Madonna (entertainer)


Madonna performing during the 2006 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Confessions Tour»
Confessions tour.

Background information

Birth name Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone

Born HYPERLINK «» \o «August 16»
August 16 , HYPERLINK «» \o «1958»

\o «Bay City, Michigan» Bay City , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Michigan» Michigan ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «United
States» United States

HYPERLINK «» \o «Music genre»
Genre(s) HYPERLINK «» \o «Pop
music» Pop , HYPERLINK «» \o
«Dance music» Dance , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rock music» Rock ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «Disco» Disco ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «R&B» R&B ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «Jazz» Jazz ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «Electronica»

Occupation(s) HYPERLINK «» \o
«Singer» Singer , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Record producer»
record producer , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Film producer» film
producer , HYPERLINK «» \o
«Musician» musician , HYPERLINK «»
\o «Dance» dancer , HYPERLINK «»
\o «Author» author , and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Actor» actress

«Musical instrument» Instrument(s) HYPERLINK
«» \o «Vocals» Vocals and
HYPERLINK «» \o «Guitar» guitar

Years active 1982 — present

HYPERLINK «» \o «Record
label» Label(s) HYPERLINK
«» \o «Warner Bros.
Records» Warner Bros. Records (2005-present)

HYPERLINK «» \o «Maverick
Records» Maverick/WB (1995-2004)

HYPERLINK «» \o «Maverick
Records» Maverick/Sire/WB (1992-1995)

HYPERLINK «» \o «Sire
Records» Sire/WB (1982-1992)

Website HYPERLINK «» \o «»

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (born HYPERLINK
«» \o «August 16» August 16 ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «1958» 1958 ), better
known worldwide by only her first name Madonna, is an HYPERLINK
«» \o «United States»
American HYPERLINK «» \o «Pop
music» pop HYPERLINK «» \o
«Singer» singer , HYPERLINK «»
\o «Musician» musician , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Record producer»
record and HYPERLINK «» \o
«Film producer» film producer , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dancer» dancer , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Actor» actor , and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Children’s
literature» children’s author . Referred to as the «Queen of Pop», she
is noted for her innovative HYPERLINK
«» \o «Music video» music
videos , elaborately mounted stage performances, and use of political,
sexual, and religious themes and imagery in her work.

«» \o
«Guinness Book of World Records» The Guinness Book of Records credited
Madonna as the most successful female recording artist of all time, with
estimated worldwide sales of 120 million albums. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-0» \o «» [1] Her record
label, HYPERLINK «»
\o «Warner Bros. Records» Warner Bros. Records .reported in 2005 that
she had achieved international sales in excess of 200 million albums.
HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-1» \o «» [2]


HYPERLINK «» \l «Biography» 1 Biography

HYPERLINK «» \l «Early_life» 1.1 Early

HYPERLINK «» \l «1980.E2.80.931985:_Beginning_and_rise_to_fame» 1.2
1980–1985: Beginning and rise to fame

HYPERLINK «» \l «1986.E2.80.931991:_Artistic_development» 1.3
1986–1991: Artistic development

HYPERLINK «» \l «1992.E2.80.931997:_Sex_controversy_and_Evita» 1.4
1992–1997: Sex controversy and Evita

HYPERLINK «» \l «1998.E2.80.932002:_Return_to_commercial_prominence»
1.5 1998–2002: Return to commercial prominence

HYPERLINK «» \l «2003.E2.80.932006:_Commercial_ups_and_downs» 1.6
2003–2006: Commercial ups and downs

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2 Acting and film career

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HYPERLINK «» \l «Short_films» 2.2 Short

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«Italian_heritage.2C_family_and_Catholicism» 3.1 Italian heritage,
family and Catholicism

«Musical_styles_and_singers» 3.2 Musical styles and singers

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Personal life

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Kabbalah Centre

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Political views

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Early life

Madonna Ciccone was born in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bay City» Bay City ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «Michigan»
Michigan . She is the third of six children born to Silvio «Tony» P.
Ciccone, a Chrysler engineer of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Italian American»
Italian American extraction, whose parents originated from HYPERLINK
«» \o «Pacentro» Pacentro , in the
region of HYPERLINK «» \o
«Abruzzo» Abruzzo , HYPERLINK «» \o
«Italy» Italy , and Madonna Louise Fortin, a HYPERLINK
«» \o «French Canadian»
French Canadian . She was raised in a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Roman Catholicism»
Catholic family in the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Detroit» Detroit suburbs of
«Pontiac, Michigan» Pontiac and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rochester
Hills, Michigan» Rochester Hills . Madonna’s mother died of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Breast cancer» breast
cancer at age thirty on HYPERLINK
«» \o «December 1» December 1 ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «1963» 1963 , and
Madonna has frequently discussed the impact her mother’s death had on
her life and career, calling it «one of the hardest things I’ve faced in
my life.» HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-2» \o «»
[3] Her father later married the family housekeeper, Joan Gustafson,
and they had two children.

Tony Ciccone required his children to take music lessons; however, after
a few months of HYPERLINK «» \o
«Piano» piano lessons, Madonna convinced him to allow her to take
HYPERLINK «» \o «Ballet» ballet
classes instead. Madonna’s ballet teacher, Christopher Flynn, mentored
her in dance and provided Madonna with her first exposure to gay
discotheques, a scene that would later have an impact on her music and
style. She attended Rochester Adams High School, where she was a
straight-A student, excelled at sports, and was a member of the
HYPERLINK «» \o «Cheerleading»
cheerleading squad. After graduating high school in 1976, she received
a dance scholarship to the HYPERLINK
«» \o «University of
Michigan» University of Michigan . In 1977, with Flynn’s encouragement,
Madonna left college at the end of her second year and moved to
HYPERLINK «» \o «New York
City» New York City in July 1978 to pursue a dance career. Looking
back at her arrival in New York, Madonna has said: «When I came to New
York it was the first time I’d ever taken a plane, the first time I’d
ever gotten a taxi-cab, the first time for everything. And I came here
with 35 dollars in my pocket. It was the bravest thing I’d ever done.»
HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-3» \o «» [4]

Madonna experienced financial difficulties, and for some time lived in
squalor and worked a series of low-paying jobs, including a stint at
HYPERLINK «» \o «Dunkin’
Donuts» Dunkin’ Donuts . She also worked as a nude model on occasion.
She studied with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Martha Graham» Martha
Graham and HYPERLINK «» \o
«Pearl Lang» Pearl Lang , and later performed with several HYPERLINK
«» \o «Modern dance» modern
dance companies, including HYPERLINK
«» \o «Alvin Ailey» Alvin Ailey
and the HYPERLINK «» \o
«Walter Nicks» Walter Nicks dancers . While performing as a dancer for
the HYPERLINK «» \o «France»
French disco artist, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Patrick Hernandez»
Patrick Hernandez , on his 1979 world tour, Madonna met and became
romantically involved with the musician Dan Gilroy, with whom she later
formed her first HYPERLINK «» \o
«Rock band» rock band , the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Breakfast
Club (band)» Breakfast Club , in New York. In addition to providing
vocals, she played drums and guitar, before forming the band Emmy in
1980 with drummer and former boyfriend HYPERLINK
«» \o «Stephen Bray» Stephen
Bray . She and Bray wrote and produced a number of solo disco and dance
songs that brought her local attention in New York dance clubs.
HYPERLINK «» \o «Disc jockey»
D.J. and record producer HYPERLINK
«» \o «Mark Kamins» Mark Kamins
was sufficiently impressed by her HYPERLINK
«» \o «Demo (music)» demo
recordings to bring them to the attention of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sire Records» Sire
Records founder HYPERLINK
«» \o «Seymour Stein» Seymour
Stein .

ion=edit&section=3» \o «Edit section: 1980–1985: Beginning and rise to
fame» edit ]

1980–1985: Beginning and rise to fame

Madonna in her first HYPERLINK
«» \o «Music video» music video
for » HYPERLINK «» \o
«Everybody (song)» Everybody ,» a low-budget video that featured
Madonna and her dancers in a rather dark New York club.

In 1980, Madonna signed a singles deal with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sire Records» Sire
Records in the HYPERLINK «»
\o «United States» United States that paid her $5,000 per song. Her
first release, » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Everybody
(song)» Everybody ,» a self-written song produced by Mark Kamins,
became a dance hit in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Chart,
but failed to make an impact on the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Billboard Hot 100″
Billboard Hot 100 . It also gained airplay on U.S. R&B radio stations,
leading many to assume that Madonna was a black artist. The double-sided
12″ vinyl single featuring » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Burning Up» Burning Up »
and «Physical Attraction» followed in late 1982, and was a success on
the U.S. dance charts. These results convinced Sire Records executives
to finance a full-length album.

Her HYPERLINK «» \o «Debut
album» debut album HYPERLINK
«» \o «Madonna
(Madonna album)» Madonna (1983), a collection of dance songs, was
primarily produced by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Reggie Lucas» Reggie
Lucas , but early in the recording process both realized that they could
not work well together. After initial production on the album was
completed, Madonna took the finished but unsatisfactory album to her
then-boyfriend, HYPERLINK
«» \o «John
\»Jellybean\» Benitez» John «Jellybean» Benitez , who remixed and
rearranged it. It reached number eight on the U.S. albums chart and
contained five successful singles, including her first world-wide hit, »
«Holiday (Madonna song)» Holiday «, and has since been certified 5x
platinum with world sales in excess of twelve million copies. According
to Australian music guru Ian «Molly» Meldrum, it was Australia who gave
Madonna her first hit for the song «Holiday» on Meldrum’s hugely popular
show «Countdown.» Madonna became popular with teenagers due to her sexy
appearance, and it wasn’t long before teenage girls, who were known as
«wannabes», were dressing up as her. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-4» \o «» [5]

Her follow up album, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Like a Virgin» Like a
Virgin (1984), was an international success, and became her first
number one album on the U.S. albums chart. Buoyed by the success of its
«Like a Virgin (song)» title track , which reached number one across
the world, including a six week stay at the top of the Billboard Hot 100
Singles Chart, the album has sold nineteen million copies worldwide.
HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-5» \o «» [6] and
produced four top-five singles in the U.S. and the UK. Her performance
of the song at the first HYPERLINK
«» \o «MTV Video
Music Awards» MTV Video Music Awards , during which she writhed on the
stage (on top of a wedding cake) wearing a combination bustier/wedding
gown, lacy stockings and garters and her then-trademark «Boy Toy» belt,
was the first of several public displays that boosted Madonna’s fan base
as much as they incensed some critics, who felt that her provocative
style attempted to disguise an absence of talent.

«Like a Virgin (song)» Like a Virgin » (1984), directed by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Mary Lambert» Mary
Lambert , was shot in HYPERLINK «»
\o «Venice» Venice , HYPERLINK «»
\o «Italy» Italy and featured Madonna dancing on a gondola and in a
wedding dress.

In 1985, Madonna entered mainstream films, beginning with a brief
appearance as a club singer in the film HYPERLINK
«» \o «Vision Quest» Vision
Quest . The soundtrack to the film contained her second number one pop
hit, the HYPERLINK «» \o
«Grammy Award» Grammy -nominated ballad » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Crazy for
You (song)» Crazy for You .» Later that year she appeared in the
commercially and critically successful film HYPERLINK
«» \o «Desperately
Seeking Susan» Desperately Seeking Susan , with her comedic performance
winning her positive reviews. The film introduced the dance song »
HYPERLINK «» \o «Into the
Groove» Into the Groove «, which was released as a HYPERLINK
«» \o «B-side» B-side to her single
«Angel (Madonna song)» Angel «, peaking at number five in the U.S. In
Europe, «Into the Groove» became a major hit and her first HYPERLINK
«» \o «United Kingdom» U.K.
number one.

She embarked on her first concert tour in the U.S. titled HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Virgin Tour» The
Virgin Tour supported by HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Beastie Boys»
The Beastie Boys .

In July 1985, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Penthouse
(magazine)» Penthouse and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Playboy
(magazine)» Playboy magazines published a number of black and white
nude photos of Madonna taken in the late 1970s. The publications caused
a swell of publicity and public discussion of Madonna, who remained
unapologetic and defiant. Speaking to a global audience at the
HYPERLINK «» \o «Live Aid» Live
Aid charity concert at the height of the controversy, Madonna made a
critical reference to the media and vowed that, for her performance, she
would not give her critics the satisfaction of taking off her jacket,
despite the sweltering heat.

1986–1991: Artistic development

The music video for » HYPERLINK
«» \o «True Blue
(song)» True Blue » (1986), directed by HYPERLINK
«» \o «James Foley» James Foley
, featured a 1950s theme.

Madonna’s 1986 album HYPERLINK
«» \o «True Blue
(album)» True Blue presented a more musically and thematically mature
album than its predecessors, prompting HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rolling Stone» Rolling
Stone to declare, ‘singing better than ever, Madonna stakes her claim
as the pop poet of lower-middle-class America.’ HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-6» \o «» [7] The album
included the soulful ballad » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Live To Tell» Live To
Tell «, which she wrote for the film HYPERLINK
«» \o «At Close Range» At
Close Range , starring then-husband HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sean Penn» Sean Penn . The
album was also the first to credit her as producer. She collaborated
with composer HYPERLINK «»
\o «Patrick Leonard» Patrick Leonard , who would become a long-time
collaborator and friend. True Blue reached #1 in thirty-eight countries,
and sold over 40 million copies worldwide, becoming her most successful
studio album internationally, HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-7» \o «» [8] and produced
five successful singles, including three #1 entries in the United

The music videos for the album True Blue displayed Madonna’s continued
interest in pushing the boundaries of the video medium to a cinematic
level, including elaborate HYPERLINK
«» \o «Art direction» art
direction , HYPERLINK «» \o
«Cinematography» cinematography and film devices such as character and
plot. Though Madonna had already made videos expressing her sexuality,
she added religious iconography, gender archetypes and social issues to
her oeuvre, and these concepts would carry through her work for years to
come. One notable example was the » HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Open Your Heart (Madonna song)» Open Your Heart » video, her first
collaboration with French photographer HYPERLINK
«» \o «Jean-Baptiste
Mondino» Jean-Baptiste Mondino .

In 1987, Madonna starred in the modestly successful film HYPERLINK
«» \o «Who’s That
Girl?» Who’s That Girl? , and contributed four songs to its soundtrack,
including the film’s HYPERLINK
«» \o «Who’s
That Girl (song)» title track , which became an international hit and
Madonna’s sixth #1 single in the US.

In 1987, the star embarked on the successful HYPERLINK
«» \o «Who’s That
Girl Tour» Who’s That Girl World Tour , beginning her long association
with backing vocalists and dancers HYPERLINK
«» \o «Donna DeLory» Donna
DeLory and HYPERLINK «» \o
«Niki Haris» Niki Haris , and moving closer to the more elaborately
staged theater-inspired concert tour. It also marked her first run-in
with the HYPERLINK «» \o «Holy
See» Vatican , with the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Pope John Paul II»
Pope urging fans not to attend her performances in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Italy» Italy . The Vatican
later expressed outrage at the unveiling of a racy 13-foot tall statue
of Madonna, in the Italian town of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Pacentro» Pacentro .

Later that year, Madonna released a remix album, HYPERLINK
«» \o «You Can Dance» You Can
Dance , which included one new track, » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Spotlight
(song)» Spotlight «. Although the album did not reach the Top 10, it
was certified platinum in the US.

«Like a Prayer (song)» Like a Prayer » (1989) caused controversy as it
was condemned by the HYPERLINK «»
\o «Holy See» Vatican for its ‘ HYPERLINK
«» \o «Blasphemy» blasphemous ‘
mixture of Catholic symbolism and eroticism.

Madonna’s fourth album, 1989’s HYPERLINK
«» \o «Like a Prayer» Like a
Prayer , presented more reflective and personal lyrics and a more mature
vocal style. Co-written and co-produced with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Patrick Leonard»
Patrick Leonard and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Stephen Bray» Stephen
Bray , it settled her as a serious pop artist. Most of the songs were
recorded with all the musicians playing in the same room, which gave the
album the straightforwardness and sincerity of a live recording. She
teamed up with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Prince
(musician)» Prince on a duet, who also lent his talent as a guitarist
on two songs. Like a Prayer garnered Madonna the strongest reviews of
her career and attracted a more mature audience. HYPERLINK
«» \o «All Music Guide» All
Music Guide described the album as ‘her best and most consistent’
HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-8» \o «» [9] ,
while Rolling Stone stated that the album is ‘proof not only that
Madonna should be taken seriously as an artist but that hers is one of
the most compelling voices of the Eighties’. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-9» \o «» [10] Like a Prayer
produced five singles, including the #1 » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Like a
Prayer (song)» title track » and «So much screwing.»

In early 1989, Madonna signed an endorsement deal with soft drink
manufacturer HYPERLINK «» \o «Pepsi»
Pepsi , which would debut her new song «Like a Prayer» in a Pepsi
commercial that Madonna herself would also appear in. The commercial
used a child’s birthday party as a plot device, and was not
controversial in itself; however, the following day, the music video for
the song premiered on MTV. It featured many HYPERLINK
«» \o «Catholic» Catholic
symbols, including HYPERLINK «»
\o «Stigmata» stigmata , and was condemned by the Vatican for its »
HYPERLINK «» \o «Blasphemy»
blasphemous » mixture of Catholic symbolism and eroticism. It depicted a
black man, who comes to the aid of woman being murdered, arrested for
the crime and jailed, until Madonna, who has witnessed the crime,
secures his release. Although the video denounced HYPERLINK
«» \o «Racism» racism , Madonna was
criticized for her use of symbols such as burning crosses. The public
linked the commercial with the music video, and although they were
different, Pepsi was subsequently bombarded with complaints and threats
of boycotts; Pepsi withdrew the commercial from broadcasting, but
Madonna was allowed to keep her five million dollar fee, as Pepsi had
voided their contract. Sales for the album increased during the ensuing
publicity, and it reached #1 on the US albums chart, ultimately being
certified 4x platinum.

Audio samples:

«» \o
«CherishSample.ogg» «Cherish» (1989) ( HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Image:CherishSample.ogg» file info ) — HYPERLINK
hSample.ogg&wiki=en» \o
hSample.ogg&wiki=en» play in browser ( HYPERLINK
«» \l «Beta» \o
«Development stage» beta )

Touches upon minor subject matter. It became the third single release
from Like a Prayer and another Top 10 hit worldwide.

«» \o
«VogueSample.ogg» «Vogue» (1990) ( HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Image:VogueSample.ogg» file info ) — HYPERLINK
ample.ogg&wiki=en» \o
ample.ogg&wiki=en» play in browser ( HYPERLINK
«» \l «Beta» \o
«Development stage» beta )

A tribute to ‘The Golden Age of Hollywood’, it became Madonna’s biggest
hit of the 90s, reaching #1 in the UK and the US

\o «JustifyMyLoveSample.ogg» «Justify My Love» (1990) ( HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Image:JustifyMyLoveSample.ogg» file info ) — HYPERLINK
yMyLoveSample.ogg&wiki=en» \o
yMyLoveSample.ogg&wiki=en» play in browser ( HYPERLINK
«» \l «Beta» \o
«Development stage» beta )

Featuring whispered and spoken vocals, it became one of Madonna’s most
controversial singles, due to its sexually explicit lyrics and music

Problems playing the files? See HYPERLINK
«» \o «Wikipedia:Media
help» media help .

In 1990, Madonna starred as Breathless Mahoney in a film adaptation of
the popular comic book series HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dick Tracy
(film)» Dick Tracy . To accompany the launching of the film, as well as
to provide more material for her upcoming HYPERLINK
«» \o «Blonde Ambition
Tour» Blonde Ambition Tour , she released HYPERLINK
«» \o «I’m Breathless» I’m
Breathless , a novelty album, with songs inspired by the film’s 1930s
setting. It featured the #1 dance-floor anthem » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Vogue (song)» Vogue
» (which was a hommage to the Hollywood stars), the Gershwin-esque »
«Something To Remember» Something To Remember «, and three songs by
HYPERLINK «» \o «Stephen
Sondheim» Stephen Sondheim (among them, «Sooner or Later (I Always Get
My Man)», which won an HYPERLINK
«» \o «Academy Awards»
Academy Award for ‘Best Original Song’. I’m Breathless was a success in
Europe, Australia and the United States, where it was certified 2x

The black and white music video for » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Vogue (song)» Vogue
» (1990) recalled the look of 1930s Hollywood films.

In addition, that year, Madonna released her first HYPERLINK
«» \o «Greatest hits»
greatest hits album, HYPERLINK
«» \o «The
Immaculate Collection» The Immaculate Collection , which included two
new songs, » HYPERLINK «»
\o «Justify My Love» Justify My Love » and » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rescue
Me (Madonna song)» Rescue Me «. The music video for «Justify My Love»,
again directed by Mondino, showed Madonna in a Parisian hotel, in
suggestive scenes with her then-lover, gay icon and indie actor Tony
Ward, as well as scenes of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sadism and
masochism» S&M , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bondage (BDSM)»
bondage with gay and lesbian characters, and brief nudity. It was
deemed too sexually explicit for MTV, and was subsequently banned from
the station. Warner Bros. Records released the video as a video single —
the first of its kind — and it remains one of the highest-selling video
singles of all time. «Justify My Love» itself reached #1 in the US
singles chart.

In 1991, Madonna starred in her first documentary film, HYPERLINK
\o «Truth or Dare (Madonna documentary)» Truth or Dare (also known as
In Bed with Madonna outside North America), which chronicled her
successful 1990 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Blond Ambition
Tour» Blond Ambition Tour , as well as her personal life. The following
year, she appeared in the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Baseball» baseball film
League Of Their Own» A League Of Their Own , and recorded the film’s
theme song, » HYPERLINK
«» \o «This
Used To Be My Playground» This Used To Be My Playground «, which became
her tenth #1 single in the United States.

ion=edit&section=5» \o «Edit section: 1992–1997: Sex controversy and
Evita» edit ]

1992–1997: Sex controversy and Evita

The controversial music video for » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Erotica (song)»
Erotica » (1992) was aired only three times on HYPERLINK
«» \o «MTV» MTV due to its highly
charged sexual content.

In 1992, Madonna released the erotic book HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sex (book)» Sex ,
photographed by long time collaborator HYPERLINK
«» \o «Steven Meisel» Steven
Meisel . Adult in nature, it featured strong sexual content and graphic
photographs featuring Madonna depicting simulations of sexual acts and
HYPERLINK «» \o «BDSM» BDSM . The book
caused huge publicity at the time of its release, primarily leading to
bad press and negative attitudes towards Madonna. Many critics
considered it another calculated controversy timed to boost sales of her
new album, which the public linked together because of their generally
close release dates and overt sexual content.

«Erotica (album)» Erotica (1992), produced primarily with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Shep Pettibone» Shep
Pettibone , was disregarded as simply being a ‘porn’ album, with most
people believing that all the album tracks were about sex, but in truth
the album only featured 3 (out of 14) overtly sexual songs: ‘Erotica’,
‘Where Life Begins’ and ‘Did You Do It?’. The album peaked at number two
in the U.S. and produced six singles, with its most successful being its
title track » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Erotica (song)»
Erotica ,» which became the highest-debuting (number two) single in the
history of the U.S. HYPERLINK
«» \o «Hot 100 Airplay» Hot
100 Airplay chart. The controversial music video that accompanied the
song only aired three times on HYPERLINK
«» \o «MTV» MTV due to its highly
charged sexual content.

Her 1993 HYPERLINK «»
\o «The Girlie Show Tour» The Girlie Show Tour was her most explicit
and controversial concert tour to date and featured Madonna dressed as a
whip-cracking dominatrix, surrounded by topless dancers including Luca
Tomassini and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Carrie Ann Inaba»
Carrie Ann Inaba . The controversy caused by the tour followed Madonna
when she caused uproar in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Puerto Rico» Puerto Rico
by rubbing the island’s flag between her legs on stage, while
HYPERLINK «» \o «Orthodox
Jews» Orthodox Jews protested against her first-ever show in
HYPERLINK «» \o «Israel» Israel .
Madonna would later comment that this period of her life was designed to
give the world every single morsel of what they seemed to be demanding
in their invasion of her private life. She hoped that once it was all
out in the open, people could settle down and focus on her work.

Credited as one of Madonna’s most experimental videos, » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bedtime Story» Bedtime
Story » (1995) directed by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Mark Romanek» Mark
Romanek featured images inspired by paintings by artist HYPERLINK
«» \o «Frida Kahlo» Frida Kahlo

After the raunchy sex period, Madonna released her sixth studio album,
«» \o
«Bedtime Stories (Madonna album)» Bedtime Stories (1994), co-produced
by HYPERLINK «» \o «Nellee
Hooper» Nellee Hooper and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dallas Austin» Dallas
Austin . Madonna at the time was inspired by R&B/Rock Singer HYPERLINK
«» \o «Joi (singer)» Joi’s
debut album HYPERLINK
«» \o «Pendulum
Vibe (album)» Pendulum Vibe (1993), and was so in love with it that
she recruited producer HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dallas Austin» Dallas
Austin to help with her project. She was also responsible for making
the call that landed Joi becoming the first black model in a major
HYPERLINK «» \o «Calvin Klein»
Calvin Klein print ad campaign[ HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Wikipedia:Citing sources» citation needed ]. The album features
Madonna turning to a more R&B-flavoured sound. It was a success in
Europe, Australia, and the United States, where it peaked at number
three and was nominated for a Grammy in the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Best Pop Vocal
Album» Best Pop Vocal Album category. With its title track partially
written by HYPERLINK «» \o
«Bjoerk» Bjoerk , the album gave a hint of what would come musically a
few years later. It produced four singles, including » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Take a Bow» Take a Bow ,»
co-written and produced with HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Kenneth \»Babyface\» Edmonds» Babyface . The song was a success on the
Billboard Hot 100, reaching number one for seven consecutive weeks, but
it was a commercial failure elsewhere in the world, becoming the first
Madonna song not to chart in the UK Top 10, charting at Number 16 (the
2nd being ‘Love Profusion). The song however was released around
Christmas in the UK, which led to its chart failure (the weeks around
Christmas are incredibly competitive in the UK music market, with great
competition for artists and bands to achieve the UK Christmas Number 1
Single), and it has since surfaced that the single sold in excess of
100,000 copies in the UK that week, which is actually more than many of
her top ten singles prior to that. The Michael Haussman HYPERLINK
«» \o «Spain» Spanish -themed video,
meanwhile, would later help her win the lead role in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Evita (film)» Evita
. In late 1995, Madonna released HYPERLINK
«» \o «Something to
Remember» Something to Remember , a collection of her best ballads,
which featured three new tracks, including a cover of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Marvin Gaye» Marvin Gaye
‘s classic » HYPERLINK
«» \o «I
Want You (Marvin Gaye song)» I Want You «, which she recorded with
British band HYPERLINK «»
\o «Massive Attack» Massive Attack , and the top ten hit » HYPERLINK
«» \o «You’ll See» You’ll See
.» The album just missed the top five on the U.S. charts; it has since
been certified triple platinum.

In 1996, Madonna’s most critically successful film, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Evita (film)» Evita
was released. The film’s HYPERLINK
«» \o «Evita
(soundtrack)» soundtrack became her twelfth platinum album and
produced two popular singles, » HYPERLINK
ng%29» \o «Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Madonna song)» Don’t Cry for Me
Argentina » and » HYPERLINK
«» \o «You Must Love Me»
You Must Love Me ,» which was written specifically for the film. «You
Must Love Me» won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Original
Song From a Motion Picture the following year. Madonna herself also won
a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy.

1998–2002: Return to commercial prominence

«Ray of Light (song)» Ray of Light » (1998), directed by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Jonas Akerlund» Jonas
Akerlund , featured a high-speed video, showing ordinary people
performing their daily routines.

Madonna’s seventh album, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Ray of Light» Ray of
Light (1998), blended her personal and introspective lyrics with
Eastern sounds, down-tempo, electronic instrumentation, strings by
HYPERLINK «» \o «Craig
Armstrong» Craig Armstrong and a strong rave flavor. The album reached
number two on the U.S. albums chart and since its release has been
certified 4x platinum. It earned Madonna the strongest reviews of her
career since Like a Prayer and has been widely considered by critics to
be one of her greatest artistic achievements. described the
album as «her richest, most accomplished record yet» HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-10» \o «» [11] , while
Rolling Stone credited Madonna and her co-producer HYPERLINK
«» \o «William Orbit» William
Orbit for «creating the first mainstream pop album that successfully
embraces techno,» stating that musically Ray of Light is her «most
adventurous record» yet. HYPERLINK «» \l
«_note-11» \o «» [12] Ray of Light produced five singles, including
the European number one » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Frozen (song)»
Frozen «. The album won four awards at the 1999 Grammy Awards and has
been ranked #363 on Rolling Stone’s list of 500 Greatest Albums of All
Time. Madonna followed the success of Ray of Light with the top-ten
single » HYPERLINK «» \o
«Beautiful Stranger» Beautiful Stranger ,» a late 60’s psyche-pop song
she wrote with William Orbit and recorded for the HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me» Austin Powers: The Spy Who
Shagged Me soundtrack (1999).

Audio samples:

«» \o
«FrozenSample.ogg» «Frozen» (1998) ( HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Image:FrozenSample.ogg» file info ) — HYPERLINK
Sample.ogg&wiki=en» \o
Sample.ogg&wiki=en» play in browser ( HYPERLINK
«» \l «Beta» \o
«Development stage» beta )

A slow tempo dance track featuring Madonna’s voice over layers of string
arrangements and synthesizers. In the UK, it was seen as a «big
comeback,» becoming her first song ever to debut at number one and her
first since 1990.

«» \o
«DontTellMeSample.ogg» «Don’t Tell Me» (2000) ( HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Image:DontTellMeSample.ogg» file info ) — HYPERLINK
llMeSample.ogg&wiki=en» \o
llMeSample.ogg&wiki=en» play in browser ( HYPERLINK
«» \l «Beta» \o
«Development stage» beta )

Featuring acoustic guitars and a techno beat, it became a top-ten hit

Problems playing the files? See HYPERLINK
«» \o «Wikipedia:Media
help» media help .

In 2000, Madonna released her follow-up film to Evita. The film
HYPERLINK «» \o «The
Next Best Thing» The Next Best Thing was a disappointment at the box
office and was panned by critics. Madonna contributed two songs to the
film’s soundtrack, namely «Time Stood Still» and European number one »
\o «American Pie (Madonna song)» American Pie «, a dance cover version
of the 1970s HYPERLINK «» \o
«Don McLean» Don McLean single. HYPERLINK
«» \o «Music
(Madonna album)» Music (2000), her eighth studio album, had Madonna
slightly step away from the exploration of spirituality and fame to get
back to the «party» spirit of dance, pop, and HYPERLINK
«» \o «House music» house
music. However, she retained the introspective poignancy of Ray of Light
in songs such as Paradise (Not for Me) and introduced guitars for a more
folky note, notably in » HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Don’t Tell Me (Madonna song)» Don’t Tell Me » or ballads such as Gone.
Music debuted at number one on the U.S. albums chart and became her
first number one album release since HYPERLINK
«» \o «Like a Prayer» Like a
Prayer (1989). Mainly co-written and produced with French house
musician HYPERLINK «» \o
«Mirwais Ahmadzai» Mirwais Ahmadzai , the album produced three singles,
including the worldwide number one » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Music
(Madonna song)» Music .» The album’s third single » HYPERLINK
«» \o «What It
Feels Like for a Girl» What It Feels Like for a Girl » featured a
controversial music video, directed by Madonna’s husband HYPERLINK
«» \o «Guy Ritchie» Guy Ritchie
, and was banned by HYPERLINK «» \o
«MTV» MTV and HYPERLINK «» \o «VH1»
VH1 after just one airing due to its graphic violence. Not to be
deterred, Madonna released the video as a video single and it became the
best-selling video single of all time. To promote the album, Madonna
staged a much-publicised visit to the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Late
Show with David Letterman» Late Show with David Letterman , her first
full appearance on the show since her HYPERLINK
«» \o «Madonna on
Letterman» infamous 1994 visit . This time she surprised viewers by
playing an acoustic version of » HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Don’t Tell Me (Madonna song)» Don’t Tell Me » on guitar, the first
time she had played the instrument publicly since fronting the
«Breakfast Club (band)» Breakfast Club and Emmy in the early 1980’s.
She would continue to incorporate her guitar-playing into each of her
future tours. After staging small one-off club shows in both HYPERLINK
«» \o «New York City» New
York City and HYPERLINK «» \o
«London» London (the later providing for her first-ever performance
streamed live on the internet), Madonna opened the 2001 HYPERLINK
«» \o «Grammy Awards» Grammy
Awards with an energetic performance of » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Music
(Madonna song)» Music «.

The music video for » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Music
(Madonna song)» Music » (2000).

In 2001, Madonna embarked on the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Drowned World
Tour» Drowned World Tour , her first tour in eight years. The concert
tour was successful, was the subject of a television special in the US,
and was released on HYPERLINK «» \o
«DVD» DVD in November 2001 to coincide with the release of her second
greatest hits album, HYPERLINK «» \o
«GHV2» GHV2 . Unlike her previous compilation, GHV2 did not include any
new songs, although clubs did receive multiple mega mixes for
promotional play only. In 2002, she wrote and performed the theme song
to the HYPERLINK «» \o «James
Bond» James Bond film HYPERLINK
«» \o «Die Another Day» Die
Another Day , and had a cameo in the film as a fencing instructor. The
song reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for
both a HYPERLINK «» \o
«Golden Globe Award» Golden Globe for Best Original Song (and a Golden
Raspberry for Worst Song).

2003–2006: Commercial ups and downs

The original video for HYPERLINK
«» \o «American Life»
American Life (2003) was widely seen as controversial and was revoked
on the day of its release due to its graphic images and antiwar message.

Madonna’s ninth studio album, HYPERLINK
«» \o «American Life»
American Life (2003), in which her lyrics were themed on the aspects of
the American dream, fame, fortune and society, polarized music critics
with both extremely positive and extremely negative reviews. Arguably
her most daring and musically extreme album, American Life presented a
darker and more serious side of the singer. Once again, she teamed up
with HYPERLINK «» \o «Mirwais»
Mirwais with string arrangement contributed by French musician,
HYPERLINK «» \o «Michel
Colombier» Michel Colombier , who had already collaborated on Music, a
gospel choir, and prominent acoustic guitars. The music video for the
first single, » HYPERLINK
«» \o «American
Life (song)» American Life » caused controversy in the US, as it
contained visceral scenes depicting war, explosions, and blood. The day
before the video was to air on European television, Madonna pulled it
and released instead an edited and much tamer version, which showed her
singing in front of flags from around the world. The song failed to
perform well on the U.S. singles charts, peaking at thirty-seven. Having
sold just 4 million copies, American Life is the lowest selling album of
her career. However, the album did peak at number one on the U.S. albums
chart and became her second consecutive album to do so. American Life
produced three more singles, which all failed to chart in the U.S.,
although they became modest hits around the world.

Later that year, Madonna performed a re-mixed version of her song »
«Hollywood (song)» Hollywood «, which was arranged by Stuart Price aka
«Thin White Duke» (whom she later would work with again for her
Confessions album) with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Britney Spears»
Britney Spears , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Christina
Aguilera» Christina Aguilera , and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Missy Elliot» Missy
Elliot at the MTV Video Music Awards. HYPERLINK
» \o «Madonna at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards» The performance
caused controversy as Madonna kissed both Spears and Aguilera during
the performance, and resulted in tabloid press frenzy. That fall,
Madonna provided guest vocals on Spears’ single » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Me Against the
Music» Me Against the Music «, which became a dance hit in the U.S. In
an effort to boost sales of American Life, Madonna released HYPERLINK
«» \o «Remixed &
Revisited» Remixed & Revisited , a remix HYPERLINK
«» \o «Extended play» EP
that included remixes and some interesting rock versions of songs from
American Life as well as «Your Honesty», a previously unreleased song
from the HYPERLINK «» \o
«Bedtime Stories» Bedtime Stories era. The EP did not perform well on
the charts and peaked outside the top 100 on the US albums chart. A
lesser-known aspect of the American Life era is that Madonna worked with
fashion photographer Steven Klein in what was to become a photo and
video installation entitled X-static Process that would tour in major
art galleries around the world. These images were to be used for her
«Re-Invention Tour» Re-Invention Tour .

In 2004, Madonna embarked on HYPERLINK
«» \o «The
Re-Invention Tour» The Re-Invention Tour , which featured fifty-six
dates in the US, Canada, and Europe and became the highest-grossing tour
of 2004, earning $125 million. Also in 2004, Madonna was involved in a
brief legal battle with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Warner Music
Group» Warner Music Group , with whom she co-owned record label
HYPERLINK «» \o «Maverick
Records» Maverick . The legal dispute ended with Warner Music Group
buying Madonna’s shares in the record label. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-12» \o «» [13] In January
2005, Madonna performed a cover version of the HYPERLINK
«» \o «John Lennon» John Lennon
song HYPERLINK «» \o
«Imagine (song)» Imagine on the televised U.S. aid concert »
HYPERLINK «» \o «Tsunami Aid»
Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope «, which raised money for the HYPERLINK
«» \o «2004
Indian Ocean Earthquake» tsunami victims in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Asia» Asia .

On August 16, 2005, her 47th birthday, Madonna was seriously injured
after falling off a horse at Ashcombe House, her Wiltshire home. She
suffered three cracked ribs, a broken collarbone, and a broken hand from
her fall. Following her accident she filmed the video to her first
single, «Hung Up,» from her upcoming album «Confessions on a Dance
Floor.» At the time of filming the high-energy dance video, none of the
broken bones had fully healed yet, and she relied heavily on painkillers
to complete the video shoot. HYPERLINK «»
\l «_note-13» \o «» [14]

Madonna’s retro inspired » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Hung Up» Hung Up » (2005)
music video.

Madonna’s tenth album, HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Confessions on a Dance Floor» Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005),
was built as a continuous mix of dance songs, with musical elements
borrowed from the ’70s as well as her own repertoire. Produced by
HYPERLINK «» \o «Stuart Price»
Stuart Price , it reached number one in 29 countries and has sold more
than 8 million copies since its November 2005 release (over 1.5 million
1002877666» \o
1002877666» [8] . The album received the most positive reviews since
1998’s HYPERLINK «» \o «Ray
of Light» Ray of Light , and was considered a return to form after the
negative reception to HYPERLINK
«» \o «American Life»
American Life . It has produced two successful singles, » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Hung Up» Hung Up «, which
featured a sample of the HYPERLINK «»
Midnight%29» \o «Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)» Gimme!
Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) «, and » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sorry
(Madonna song)» Sorry «. «Hung Up» became Madonna’s first single to
chart on the Billboard Hot 100 since American Life in 2003. Worldwide,
it surpassed HYPERLINK
«» \o «Music
(Madonna song)» Music and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Vogue (song)» Vogue
as the most successful single of her career. The follow-up single, »
«Sorry (Madonna song)» Sorry ,» became Madonna’s twelfth number one in
the UK. A third single, » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Get Together» Get
Together «, reached the UK Top 10 and became her thirty-sixth number one
dance hit in the U.S. (the most for any artist in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Billboard
magazine» Billboard history), but failed to chart on the Billboard Hot
100 charts. The fourth, and final single release from HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Confessions on a Dance Floor» Confessions on a Dance Floor , is »
«Jump (Madonna song)» Jump «, due in October 2006.

Madonna’s HYPERLINK «» \o
«Confessions Tour» Confessions Tour , kicked off in late HYPERLINK
«» \o «May 2006» May 2006 ,
selling out most venues in minutes, with her having to create additional
dates to keep up with demand. The tour, which is expected to gross $200
million, may become the biggest ever tour in history by a female artist
according to HYPERLINK
«» \o «Billboard
Magazine» Billboard magazine. HYPERLINK
1002314836» \o
1002314836″ [9] However, it also sparked controversy when she used
religious symbols such as the crucifix and crown of thorns in her
performance of » HYPERLINK «»
\o «Live to Tell» Live to Tell «.

Madonna is currently working on her next album: «I’m writing the new
album now, while we’re on tour. I basically see no limits to what you
can achieve. I have more club music in mind. It’s where I started and
funnily enough, it’s now huge again. Why would I not want to make more
music? I love it and so do my fans.»

Acting and film career

«» \o «List of Madonna
films» List of Madonna films

Madonna’s success in acting has been varied, but mostly heavily panned
by critics. She was presented with a special HYPERLINK
«» \o «Razzie» Razzie award in the
year 2000 as «Worst Actress of the Century» HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-14» \o «» [15]

In 1979, Madonna starred in HYPERLINK
«» \o «A Certain
Sacrifice» A Certain Sacrifice , a low-budget film filmed long before
she achieved widespread popularity as a successful recording artist. Its
release in 1985 coincided in with the success of her second album Like a
Virgin, and did not please Madonna who tried to prevent its release. A
representative from Madonna offered to buy the rights of the film for
$5000, which director Stephen Jon Lewicki refused. That same year
Madonna appeared in two separate films. She made a cameo as a club
singer in the film HYPERLINK
«» \o «Vision Quest» Vision
Quest and garnered commercial and critical success in her first
starring role in Susan Seidelman’s film, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Desperately
Seeking Susan» Desperately Seeking Susan , which told the story of a
housewife who is fascinated with a woman she only knows about by reading
messages to and from her in the personals section of a New York City
tabloid. It was a commercial success and grossed $27 million in the
United States alone. HYPERLINK «» \l
«_note-15» \o «» [16] She appeared as Gloria Tatlock in the adventure
drama film HYPERLINK «»
\o «Shanghai Surprise» Shanghai Surprise (1986) with her ex-husband
HYPERLINK «» \o «Sean Penn» Sean
Penn . The film did nothing to further her acting career, was dismissed
by moviegoers, and received poor reviews by critics, with many
criticizing her acting, calling it wooden and unbelievable. Subsequent
films such as HYPERLINK
«» \o «Who’s That
Girl?» Who’s That Girl? (1987) and Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989),
based on short stories by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Damon Runyon» Damon
Runyon , failed to attract commercial and critical success. She was to
appear in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Francis Ford
Coppola» Francis Ford Coppola ‘s third and final chapter of the
HYPERLINK «» \o «The
Godfather» Godfather trilogy . Unfortunately, the director decided to
alter the role, make it younger and gave it to his own daughter
HYPERLINK «» \o «Sofia
Coppola» Sofia Coppola . Nevertheless Coppola went on praising ‘how
good that little Italian girl was!’

Madonna as HYPERLINK «» \o
«Eva Peron» Eva Peron in the film adaptation of the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Andrew Lloyd
Webber» Andrew Lloyd Webber musical HYPERLINK
«» \o «Evita» Evita (1996).

In 1990, after a string of unsuccessful films, Madonna starred as
Breathless Mahoney in the action film HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dick Tracy
(film)» Dick Tracy , directed by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Warren Beatty» Warren
Beatty based on the popular HYPERLINK
«» \o «Chester Gould» Chester
Gould ‘s HYPERLINK «» \o
«Comic strip» comic strip . She sang three HYPERLINK
«» \o «Stephen Sondheim»
Stephen Sondheim songs and played opposite histrionic HYPERLINK
«» \o «Al Pacino» Al Pacino as
well as Warren Beatty. Although she received mostly positive reviews for
her role, critics were quick to point out that her best-reviewed roles
were ones where Madonna had played someone who is not unlike herself. In
1991, HYPERLINK «» \o «Woody
Allen» Woody Allen offered her a small role in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Shadows and Fog»
Shadows and Fog as a trapeze artist opposite HYPERLINK
«» \o «John Malkovich» John
Malkovich . The film was shot in black and white and was an hommage to
HYPERLINK «» \o «German
Expressionist» German Expressionist cinema, backed by the music of
HYPERLINK «» \o «Kurt Weill»
Kurt Weill . The following year, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Penny Marshall» Penny
Marshall cast her in HYPERLINK
«» \o «A League of
Their Own» A League of Their Own opposite HYPERLINK
«» \o «Tom Hanks» Tom Hanks ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «Geena Davis»
Geena Davis and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rosie O’Donnell»
Rosie O’Donnell . The film, which centered on a women’s baseball team
during HYPERLINK «» \o «World
War II» World War II , earned Madonna good reviews from critics for her
lightweight and comedic performance. Following the backlash of her
sexual provocative book Sex and its companion album Erotica, Madonna
starred in the 1993 erotic-thriller HYPERLINK
«» \o «Body of Evidence»
Body of Evidence with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Willem Dafoe» Willem
Dafoe . The film was overwhelmingly panned by critics and performed
poorly at the box office, while only serving to add fuel to Madonna’s
growing public backlash. Later that year she starred in Dangerous Game
(aka Snake Eyes) by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Abel Ferrara» Abel
Ferrara opposite HYPERLINK
«» \o «Harvey Keitel» Harvey
Keitel and HYPERLINK
«» \o
«James Russo» James Russo . The film revealed her as a more than able
actress and was very well received in France, where French newspaper
HYPERLINK «» \o «Liberation»
Liberation dubbed her the fucked up Marilyn of the 90’s. However,
Dangerous Game was considered much too nihilistic and violent, and was
released straight to home video in North America. In an attempt to
improve her acting credentials, Madonna chose to take roles in
«Independent films» independent films , first playing a singing
telegram girl (again opposite Harvey Keitel) in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Wayne Wang» Wayne Wang ‘s
HYPERLINK «» \o «Blue in
the Face» Blue in the Face (1995) and as a witch in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Four Rooms» Four Rooms
(1995). She also had a cameo as phone sex company owner in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Spike Lee» Spike Lee ‘s
film HYPERLINK «» \o «Girl 6» Girl
6 in 1996.

Madonna in her visit to Madrid. 1996.

In 1996, Madonna starred as HYPERLINK
«» \o «Eva Peron» Eva Peron
in the film adaptation of the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Andrew Lloyd
Webber» Andrew Lloyd Webber musical HYPERLINK
«» \o «Evita» Evita . The film marked
the first time in America since her appearance in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Desperately
Seeking Susan» Desperately Seeking Susan that Madonna was critically
praised for her acting skills in a starring role, even though some
critics compared the film to a long music video, which required no
further acting skills of Madonna than what she had already exhibited in
her own videos[ HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Wikipedia:Citing sources» citation needed ]. Madonna had campaigned
for the role for nearly ten years and in December 1994, she wrote a four
page, handwritten letter to director HYPERLINK
«» \o «Alan Parker» Alan Parker
explaining that she would be perfect to play the role. Parker agreed
and to prepare for the film Madonna took voice lessons to extend her
range and researched the life of her character. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-16» \o «» [17] In January
1997, she won a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Golden Globe
Award» Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical
or Comedy, but failed to receive a nomination at the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Academy Awards»
Academy Awards , though the song » HYPERLINK
«» \o «You Must Love Me»
You Must Love Me » won the Oscar for Best Song. Both «You Must love Me»
and «Don’t Cry For Me Argentina» were hit singles.

Madonna’s follow-up to Evita was yet another critically panned role as
Abbie, a woman who decides to have a baby with her gay best friend, in
the film HYPERLINK «»
\o «The Next Best Thing» The Next Best Thing (2000) directed by
HYPERLINK «» \o «John
Schlesinger» John Schlesinger . Some critics however were kinder:
French magazine Telerama pointed out that the script was much too weak,
and neither she or the other two male leads, HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rupert Everett»
Rupert Everett and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Benjamin Bratt»
Benjamin Bratt could save the film or a director who’s been running out
of inspiration for some time already.[ HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Wikipedia:Citing sources» citation needed ] HYPERLINK
«» \o «Swept Away» Swept Away
followed in 2002, which was also critically panned. The film, a remake
of an Italian film bearing the same name by HYPERLINK
«» \o «Lina
Wertmueller» Lina Wertmueller in 1975, was the first big screen
collaboration between Madonna and her husband HYPERLINK
«» \o «Guy Ritchie» Guy Ritchie
. The film was mercilessly dished by everyone (It received seven
HYPERLINK «» \o «Razzie
Awards» Razzie Award nominations, winning five including Worst Actress
for Madonna).

In 2002, Madonna composed and performed the theme song to the
HYPERLINK «» \o «James Bond»
James Bond film » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Die Another Day» Die
Another Day «. She also had a cameo appearance in the film, playing a
fencing instructor.

In late 2004, she provided the voice of Princess Selenia in the animated
«» \o «Arthur and
the Invisibles» Arthur and the Invisibles , set for release in January
2007. HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-17» \o «»

In March 2006, Madonna stated in an interview that she had given up
acting because she fears her acting reputation will condemn any film she
is a part of. HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-18»
\o «» [19] She has also expressed her frustration with the process of
filmmaking, with the comment «I’ve been unlucky with some of my films
because it’s difficult for me to be a brushstroke in someone else’s
painting.» HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-19» \o
«» [20]

ion=edit&section=9» \o «Edit section: Documentaries» edit ]


In 1991, Madonna released her first documentary HYPERLINK
«» \o
«Truth or Dare / In Bed with Madonna» Truth or Dare (In Bed With
Madonna outside the U.S.). The film, directed by Alek Keshishian,
followed Madonna on her HYPERLINK
«» \o «Blond Ambition
Tour» Blond Ambition world tour in support of her successful 1989
album HYPERLINK «» \o «Like
a Prayer» Like a Prayer . The film featured black and white backstage
scenes and live performances filmed in color. Truth or Dare was released
in theatres worldwide, and became a box office hit, grossing more than
$15 million in the U.S. alone. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-20» \o «» [21]

Her second documentary, HYPERLINK
«» \o «I’m
Going To Tell You A Secret» I’m Going To Tell You A Secret (2005),
followed Madonna and her family on the HYPERLINK
«» \o «The
Re-Invention Tour» Re-Invention World Tour in 2004. Directed by
long-time collaborator HYPERLINK
«» \o «Jonas Akerlund»
Jonas Akerlund , it premiered commercial free on HYPERLINK
«» \o «MTV» MTV in the HYPERLINK
«» \o «United States» U.S.
on HYPERLINK «» \o «October 21»
October 21 , HYPERLINK «» \o «2005»
2005 . Like her previous effort, the film includes behind the scenes
footage as well as live performances, and was released on DVD June 20,
2006 with a bonus audio CD.

Short films

In 2001, Madonna starred in HYPERLINK
«» \o «BMW» BMW ‘s short film
HYPERLINK «» \o «The Hire» The
Hire : Star from the series The Hire as part of a BMW marketing
campaign. The short film, directed by husband HYPERLINK
«» \o «Guy Ritchie» Guy Ritchie
, featured Madonna as an arrogant rock star. Madonna starred opposite
HYPERLINK «» \o «Clive Owen»
Clive Owen , HYPERLINK
\o «Michael Beattie» Michael Beattie , and HYPERLINK
\o «Toru Tanaka Jr» Toru Tanaka Jr .


Italian heritage, family and Catholicism

Madonna’s background as an Italian American Catholic has had great
significance in her life and career. She has cited her parents and
upbringing as the major influences in her life and career. Her mother’s
death profoundly affected her, and she later stated that had her mother
lived she might not have felt such a strong need to prove herself.
Madonna’s father, Silvio Ciccone, more commonly referred to simply as
«Tony», is a strict Italian Catholic who raised his family in an
atmosphere of religious observance.

The name «Madonna» is very Catholic as it references HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Virgin Mary» The
Virgin Mary , who in HYPERLINK «» \o
«Italy» Italy and in the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Roman Catholic
Church» Roman Catholic Church is often referred to as » HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Madonna» Madonna «.
Given Madonna’s rebellion against Catholic-based ideals of womanhood,
some have found it ironic that she shares the same name as the ultimate
symbol of the Catholic ideal of womanhood. Early in her career, many
assumed that «Madonna» was a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Stage name» stage name
that the singer had chosen for HYPERLINK
«» \o «Shock value» shock value

As a teenager, Madonna rebelled against what she considered an
oppressive upbringing but later admitted that Catholicism had remained a
central influence. She has said that her first «idols» were nuns, and
that she found them «sexy» and wanted to be a nun because they were
«really pure and serene». HYPERLINK «» \l
«_note-21» \o «» [22]

Madonna also credits her father with instilling in her a strong work
ethic, which she attributes to his Italian background, his family’s
working class history in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Naples, Italy»
Naples , and his struggle to raise himself from poor origins. She has
spoken admiringly of his efforts, noting that he is the only member of
his family with a college education, and that his degree in engineering
allowed him to move beyond the limitations of his upbringing.
HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-22» \o «» [23]
Madonna has also said that since becoming a mother, she has gained
greater understanding and respect for her father as a parent.

As a teenager, lacking in self-esteem and rebelling against her Italian
and Catholic background, Madonna was told by her ballet teacher and
«» \o «Madonna
and the gay community» Christopher Flynn , «You have an ancient looking
face. A face like an ancient HYPERLINK
«» \o «Roman art» Roman statue.»
HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-23» \o «» [24]
Madonna has stated that Flynn was the first person to tell her she is
beautiful, and his approval inspired her to consider her Italian
heritage, and her face, as something of value.

In her music career, Madonna’s Catholic background and relationship with
her parents has been most strongly reflected in her Like a Prayer album.
In “Like a Prayer,” Madonna moved away from the dance pop of her
previous albums and toward more personal and reflective lyrics, featured
songs directly related to her parents and her Catholic upbringing. The
«Like a Prayer (song)» video for the title track contained overt
Catholic symbolism, such as the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Stigmata» stigmata .
«Promise To Try» told of her sadness at the faded memory of her mother
and her struggle to recall her. «Oh, Father» told of a strict and
distant father, who elicited fear in the singer as a child and defiance
as she grew older. The video for HYPERLINK
«» \o «Oh Father» Oh Father
depicts Madonna in a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Confessional»
confessional and her father kneeling and praying before a picture of
his dead wife. The album ends with the track «Act of Contrition», which
contains verses from the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Act of Contrition»
Catholic prayer of the same name.

Madonna has used the Catholic symbol of the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Crucifix» crucifix
throughout her career, as a fashion accessory in her early videos, in
the church setting of her «Like a Prayer» video, and in the stage design
of her «Confessions» tour. The HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rosary» rosary has also
often been used in Madonna’s career. In the early 1980s, she wore it
around her neck as part of her performance costume. Later, in the music
video for the song HYPERLINK
«» \o «La Isla Bonita» La
Isla Bonita Madonna portrays a character who is praying the rosary.

Madonna’s Italian heritage has occasionally been referenced in her work.
The video to her first number one single, » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Like a Virgin» Like a
Virgin ,» was filmed in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Venice, Italy»
Venice, Italy , and features Madonna in iconic Venetian settings. The »
«» \o
«Open Your Heart (Madonna song)» Open Your Heart » video ends with
Madonna dancing into the sunset with a young boy, while her elderly boss
chases after her, yelling at her in Italian. In the » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Papa Don’t
Preach» Papa Don’t Preach » video, often described as partly
autobiographical in content, her father is played by the Italian
American actor, HYPERLINK «»
\o «Danny Aiello» Danny Aiello , and Madonna wears a shirt with the
slogan, «Italians Do It Better». HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-24» \o «» [25] The video for
her Who’s That Girl? Tour, titled Ciao Italia: Madonna Live from Italy,
was filmed mainly in HYPERLINK
«» \o «Turin, Italy» Turin,
Italy . HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-25» \o «»
[26] (In the Ciao Italia: Madonna Live from Italy video, Madonna
performs the song HYPERLINK
«» \o «Papa Don’t
Preach» Papa Don’t Preach while a large portrait of the Pope appears
on the screen behind her. Coincidentally, «Papa» is the Italian word for
«Pope» HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-26» \o «»
[27] .) In her 2005 documentary I’m Going To Tell You a Secret, she
jokingly states that she has «big, fat, Italian thighs.» In film, she
achieved a rare good reviews for her portrayal of the Italian American
character «Mae Mordabato» in A League of Their Own. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-27» \o «» [28]

Much of her career has been founded on a rebellion against the
HYPERLINK «» \o «Roman
Catholic Church» Roman Catholic Church . As a result, Madonna has often
offended many Catholics, including the head of the Catholic Church
himself. In 1990, when Madonna toured Italy with the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Blond Ambition
Tour» Blond Ambition Tour concert tour, the HYPERLINK
«» \o «Pope» Pope encouraged citizens
not to attend the concert HYPERLINK «» \l
«_note-28» \o «» [29] , and as a result, Madonna was forced to cancel
two shows due to poor ticket sales. The Pope accused Madonna of
HYPERLINK «» \o «Blasphemy»
blasphemy against the Catholic Church (a crime in Italy), and attempted
to have Madonna banned from stepping foot on Italian soil. In response,
in a 1990 press conference in Italy, Madonna declared, «I am HYPERLINK
«» \o «Italian American»
Italian American and proud of it.» In an interview with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Rolling Stone» Rolling
Stone magazine, Madonna said that the Pope’s reaction hurt, «because
I’m Italian, you know», but in another Rolling Stone interview the same
year stated that she had ceased to practice Catholicism because the
Church «completely frowns on sex… except for procreation». HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-29» \o «» [30] In the summer
of 2006, Madonna drew criticism from Vatican officials when she took her
Confessions Tour to Rome. Vatican officials claimed that Madonna’s
performance while hanging off of a cross while wearing a crown of thorns
was an open attack on Catholicism and should not be performed in the
same city as the pope’s residence. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-30» \o «» [31] In the
documentary Italians in America — Our Contribution, author HYPERLINK
«» \o «Gay Talese» Gay Talese
relates Madonna’s rebellion against the Catholic Church to her Italian
ancestry. Talese claims that Madonna is descended from a region of
HYPERLINK «» \o «Southern
Italy» Southern Italy with a long tradition of rebellion against the
Catholic Church HYPERLINK «» \l
«_note-31» \o «» [32] .

In 1988, city officials in the town of Pacentro, Italy HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-32» \o «» [33] , planned to
construct a 13-foot statue of Madonna in a HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bustier» bustier . The
statue was intended to commemorate the fact that some of Madonna’s
ancestors had lived in Pacentro. The mayor of the city and the Pope
intervened and prevented the project from coming to fruition, citing
concerns that a statue of Madonna in their city would corrupt the morals
of their youth.

Musical styles and singers

In 1985, Madonna commented that the first song to ever make a strong
impression on her was » HYPERLINK
«» \o
«These Boots Are Made For Walkin'» These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ »
by HYPERLINK «» \o «Nancy
Sinatra» Nancy Sinatra and that it summed up her take-charge attitude.
HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-33» \o «» [34]
As a young woman, she attempted to broaden her taste in literature, art
and music and during this time became interested in classical music. She
noted that her favorite style was HYPERLINK
«» \o «Baroque music» baroque
, and loved HYPERLINK
«» \o «Frederic
Chopin» Chopin because she liked his «feminine quality». Her favorite
vocalists were HYPERLINK «»
\o «Sarah Vaughan» Sarah Vaughan , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Ella Fitzgerald»
Ella Fitzgerald , HYPERLINK
«» \o «Frank Sinatra» Frank
Sinatra and HYPERLINK «» \o
«Sam Cooke» Sam Cooke , and she also expressed admiration for
HYPERLINK «» \o «B.B. King» B.B.
King , HYPERLINK «» \o «Chaka
Khan» Chaka Khan and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Aretha Franklin»
Aretha Franklin . For their ability as performers and for their style
and impact, she cited HYPERLINK
«» \o «Chrissie Hynde»
Chrissie Hynde of HYPERLINK
«» \o «The Pretenders» The
Pretenders and HYPERLINK «»
\o «Deborah Harry» Deborah Harry of HYPERLINK
«» \o «Blondie (band)»
Blondie as artists who strongly inspired her. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-34» \o «» [35]

Film stars

During her childhood, Madonna became fascinated by films and film stars,
later saying, «I loved HYPERLINK
«» \o «Carole Lombard»
Carole Lombard and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Judy Holliday» Judy
Holliday and HYPERLINK «»
\o «Marilyn Monroe» Marilyn Monroe . They were all incredibly
funny…and I saw myself in them…my girlishness, my knowingness and my
innocence». HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-35» \o
«» [36] Her «Material Girl» music video recreated Monroe’s «Diamonds
Are A Girl’s Best Friend» number from the film HYPERLINK
«» \o «Gentlemen
Prefer Blondes» Gentlemen Prefer Blondes , and she later studied the
screwball comedies of the 1930s, particularly those of Lombard, in
preparation for the Who’s That Girl? film. The video for «Express
Yourself» placed a femme fatale character alongside an androgynous
figure in male attire, which was compared to HYPERLINK
«» \o «Marlene Dietrich»
Marlene Dietrich . The video for «Vogue» recreated the style of
Hollywood glamour photographers, in particular HYPERLINK
«» \o «Horst P. Horst» Horst
P. Horst , and imitated the poses of Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard
and HYPERLINK «» \o «Rita
Hayworth» Rita Hayworth , while the lyrics referenced many of the stars
who had inspired her. HYPERLINK «» \l
«_note-36» \o «» [37] Among those mentioned was HYPERLINK
«» \o «Bette Davis» Bette Davis
, described by Madonna in a Rolling Stone interview as an idol, along
with HYPERLINK «» \o «Louise
Brooks» Louise Brooks and HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dita Parlo» Dita Parlo
In The Erotica Video. HYPERLINK «» \l
«_note-37» \o «» [38]

Personal life

Relationships and family

In late 1970’s and early 1980’s Madonna had relationship with Dan Gilroy
who formed » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Breakfast
Club (band)» Breakfast Club » with her. During the first half of the
Eighties, Madonna also dated musician HYPERLINK
«» \o «Stephen Bray» Stephen
Bray , painter and graffiti artist HYPERLINK
«» \o «Jean-Michel
Basquiat» Jean-Michel Basquiat , DJ and record producer HYPERLINK
«» \o «Mark Kamins» Mark Kamins
, Norris Burroughs (who appears in » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Burning Up» Burning Up »
video) and musician HYPERLINK
«» \o «Jellybean Benitez»
Jellybean Benitez .

While filming the HYPERLINK «»
\o «Music video» music video for her single » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Material Girl»
Material Girl » in 1985, Madonna began dating HYPERLINK
«» \o «Sean Penn» Sean Penn . The
two were married later that year on Madonna’s twenty-seventh birthday;
the marriage lasted less than four years, reportedly caused by Penn’s
aggressive behavior and Madonna’s secret relationship with HYPERLINK
«» \o «John F.
Kennedy, Jr.» John F. Kennedy, Jr. . Of her marriage to Penn, Madonna
told HYPERLINK «» \o «Tatler»
Tatler , «I was completely obsessed with my career and not ready to be
generous in any shape or form.» HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-38» \o «» [39]

After the divorce from Penn was made official in 1989, Madonna began a
relationship with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Warren Beatty» Warren
Beatty , whom she had met on the set of the film HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dick Tracy
(film)» Dick Tracy . She dated HYPERLINK
«» \o «Lenny Kravitz» Lenny
Kravitz briefly in late 1990. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-39» \o «» [40] In 1990-1991
she dated Tony Ward, a young model and porn star, who had previously
starred in her music video for » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Cherish
(Madonna song)» Cherish » (1989) and » HYPERLINK
«» \o «Justify My Love»
Justify My Love » (1990). In 1991-1992, she had a relationship with
HYPERLINK «» \o «Vanilla Ice»
Vanilla Ice for 8 months; who appeared later in her erotic book Sex.
HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-40» \o «» [41] In
1992-1993, she dated actor John Enos HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-41» \o «» [42] and her
bodyguard Jim Albright. She also had a relationship with HYPERLINK
«» \o «Dennis Rodman» Dennis
Rodman for 4 months, in 1994. HYPERLINK
«» \l «_note-42» \o «» [43]

While walking in HYPERLINK «»
\o «Central Park» Central Park Madonna met HYPERLINK
«» \o «Carlos Leon» Carlos Leon
, who became her personal trainer and lover. On HYPERLINK
«» \o «October 14» October 14 ,
HYPERLINK «» \o «1996» 1996 she gave
birth to the couple’s child, a daughter, Lourdes Maria (Lola) Ciccone
Leon. HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-43» \o «»
[44] Madonna and Leon ended their relationship in 1997.

In late 1990’s, she had relationship with English actor and filmmaker
Andy Bird HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-44» \o «»
[45] and she briefly dated HYPERLINK
«» \o «David Blaine» David
Blaine . HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-45» \o «»

On HYPERLINK «» \o «December
22» December 22 , HYPERLINK «» \o
«2000» 2000 , Madonna married HYPERLINK
«» \o «Britain» British director
HYPERLINK «» \o «Guy Ritchie»
Guy Ritchie , whom she had met in 1999 through mutual friends
HYPERLINK «» \o «Sting» Sting and
his wife HYPERLINK «» \o
«Trudie Styler» Trudie Styler . Madonna gave birth to a son, Rocco
Ritchie, on HYPERLINK «» \o
«August 11» August 11 , HYPERLINK «»
\o «2000» 2000 . HYPERLINK «» \l
«_note-46» \o «» [47] She currently resides in an English estate in
HYPERLINK «» \o «Wiltshire»
Wiltshire , HYPERLINK «» \o «UK» UK
with Ritchie and her children. Madonna, who refers to herself simply as
«Mrs. Ritchie» on her personal letterhead, has undergone a
transformation from Material Girl to family woman, as she told
‘»Tatler»: «I don’t need to drive around in flashy cars and I don’t need
to show off. I’m perfectly happy to go for walks every day for a month
at my house in the countryside. That doesn’t mean I can’t have expensive
tastes, like nice sheets on my bed, or enjoy architecture and pictures.
But I do know what makes a healthy balance in life…a good marriage is
a contest of generosity…Everyone needs to be stopped in their tracks
by parenthood and marriage, otherwise you are just selfish satellites
spinning in space.»

According to various sources Madonna is also rumored to have had an
affair with G Patrick Polli prior to her marriage with Guy Ritchie.
HYPERLINK «» \l «_note-47» \o «» [48]

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