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My Favourite Singer -Eminem


Eminem is unknown

The Slim Shady

Grammy Awords


I like rap and Eminem is most popular in this kind of music. He sings
for young people. We like he because singer songs about his way to
popular life few things about his life.

Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on Oct. 17, 1972, in Kansas City, MO.

Spends childhood moving back and forth between Kansas City and Metro

Attends Lincoln High School in Warren 1986-89.

Hustles self-made cassettes of his work to places like Record Time in

Girlfriend (now wife) Kimberly gives birth to daughter Haile Jade on
Dec. 25, 1995.

Works at Gilbert’s Lodge (a family restaurant) in St. Clair Shores from

Full-length debut, Infinite, comes out in 1996.

The Slim Shady EP is released in 1998.

Later that year, Dr. Dre signs Eminem to his Aftermath label after
hearing the rapper

freestyling on a Los Angeles radio station.

The Slim Shady LP is released on Feb. 23, 1999 and hits No. 2 on the
Billboard charts within


The Slim Shady LP was 3 times platnium.

Eminem has now put out his second full length cd, entitle The Marshall
Mathers Lp.

A Few Facts

Eminem’s zodiac sign is Libra

Eminem listens to almost all hip hop, and some of his favorite artists
are Tupac, Redman, the

Beastie Boys, and many other rappers. He doesn’t listen to many other
genres besides hip hop,

but he does also like No Doubt and Alanis Morrissette

He is said to be a perfectionist and very sarcastic. He’s also really

Eminem would someday like to pursue an acting career, and will
supposedly be in a hip hop

horror movie called Friendz sometime in 2000

A Biography from eminem.com

The average rapper wouldn’t be able to grace the pages of Rap Pages,
VIBE, Rolling Stone,

Spin, The Source, URB and Stress and go on a national tour months before
their major-label

debut album is released. Then again, Eminem isn’t an average rapper.
He’s phenomenal.

The impending release of the The Slim Shady LP, his first set on

Records, already has underground hip-hop heads fiending for Eminem.
Chock full of dazzling

lyrical escapades that delve into the mind of a violently warped and
vulgar yet extremely

talented wordsmith, the 14-cut collection contains some of the most
memorable and demented

lyrics ever recorded.

For Eminem, his potentially controversial and undoubtedly offensive
songs will strike a chord

with a multitude of hip-hop loyalists who believe they have little to
lose and everything to


«I’m not alone in feeling the way I feel,» he says. «I believe that a
lot of people can relate to my

shit—whether white, black, it doesn’t matter. Everybody has been
through some shit, whether

it’s drastic or not so drastic. Everybody gets to the point of ‘I don’t
give a fuck.'»

Those words are more than just a slogan for the Detroit resident. «I
Just Don’t Give A Fuck»

and «Brain Damage» are the two songs comprising Eminem’s initial single
from The Slim

Shady LP. Each tune is sure to paralyze meek listeners with their
relentless lyrical assault.

Produced primarily by long-time collaborators FBT Productions, the Slim
Shady LP also

features beatwork from Aftermath CEO Dr. Dre. The N.W.A. alum handled
beats for «My Name

Is» (the second single), «Guilty Conscience» and «Role Model.»

Dr. Dre was so impressed after hearing Eminem freestyling on a Los
Angeles radio station that

he put out a manhunt for the Michigan rhymer. Shortly thereafter, Dre
signed Eminem to his

Aftermath imprint and the two began working together. Thoroughly
impressed with Eminem’s

previously released independent Slim Shady EP, Dre said they would
include many of the EP’s

tracks on the album.

«It was an honor to hear the words out of Dre’s mouth that he liked my
shit,» Eminem says.

«Growing up, I was one of the biggest fans of N.W.A, from putting on the
sunglasses and

looking in the mirror and lipsinking to wanting to be Dr. Dre, to be Ice
Cube. This is the biggest

hip-hop producer ever.»

But like many other rappers, Eminem’s rise to stardom was far from easy.
After being born in

Kansas City and traveling back and forth between KC and the Detroit
metropolitan area,

Eminem and his mother moved into the Eastside of Detroit when he was 12.
Switching schools

every two to three months made it difficult to make friends, graduate
and to stay out of trouble.

Rap, however, became Eminem’s solace. Battling schoolmates in the
lunchroom brought joy to

what was otherwise a painful existence. Although he would later drop out
of school and land

several minimum-wage-paying, full-time jobs, his musical focus remained

Eminem released his debut album, Infinite, in 1996. Desperate to be
embraced by the Motor

City’s hip-hop scene, Eminem rapped in such a manner that he was accused
of sounding like

Nas and AZ.

«Infinite was me trying to figure out how I wanted my rap style to be,
how I wanted to sound

on the mic and present myself,» he recalls. «It was a growing stage. I
felt like Infinite was like a

demo that just got pressed up.»

After being thoroughly disappointed and hurt by the response Infinite
received, Eminem

egan working on what would later become the Slim Shady EP — a project
he made for himself.

Featuring several scathing lines about local music industry
personalities as well as devious

rants about life in general, the set quickly caught the ear of hip-hop’s


«I had nothing to lose, but something to gain,» Eminem says of that
point in his life. «If I made

an album for me and it was to my satisfaction, then I succeeded. If I
didn’t, then my producers

were going to give up on the whole rap thing we were doing. I made some
shit that I wanted to

hear. The Slim Shady EP, I lashed out on everybody who talked shit about

By presenting himself as himself, Eminem and his career took off. Soon
after giving the Rap

Coalition’s Wendy Day a copy of the Infinite album at a chance meeting,
she helped the

aspiring lyrical gymnast secure a spot at the Coalition’s 1997 Rap
Olympics in Los Angeles,

where he won second place in the freestyle competition. During the trip,
Eminem and his

manager, Paul Rosenberg, gave a few people from Interscope Records his
demo and he made

his major radio debut on the world famous Wake Up Show with Sway and
Tech. Realizing that

this was the opportunity of his lifetime, Eminem delivered a furious
medley of lyrics that

wowed his hosts and radio audience alike.

«I felt like it’s my time to shine,» Eminem says of that performance. «I
have to rip this. At that

time, I felt that it was a life or death situation.»

Eminem would soon record the underground classic «5 Star Generals.» This
record helped

establish him in Japan, New York and Los Angeles. It also helped him
earn a spot on the

inaugural Lyricist Lounge tour, which took him to stages from
Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

Set to take the hip-hop world by storm with his unique lyrical approach
and punishing

production, Eminem and his The Slim Shady LP are sure to have listeners

«I do say things that I think will shock people,» he says. «But I don’t
do things to shock

people. I’m not trying to be the next Tupac, but I don’t know how long
I’m going to be on this

planet. So while I’m here, I might as well make the most of it.

From this words we can see that Eminem is fenomenal person and thats why
we like him.

The most famous song wich give him world popular:


(The Marshall Mathers, 2000)


My tea’s gone cold I’m wondering

Why I got out of bed at all

The morning rain clouds up my window

And I can’t see at all

And even if I could it’ll all be gray

But your picture on my wall

It reminds me that it’s not so bad

It’s not so bad

Dear Slim, I wrote but you still ain’t callin

I left my cell, my pager and my home phone at the bottom

I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got ’em

There probably was a problem at the post office or somethin

Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot ’em

But anyways; fuck it, what’s been up? Man how’s your daughter?

My girlfriend’s pregnant too, I’m bout to be a father

If I have a daughter, guess what I’ma call her?

I’ma name her Bonnie

I read about your Uncle Ronnie too I’m sorry

I had a friend kill himself over some bitch who didn’t want him

I know you probably hear this everyday, but I’m your biggest fan

I even got the underground shit that you did with Skam

I got a room full of your posters and your pictures man

I like the shit you did with Rawkus too, that shit was fat

Anyways I hope you get this man, hit me back

Just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan

This is Stan


Dear Slim, you still ain’t called or wrote, I hope you have a chance

I ain’t mad — I just think it’s fuched up you don’t answer fans

If you didn’t wanna talk to me outside your concert

You didn’t have to, but you coulda signed an autograph for Matthew

That’s my little brother man, he’s only six years old

We waited in the blistering cold for you,

Ffour hours and you just said, «No»

That’s pretty shitty man — you’re like his fuckin idol

He wants to be just like you man, he likes you more than I do

I ain’t that mad though, I just don’t like bein lied to

Remember when we met in Denver — you said if I’d write you

You would write back — see I’m just like you in a way

I never knew my father neither

He used to always cheat on my mom and beat her

I can relate to what you’re saying in your songs

So when I have a shitty day, I drift away and put ’em on

Cause I don’t really got shit else so that shit helps when I’m depressed

I even got a tattoo of your name across the chest

Sometimes I even cut myself to see how much it bleeds

It’s like adrenaline, the pain is such a sudden rush for me

See everything you say is real, and I respect you cause you tell it

My girlfriend’s jealous cause I talk about you 24/7

But she don’t know you like I know you Slim, no one does

She don’t know what it was like for people like us growin up

You gotta call me man, I’ll be the biggest fan you’ll ever lose

Sincerely yours, Stan

P.S. We should be together too


Dear Mister-I’m-Too-Good-To-Call-Or-Write-My-Fans

This’ll be the last package I ever send your ass

It’s been six months and still no word — I don’t deserve it?

I know you got my last two letters

I wrote the addresses on ’em perfect

So this is my cassette I’m sending you, I hope you hear it

I’m in the car right now, I’m doing 90 on the freeway

Hey Slim, I drank a fifth of vodka, you dare me to drive?

You know the song by Phil Collins, «In the Air of the Night»

About that guy who coulda saved that other guy from drowning

But didn’t, then Phil saw it all, then at a a show he found him?

That’s kinda how this is, you coulda rescued me from drowning

Now it’s too late — I’m on a 1000 downers now, I’m drowsy

And all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call

I hope you know I ripped all of your pictures off the wall

I love you Slim, we coulda been together, think about it

You ruined it now, I hope you can’t sleep and you dream about it

And when you dream I hope you can’t sleep and you scream about it

I hope your conscience eats at you

And you can’t breathe wiithout me

See Slim. Shut up bitch! I’m tryin to talk!

Hey Slim, that’s my girlfriend screamin in the trunk

But I didn’t slit her throat, I just tied her up, see I ain’t like you

Cause if she suffocates she’ll suffer more, and then she’ll die too

Well, gotta go, I’m almost at the bridge now

Oh shit, I forgot, how’m I supposed to send this shit out?


Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy

You said your girlfriend’s pregnant now, how far along is she?

Look, I’m really flattered you would call your daughter that

And here’s an autograph for your brother,

I wrote it on the Starter cap

I’m sorry I didn’t see you at the show, I musta missed you

Don’t think I did that shit intentionally just to diss you

But what’s this shit you said about you like to cut your wrists too?

I say that shit just clownin dogg,

C’mon how fucked up is you?

You got some issues Stan, I think you need some counseling

To help your ass from bouncing off the walls when you get down some

And what’s this shit about us meant to be together?

That type of shit’ll make me not want us to meet each other

I really think you and your girlfriend need each other

Or maybe you just need to treat her better

I hope you get to read this letter, I just hope it reaches you in time

before you hurt yourself, I think that you’ll be doin just fine

If you relax a little, I’m glad I inspire you but Stan

Why are you so mad? Try to understand that I do want you as a fan

I just don’t want you to do some crazy shit

I seen this one shit on the news a couple weeks ago that made me sick

Some dude was drunk and drove his car over a bridge

And had his girlfriend in the trunk, and she was pregnant with his kid

And in the car they found a tape, but they didn’t say who it was to

Come to think about, his name was… it was you


The Way I Am

(The Marshall Mathers, 2000)


Dre just let it run

Ay yo turn the beat up a little bit

Ay yo this song is for anyone

Fuck it just shut up and listen

Ay yo

I sit back with this pack of zigzags

And this bag of this weed

It gives me the shit needed to be

The most meanest emcee on this on this earth

Cause since birth I’ve been cursed with this curse to just cursed

And just blurt this bezerk and bizarre shit that works

And it sells and it helps in its self

To relieve all this tension dispensing me

Sentence is getting it, stress has been eating me recently

All through this chest and I rest to get peacefully

But at least have the decency in you to leave me alone

When you freaks see me out in the streets

When I’m eating or feedin’ my daughter

To not come and speak to me

I don’t know you and no I don’t owe you a motherfuckin thing

I’m not Mr. NSYNC and I’m not what your friends think

I’m not Mr. Friendly

I can be a prick, if you tip me my tank is on empty

No patience is in me and if you offend me I’m lifting you ten feet

In the air, I don’t care who was there and who saw me just jaw

You go call you a lawyer file you a lawsuit

I’ll smile in the courtroom and buy you a wardrobe

I’m tired of arguing — I don’t mean to mean but it’s all I can be

It’s just me


And I am

Whatever you say I am

If I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?

In the papers, the news, everyday I am

Radio won’t even play my jam

Cause I am

Whatever you say I am

If I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?

In the papers, the news, everyday I am

I don’t know it’s just the way I am

Sometimes I just feel like my father, I hate to be bothered

With all of this nonsense it’s constant

And «oh it’s just lyrical content!»

The song «Guilty Conscience» has gotten such rotten responses

And all of this controversy circles me

And it seems like the media immediately points a finger at me

So I point one back at ’em

But not the index or the pinky or the ring or the thumb

It’s the one you put up when you don’t give a fuck

When you won’t just put up with the bullshit they pull

Cause they full of shit too

When a dude’s gettin bullied and shoots up your school

And they blame it on Marilyn — and the heroin

Where were the parents at?

And look at where it’s at middle America

Now it’s a tragedy

Now it’s so sad to see

An upper class city having this happening

Then attack Eminem cause I rap this way

But I’m glad cause they feed me the fuel

That I need for the fire to burn and it’s burnin’ and I have returned


I’m so sick and tired of being admired

That I wish that I would just die or get fired

And drop from my label and stop with the fables

I’m not gonna be able to top what my name is

And pigeon holdin’ to some poppy sensations

They cop me rotation at Rock ‘N’ Roll stations

And I just do not have the patience

To deal with this cocky Caucasians

Who think I’m some wigga who just tries to be black

Cause I talk with an accent and grab on my balls

So they always keep asking the same fucking questions

What school did I go to?

What hood I grew up in?

The why? The who, what?

When and where and the how?

Till I’m grabbing my hair and I’m tearing it out

You’ve been driving me crazy, I can’t take it

I’m racing, I’m pacing, I stand and I sit

And I’m thankful for every fan that I get

But I can’t take a shit in the bathroom

Without someone standing by it

No I won’t sign your autograph

You can call me an asshole

I’m glad cause


The Real Slim Shady

(The Marshall Mathers, 2000)

May I have your attention please?

May I have your attention please?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

I repeat will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

We’re gonna have a problem here

Y’all act like you never seen a white person before

Jaws all on the floor like Pam like Tommy just burst in the door

And started whoopin her ass worse than before

They first were divorce throwin her over furniture (ahh)

It’s the return of the… «Ah, wait, no way, you’re kidding

He didn’t just say what I think he did, did he?»

And Dr. Dre said… nothing you idiots!

Dr. Dre’s dead he’s locked in my basement! (ha-ha)

Feminist women love Eminem (chigga chigga chigga)

«Slim Shady I’m sick of him

Look at him, walkin around grabbin his you-know-what

Flippin the you-know-who» «Yeah, but he’s so cute though!»

Yeah I probably got a couple of screws up in my head loose

But no worse than what’s goin on in your parents’ bedrooms

Sometimes I wanna get on TV and just let loose, but can’t

But it’s cool for Tom Green to hump a dead moose

«My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips»

And if I’m lucky you might just give it a little kiss

And that’s the message that we deliver to little kids

And expect them not to know what a woman’s clitoris is

Of course they gonna know what intercourse is

By the time they hit fourth grade

They got the Discovery Channel don’t they?

«We ain’t nothing but mammals» Well, some of us cannibals

Who cut other people open like cantaloupes

But if we can hump dead animals and antelopes

Then there’s no reason that a man and another man can’t elope

But if you feel like I feel I got the antidote

Women wave your pantyhose, sing the chorus and it goes


I’m Slim Shady, yes I’m the real Shady

All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating

So won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up

Please stand up, please stand up?

Will Smith don’t gotta cuss in his raps to sell his records

Well I do so fuck him and fuck you too!

You think I give a damn about a Grammy?

Half of you critics can’t even stomach me, let alone stand me

«But Slim what if you win wouldn’t it be weird?»

Why? So you guys could just lie to get me here?

So you can sit me here next to Britney Spears?

Shit Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs

So I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst

And hear ’em argue over who she gave head to first

You little bitch put me on blast on MTV

«Yeah he’s cute but I think he’s married to Kim (hee-hee)»

I should download her audio on MP3

And show the whole world how you gave Eminem VD (ahhh)

I’m sick of you little girl and boy groups, all you do is annoy me

So I have been sent here to destroy you

And there’s a million of us just like me

Who cuss like me, who just don’t give a fuck like me

Who dress like me, walk talk and act like me

And just might be the next best thing but not quite me!


I’m like a head trip to listen to cause I’m only givin you

Things you joke about with your friends inside your living room

The only difference is I got the balls to say it

In front of y’all and I don’t gotta be false or sugarcoated at all

I just get on the mice and spit it

And whether you like to admit it I just shit it

Better than ninety percent of you rappers out can

Then you wonder how can kids eat up these albums like valiums

It’s funny cause at the rate I’m goin when I’m thirty

I’ll be the only person in the nursin home flirting

Pinchin nurses asses when I’m jackin off with Jergens

And I’m jerkin but this whole bag of Viagra isn’t working

And every single person is a Slim Shady lurkin

He could be workin at Burger King spittin on your onion rings

Or in the parkin lot, circling

Screaming «I don’t give a fuck!»

With his windows down and his system up

So, will the real Shady please stand up?

And put one of those fingers on each hand up?

And be proud to be outta your mind and outta control

And one more time, loud as you can how does it go?


Ha ha! Guess there’s a Slim Shady in all of us

Fuck it let’s all stand up

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