I’m a teenager, who arrived to his historical native land through NAALE
project. I had some information about Israel and knew that in Israel,
the army is the honor and power of the state, and serving in it is not a
grim duty, like in the countries we came from, but honor. I dreamt of
finishing the school and joining the army. Everyone understands that
serving in the army means not simply completing his duty but to
contribute to the welware of the motherland. As the graduation is coming
closer, I start asking myself and think more and more about these
things: how, where, and in what units to serve. It is very difficult to
find answers to these questions, if you don’t know where to look for
them. I found where and have found them. I think this information will
not change our friends’ opinion but it may show them one of many
different ways of life, what they can choose in this country, where they
and me going to live and build happy future.

Like in other countries the army of Israel (IDF) has its own special
units for different special missions.

Regular civilian doesn’t know whom he must be grateful for his safety
and life, we don’t know how many times our life has been saved by
solders of special units who arrested or killed suicide bombers who
wanted to kill innocent people. And there is enormous work what is done
in Arab and Israeli towns to capture and arrest criminals and

terrorists, who were clear and present danger to Israeli citizens. There
were also a lot of special secret operations in countries of potential
enemy, which were not only dangerous for life of the solders but were
also dangerous for whole Israel. This was one of the reasons; I decided
to make this project.

Now I will tell you about one of these units-about Golani brigade.
About history of this unit and historical role, it played in history of
our country. I made up my mind to tell about Golani, because there are a
lot of pupils who want to go there. And live in the north of Israel,
where unit the Golani is based.

The Golani Brigade (????? ????? ) is an Israeli infantary brigade that
was formed in February 28 1948,when the Levanoni brigade in the upper
Gallelee was divided in two smaller brigades. It is one of the most
famous units in IDF

After the War of Independence the Golani Brigade participated in a
number of reprisal raids in the first part of the 1950s. In 1951 against
Syria In October 1955 in a joint operation with the Paratroopers Brigade
against Egypt.

In the 1956 Sinai Campaign the brigade’s task was to capture the area
around the city Rafah in the Sinai desert.

They have operated all over Israel and even beyond; in Beirut,
Lebanon, Syria, and even Uganda

The symbol of the brigade is a green olive tree with its roots on a
yellow background. The colors green and yellow are the colors of the
meadows of the Golan Heights, where the brigade was stationed at the
time of its creation. The olive tree is known for its strong roots that
penetrate and strongly hold the land, that’s why this symbol was chosen.
Early Golani soldiers were farmers, so the strong connection to the land
was important to symbolize. For this reason, Golani’s soldiers are
wearing brown berets. The brown symbolizes the earth. This is in
striking contrast to other Israeli infantry brigades, who display bright
colors (purple, bright green, red) .

As of 2004, Golani operates within the northern border of Israel and
in Samaria (north part, mainly Jenin). During 2004, Golani battalion
reinforced the Givati Brigade in Gaza.

In the upper Galilee located in the north of Haifa at the Golani
Junction stands the Golani Brigade Museum commemorating the brigade and
its heroes.We have been there on our school trip,and it is very
interesting.I think it’s very interesting to know who protected the
land,where we live.

Preparing this project I convinced that Israel Army is really a honor
and pride of Israel’s state. I found a lot of interesting facts which
will help me and my friends and classmates to choose over the life ways
in future.One of theese ways is to make a military career in the Jewish
state army, may be even in Golani…

Appendix: pictures

Symbol of Israeli army

Armed solder

One of counter-terrorist operations

Mostly snipers are

Emigrants from post-Soviet


Sometimes it is necessary to choose

between a duty and own desires


Special forces in Army of Israel


Goldman Mark

Migdal Ohr School

11-th grade


Table of Contents:


About my project and army

Main part

What is Golani?

Closing part

My opinion…

3. Appendix

Pictures and Interview

4. Bibliography

Web-sites,I have used

“They are rich, they are poor… religious and secular. Doctors,
lawyers, rabbis, teachers, plumbers, carpenters….the army of Israel
is largely an Army of reservists, most Israelis summoned to military
duty every year.

They represent the full spectrum of Israeli society, all joined by a
common purpose and desire….the readiness to put their life on the line

defending the country and the people that they love. “








Appendix: interview

Jontatan P.,who is serving in the Army if Israel, in Golani,

agreed to give me his interview:

-Hi Jonatan, how long you are in the army?

-I’m here for one and half year.

-And why did you decide to go here?

-I thought: If I I am going to serve, I must do it in the best way, I

-Why did you go to Golani?

-My brother was there, and I thought, It could be a nice tradition…

-Have you already had combat operations?

-Yes,I had.

-Can you tell about them?

-Sorry but it is secret information,I cant’t tell you.

-What can You tell young people about military life?

-If you want to defend country, where you live, feel that you can

be a good soldier,prepared for difficulties, and danger,military career

is for you.

-Thank you!


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