Robin Hood (тема)

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When Robin Hood lived in his father’s house, he often met a girl. Her
name was Marian. She lived with her father not far from Robin’s house.
They walked in the forest and sometimes went hunting together. They
liked each other very much and one day Robin asked Marian to marry him.
But just at that time the Normans came and killed Robin’s father, burnt
down his house and took away everything he had. Robin did not see Marian
for a long time. He wrote a letter, where he told her about his father
and their home. “I shall always love you,” he wrote, “but the life in
the forest is not for you, so I shall never see you again, good-bye!”

Marian was very sad when she read Robin’s letter. She cried all day
long. At last she decided to go to Sherwood Forest and look for Robin.

It was a long way to Sherwood Forest and Marian was afraid to travel so
far alone. She dressed herself like a knight and went off to look for
Robin. One day Robin dressed himself as a Norman knight and went to
Nottingham. On his way through the forest he met another knight. .
“What’s your name and where are you going?” They could not see each
other’s faces because their heads and faces were covered by their
vizors. Marian (for it was she) was afraid to answer. “Ah,” said Robin,
“you do not want to answer. Then fight.” Robin was taller and stronger
than Marian, but she fought bravely. Marian got a wound in one arm,
Robin got a wound in his cheek. Robin felt sorry for the young knight
who was fighting so well. “Stop! Stop!” cried he. “You will be one of my
men.” Robin forgot that he was dressed like o Norman knight and spoke in
his language and in his voice. When Marian heard Robin’s voice she
dropped her sword and took off the vizor. Her face was pale but she

to hunt—охотиться

to marry—выходить замуж


to cry—плакать

to be afraid—бояться


a knight—рыцарь

to cover—зд. закрывать

a vizor—забрало

to drop—опускать

a voise—голос

a sword—меч

to smile—улыбаться

to feel (felt; felt)—чувствовать

a wound—рана

to bandage—перевязывать рану

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