
«» \o «America:
A Tribute to Heroes» America: A Tribute to Heroes .

2002 was a year of awards for Sting. He won a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Golden Globe
Award» Golden Globe Award and was nominated for his second HYPERLINK
«» \o «Academy Awards»
Academy Award for his song «Until …» from the film Kate & Leopold. In
June, he was inducted into the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Songwriters
Hall of Fame» Songwriters Hall of Fame . Late in the year, it was
announced that The Police would be inducted into the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame» Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2003. In the
summer, Sumner was awarded the HYPERLINK
«» \o «British
honours system» honour of Commander of the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Order of
the British Empire» Order of the British Empire (CBE).

Sting kicked off 2003 with a performance during the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Super Bowl» Super Bowl’s
half-time show. During that performance Sting performed a duet with Gwen
Stefani of «Message in a Bottle». 2003 also saw the release of
HYPERLINK «» \o «Sacred Love»
Sacred Love , an original studio album with racier beats and experiments
collaborating with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Hip hop music» hip-hop
artist HYPERLINK «» \o
«Mary J. Blige» Mary J. Blige and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sitar» sitar maestro
HYPERLINK «» \o «Anoushka
Shankar» Anoushka Shankar .

His autobiography Broken Music was published in October. Sting embarked
on a Sacred Love tour in 2004 with performances by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Annie Lennox» Annie
Lennox . Also in 2004, his song «You Will Be My Ain True Love» for the
HYPERLINK «» \o «Cold
Mountain» Cold Mountain soundtrack was an HYPERLINK
«» \o «Academy Awards» Oscar
nominee, and was performed at the awards by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Alison Krauss» Alison
Krauss , with Sting accompanying on a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Hurdy gurdy» hurdy-gurdy

Sting went on the Broken Music tour, touring smaller venues, with a four
piece band kicking off in Los Angeles on HYPERLINK
«» \o «March 28» 28 March
HYPERLINK «» \o «2005» 2005 and
ending this «College Tour» on HYPERLINK
«» \o «May 14» 14 May 2005. One
tour stop was presented by HYPERLINK
«» \o «MtvU» MtvU with a report on
their college TV branch. According to Sting, this tour was inspired by
his book and a general «going back to his roots» attitude. The Broken
Music tour continued in Europe, starting in Lisbon on the 4th June 2006
and ending in Vilnius on the 30th July 2006. Along with Sting, the band
featured HYPERLINK «» \o
«Abe Laboriel Jr.» Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dominic Miller»
Dominic Miller and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Lyle Workman» Lyle
Workman on guitar.

Continuing with his involvement in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Live Aid» Live Aid , on
July 2, 2005 he performed «Message In A Bottle», «Driven To Tears» and
«Every Breath You Take» at HYPERLINK
«» \o «Live 8» Live 8 . A duet with
«Madonna (entertainer)» Madonna was abandoned because the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Live8» Live8 performers each
only had a 15 minute time slot.

In October 2006 a small side project, a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Lute» lute album is planned,
titled Songs from the Labyrinth, which will come out on HYPERLINK
«» \o «Deutsche
Grammophon» Deutsche Grammophon , the same label which also published
«Peter and the Wolf» by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sergei Prokofiev»
Prokofiev in 1994 with Sting as the narrator. The 16-song album will
feature the music of HYPERLINK
«» \o «John Dowland» John
Dowland , a composer, lutenist and singer who died in 1626. Interspersed
between the HYPERLINK «» \o
«Elizabethan» Elizabethan songs will be recitations from the
composer’s letters. Accompanying Sting will be HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bosnia (region)»
Bosnian lute player HYPERLINK
\o «Edin Karamazov» Edin Karamazov . HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-Billboard» \o «» [1]

Acting career

Sting as Feyd Harkonnen in HYPERLINK
«» \o «David Lynch» David Lynch
‘s HYPERLINK «» \o «Dune
(movie)» Dune (1984)

Sting occasionally has ventured into HYPERLINK
«» \o «Acting» acting . Notable film
roles include:

Ace The Face, the King of The Mods, a.k.a. The Bell Boy in the movie
adaptation of The Who album HYPERLINK
«» \o «Quadrophenia
(film)» Quadrophenia (1979)

Martin Taylor, a drifter in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Brimstone and
Treacle» Brimstone and Treacle (1982)

HYPERLINK «» \o «Feyd-Rautha»
Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in the movie HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dune (film)» Dune

Mick, a black-marketeer in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Plenty (film)»
Plenty (1985)

HYPERLINK «» \o «Baron
Frankenstein» Baron Frankenstein in HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Bride
(film)» The Bride (1985)

An «heroic officer» in HYPERLINK
«» \o
«The Adventures of Baron Munchausen» The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Finney, a nightclub owner in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Stormy Monday» Stormy
Monday (1988)

J.D., Eddie’s father and owner of a bar, in HYPERLINK
\o «Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels» Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking
Barrels (1998)

Sting also has made appearances on the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Theater» stage and
HYPERLINK «» \o «Television»
television , including guest spots on HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Simpsons» The
Simpsons (episode » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Radio Bart» Radio Bart
«), HYPERLINK «» \o
«Saturday Night Live» Saturday Night Live and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Ally McBeal» Ally McBeal
. He also provided the voice of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Zarm» Zarm on the 1990s
television show HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Captain Planet and the Planeteers» Captain Planet and the Planeteers .


Throughout the 1980s, Sting strongly supported HYPERLINK
«» \o «Environmentalism»
environmentalism and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Humanitarian»
humanitarian movements, such as HYPERLINK
«» \o «Amnesty
International» Amnesty International . With long-time girlfriend Trudie
Styler and Raoni Metuktire, a Kayapo HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Indigenous people of Brazil» Indian leader in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Brazil» Brazil , he founded
edit» \o «Rainforest Foundation» Rainforest Foundation to help save
the HYPERLINK «» \o
«Rainforest» rainforests . His support for these causes continues to
this day.

His most high-profile contribution to the human-rights cause came in
1988, when he joined a team of major musicians and rising
stars—-including HYPERLINK
«» \o «Peter Gabriel» Peter
Gabriel and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bruce Springsteen»
Bruce Springsteen —-assembled under the banner of Amnesty International
for the six-week world HYPERLINK
«» \o «Human Rights
Now! Tour» Human Rights Now! Tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of
the signing of the HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Universal Declaration of Human Rights» Universal Declaration of Human
Rights .

Personal life

Sting married actress HYPERLINK
\o «Frances Tomelty» Frances Tomelty , a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Roman Catholic» Roman
Catholic from HYPERLINK
«» \o «Northern Ireland»
Northern Ireland , on HYPERLINK «»
\o «May 1» 1 May HYPERLINK «» \o
«1976» 1976 . Before they divorced in 1984, the couple had two
children: HYPERLINK «» \o «Joe
Sumner» Joseph (born 1976) and Fuschia Catherine (born 1982). Joe is
following in his father’s musical footsteps and is a member of the band
HYPERLINK «» \o «Fiction
Plane» Fiction Plane .

In 1982, shortly after the birth of his second child, Sting separated
from Tomelty and began living with actress (and later film producer)
HYPERLINK «» \o «Trudie
Styler» Trudie Styler . The couple eventually married in 1992. Sting
and Styler have four children: Bridget Michael (a.k.a. «Mickey,» born
1984), Jake (born 1985), Eliot Pauline (nicknamed «Coco,» born 1990),
and Giacomo Luke (born 1995).

Both of Sting’s parents died from cancer in 1987; however, he did not
attend either funeral.

Sting owns several homes worldwide, including a 60-acre country estate
called «Lake House» located in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Wiltshire» Wiltshire ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «England» England ,
a country cottage in the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Lake District» Lake
District , a HYPERLINK «» \o
«New York City» New York City apartment, a beach house in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Malibu,
California» Malibu, California , a 600-acre estate in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Tuscany, Italy»
Tuscany, Italy , and two properties in London: an apartment on the
HYPERLINK «» \o «The
Mall (London)» Mall and an 18th-century terrace house in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Highgate» Highgate .
\o «» [1]
According to an interview he did for German television broadcaster
«Norddeutscher Rundfunk» NDR in 1996 Sting chose a tree on the Lake
House estate beside which he wishes to be buried someday.


Sting was the inspiration for the character HYPERLINK
«» \o «John Constantine»
John Constantine in the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Hellblazer» Hellblazer
comic book series.

It was said that once while performing his song «Fortress Around Your
Heart», the stage crew lowered a fake fortress like wall around Sting.
Although it was meant to be a joke, Sting was furious.

Sting was a fan and frequent passenger of HYPERLINK
«» \o «British Airways»
British Airways ‘ supersonic HYPERLINK
«» \o «Concorde» Concorde . He
appeared in several documentaries and publications as an unofficial
spokesperson for the high-speed service, during both its November 2001
relaunch (following a crash and the subsequent grounding of the
aircraft) as well as the service’s October 2003 retirement.

The song «Russians» from The Dream of the Blue Turtles utilized a theme
(Suite from Lieutenant Kije, Op. 60) by Russian composer HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sergei Prokofiev»
Sergei Prokofiev . Sting’s fondness for Prokofiev manifested itself
subsequently when he served as narrator for HYPERLINK
«» \o
«» Peter and the Wolf: A Prokofiev
Fantasy , one of the many versions of Prokofiev’s HYPERLINK
«» \o «Peter and the
Wolf» Peter and the Wolf that have been recorded by celebrities.

A species of Colombian tree frog, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dendropsophus»
Dendropsophus stingi (renamed from Hyla stingi in 2005), was named
after him in recognition of his «commitment and efforts to save the rain
forest» (Kaplan 1994). HYPERLINK
«» \l «people» \o
«» [3]

To keep physically fit, for years Sting ran five miles a day, and
performed HYPERLINK «» \o
«Aerobics» aerobics . However, around 1990 he met Danny Paradise who
introduced him to HYPERLINK «» \o
«Yoga» yoga . Soon after, Sting began practicing yoga regularly. His
practice consists primarily of a Ashtanga Vinyasa series, though he has
experimented with other forms.

Although Sting famously claimed to have had long bouts of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Tantric sex» tantric sex
with his wife, he has more recently said that it was a dinner-party
joke that took on a life of its own.

Sting has his own signature HYPERLINK
«» \o «Fender» Fender HYPERLINK
«» \o «Precision Bass»
Precision Bass , but over the years, has played a variety of basses,
including a fretless Fender Precision Bass, a 1960s Fender Jazz Bass, a
fretless Ibanez Musician Bass, a Spector NS-1, and several others.

Sting is known to support HYPERLINK
ngdom» \o «Cannabis reclassification in the United Kingdom» cannabis
reclassification in the United Kingdom . Following HYPERLINK
«» \o «Tony Blair» Tony Blair ‘s
intention to revoke the rescheduling of cannabis executed in HYPERLINK
«» \o «January» January
HYPERLINK «» \o «2005» 2005 , he has
joined a list of prominent figures who have written to the Prime
Minister urging him to keep cannabis as a class C drug. HYPERLINK
«» \o
«» [4]


For Sting’s discography with The Police, see HYPERLINK
«» \l «Discography» \o «The
Police» The Police Discography .


«» \o «The
Dream of the Blue Turtles» The Dream of the Blue Turtles #3 UK, #2 US,
US Sales: 3,000,000

1986 HYPERLINK «» \o
«Bring On the Night» Bring On the Night #16 UK

1987 HYPERLINK «…Nothing_Like_the_Sun»
\o «…Nothing Like the Sun» …Nothing Like the Sun #1 UK, #9 US, US
Sales: 2,000,000

1988 HYPERLINK «» \o
«Nada Como el Sol» Nada Como el Sol

1991 HYPERLINK «» \o «The
Soul Cages» The Soul Cages #1 UK, #2 US, US Sales: 1,000,000

«» \o «Acoustic
Live in Newcastle» Acoustic Live in Newcastle (UK only)

\o «Ten Summoner’s Tales» Ten Summoner’s Tales #2 UK, #2 US, US Sales:

«» \o «Demolition
Man (album)» Demolition Man

4» \o «Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984-1994» Fields of Gold: The
Best of Sting 1984-1994 #2 UK, #7 US, US Sales: 2,000,000

ilm» \o «The Living Sea: Soundtrack from the IMAX Film» The Living Sea:
Soundtrack from the IMAX Film

1996 HYPERLINK «» \o
«Mercury Falling» Mercury Falling #4 UK, #5 US, US Sales: 1,000,000

«» \o
«The Very Best of Sting & The Police» The Very Best of Sting & The
Police #1 UK, #46 US (both positions for the 2002 re-issue), US Sales:

1999 HYPERLINK «» \o «Brand
New Day» Brand New Day #5 UK, #9 US, US Sales: 3,000,000

ion=edit» \o «At the Movies (Sting)» At the Movies (Japanese release)

«» \o
«All This Time» All This Time (live) #3 UK, #32 US, US Sales: 500,000

2003 HYPERLINK «» \o «Sacred
Love» Sacred Love #3 UK, #3 US, US Sales: 1,000,000

29&action=edit» \o «Songs of Love (Sting album)» Songs of Love

Virtual Albums

on=edit» \o «ITunes Originals — Sting» iTunes Originals — Sting


Year Title Chart positions Album

«Billboard Hot 100» U.S. Hot 100 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Modern Rock
Tracks chart» U.S. Modern Rock HYPERLINK
«» \o «UK Singles Chart»
UK Singles Chart

HYPERLINK «» \o «1982 in
music» 1982 «Spread a Little Happiness» — — #16 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Brimstone and
Treacle» Brimstone and Treacle OST

HYPERLINK «» \o «1985 in
music» 1985 «If You Love Somebody Set Them Free» #3 — #26 HYPERLINK
«» \o «The
Dream of the Blue Turtles» The Dream of the Blue Turtles

HYPERLINK «» \o «1985 in
music» 1985 «Love Is the Seventh Wave» #17 — #41 The Dream of the Blue

HYPERLINK «» \o «1985 in
music» 1985 «Fortress Around Your Heart» #8 — #49 The Dream of the
Blue Turtles

HYPERLINK «» \o «1985 in
music» 1985 «Russians» #16 — #12 The Dream of the Blue Turtles

HYPERLINK «» \o «1986 in
music» 1986 «Moon Over Bourbon Street» — — #44 The Dream of the Blue

HYPERLINK «» \o «1987 in
music» 1987 «We’ll Be Together» #7 — #41 HYPERLINK
«…Nothing_Like_the_Sun» \o «…Nothing
Like the Sun» …Nothing Like the Sun

HYPERLINK «» \o «1988 in
music» 1988 » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Englishman in
New York» Englishman in New York » #84 — #51 …Nothing Like the Sun

HYPERLINK «» \o «1988 in
music» 1988 «Be Still My Beating Heart» #15 — — …Nothing Like the

HYPERLINK «» \o «1988 in
music» 1988 «Fragile» — — #70 …Nothing Like the Sun

HYPERLINK «» \o «1988 in
music» 1988 «They Dance Alone» — — #94 …Nothing Like the Sun

HYPERLINK «» \o «1990 in
music» 1990 «Englishman In New York» (Ben Liebrand remix) — — #15 -‘

HYPERLINK «» \o «1991 in
music» 1991 «All This Time» #5 #1 (2 weeks) #22 HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Soul Cages» The
Soul Cages

HYPERLINK «» \o «1991 in
music» 1991 «Mad About You» — — #56 The Soul Cages

HYPERLINK «» \o «1991 in
music» 1991 «The Soul Cages» — #9 #57 The Soul Cages

HYPERLINK «» \o «1992 in
music» 1992 «It’s Probably Me» (with Eric Clapton) — — #30 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Ten Summoner’s
Tales» Ten Summoner’s Tales

HYPERLINK «» \o «1993 in
music» 1993 «If I Ever Lose My Faith In You» #17 — #14 Ten Summoner’s

HYPERLINK «» \o «1993 in
music» 1993 «Seven Days» — — #25 Ten Summoner’s Tales

HYPERLINK «» \o «1993 in
music» 1993 «Fields Of Gold» #23 — #16 Ten Summoner’s Tales

HYPERLINK «» \o «1993 in
music» 1993 «Shape Of My Heart» — — #57 Ten Summoner’s Tales

HYPERLINK «» \o «1993 in
music» 1993 «Demolition Man» — — #21 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Demolition Man»
Demolition Man OST

HYPERLINK «» \o «1994 in
music» 1994 » HYPERLINK
«» \o «All For Love
(song)» All For Love «(with Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart) #1 — #2
HYPERLINK «» \o «The
Three Musketeers» The Three Musketeers OST

HYPERLINK «» \o «1994 in
music» 1994 «Nothing ‘Bout Me» #57 — #32 Ten Summoner’s Tales

HYPERLINK «» \o «1994 in
music» 1994 «When We Dance» #38 — #9 HYPERLINK
4» \o «Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984-1994» Fields of Gold: The
Best of Sting 1984-1994

HYPERLINK «» \o «1995 in
music» 1995 «This Cowboy Song» — — #15 Fields of Gold: The Best of
Sting 1984-1994

HYPERLINK «» \o «1996 in
music» 1996 «Spirits In The Material World» (with Pato Banton) — — #36
HYPERLINK «» \o «Ace Ventura»
Ace Ventura OST

HYPERLINK «» \o «1996 in
music» 1996 «Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot» #86 — #15 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Mercury Falling»
Mercury Falling

HYPERLINK «» \o «1996 in
music» 1996 «You Still Touch Me» #60 — #27 Mercury Falling

HYPERLINK «» \o «1996 in
music» 1996 «I Was Brought to My Senses» — — #31 Mercury Falling

HYPERLINK «» \o «1996 in
music» 1996 «I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying» #94 — — Mercury Falling

HYPERLINK «» \o «1997 in
music» 1997 «Roxanne ’97» (remix) (with The Police) #59 — #17 The Very
Best of Sting & The Police

HYPERLINK «» \o «1999 in
music» 1999 «Brand New Day» #100 — #13 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Brand New Day» Brand
New Day

HYPERLINK «» \o «2000 in
music» 2000 » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Desert Rose
(Sting)» Desert Rose » (feat. Cheb Mami) #17 — #15 Brand New Day

HYPERLINK «» \o «2000 in
music» 2000 «After the Rain Has Fallen» — — #31 Brand New Day

HYPERLINK «» \o «2003 in
music» 2003 «Rise & Fall» (Craig David feat. Sting) — — #2 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Slicker
Than Your Average» Slicker Than Your Average (Craig David album)

HYPERLINK «» \o «2003 in
music» 2003 «Send Your Love» — — #30 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sacred Love» Sacred Love

HYPERLINK «» \o «2003 in
music» 2003 «Whenever I Say Your Name» (Duet with Mary J. Blige) — —
#60 Sacred Love

HYPERLINK «» \o «2004 in
music» 2004 «Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)» — — #60 Sacred Love

HYPERLINK «» \o «2005 in
music» 2005 «Taking the Inside Rail»  ? —  ? HYPERLINK
«» \o «Racing Stripes»
Racing Stripes soundtrack


2003 Autobiography Broken Music, Simon & Schuster, HYPERLINK
450817» ISBN 0-7434-5081-7

2005 Biography Sting and I, James Berryman, John Blake, HYPERLINK
54107X» ISBN 1-84454-107-X

1998 Biography Sting — Demolition Man, Christopher Sandford, Little,
Brown and Company, HYPERLINK
643726» ISBN 0-316-64372-6

M. Kaplan (1994). «A new species of frog of the genus Hyla from the
Cordillera Oriental in northern Columbia with comments on the taxonomy
of Hyla minuta». Journal of Herpetology 28 (1): 79–87.

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