Peterhof (тема)

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Peterhof is situated about 29 km from St.P. on the southern shore of the
Guilt of Finland. It was founded by Peter the Great who gave it Dutch
name “Peterhof” .

It became the fist summer residence of Peter the great, a palace
for holiday.

The construction of the Upper Chamber (grand palace) began in
1714. The idea of the project came from Peter. The first architect was
Johann Brounstein. After him many architect rebuilding the monument.

The palace was built in the baroque style. In palace there are many
rooms. The most interesting rooms are: the chesma room, the throne room
and the dining room.

The first general plan of Peterhof drawn up in 1716 by

The birthday of our town is the 15-th of July. We celebrated it every

The town is 290 years old. The Monplaisir is a birthplace of our town.

It was the private residence of the tsar. Now all the palaces are

Many tourists from all over the world visit our town.

There are many parks in it: The Upper Gardens, the Lower park,
the English park and others. There are mane fountains in the parks and
three Cascade.

I live in Peterhof. I was born there. We love our town and we are
proud of it!

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