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The viable power of “pysanka” (easter egg), its unique beauty, the
richness of ornamental compositions and of course, customs and
traditions, connected with it were put into the basis of erecting the
exposition of the new-built, the only in the world Museum of “pysanka”
in Kolomyia. The architectural construction is built in the shape of the
easter egg, as an original and peculiar advertisement of the museum. The
collection of the museum numbers more than 10 thousand works of this
decorative king of folk creative work.

For us, Ukrainians, “pysanka” is not only the symbol of life, good and
hope, but it is also the magic protection of our nation, its philosophy
and culture. It’s almost impossible to understand it nowadays.

“Pysankarstvo” (the art of making easter eggs) goes back to the ancient
times and reflects the imagination of our ancestors about the world
around. The secret of the egg – the germ of life, the same as secret or
the world tree, summons various associations for millenniums. It was one
of the greatest wonders for people in all times.

This ancient and ever young art absorbed the artistic completeness, the
richness of the plot compositions, the unique of the colour range.

Among the most important and the most most ancient symbols of “pysanka”
was sun – the source of life, renewal and hope. Each region of Ukraine
has its characteristic connection of colours and compositions, put into
the certain system of information codes for ages. Today we read them as
an ornament, being charmed by it’s the richness and unique, interpreting
“pysanka” as the work of art. But the historical and moral aspects of
this ancient symbol of mankind is not learned much up to nowadays.

Today the development of “pysankarstvo” goes on thanks to the variety of
creators own manners. Their fantasy modifies the motifs and shapes,
polishing the technique of “pysanka’s” writing to its exquisiteness.
But the pure and deep-substantial source, from which “pysanka” was born,
is left aside on the spaces of the artistic fantasies.

The sole in the world Museum of “pysanka” serves for returning to the
spiritual sources and wisdom of the egg.

In the exposition of the museum you can see “pysankas” and decorative
eggs not only from all regions of Ukraine, but from Poland, Cheque,
Romania, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, China, India, Canada and the USA. The
language of their ornaments is the language of good, protection and
peace. Let’s listen to it, let’s connect our hands and hearts in a
symbolic circle, in the centre of which there is the most beautiful
“pysanka” of universe, whose name is the Earth.

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