Короткий огляд історії розвитку англійської мови: поява і використання ідіом (реферат)

Язык: английский
Формат: реферат
Тип документа: Word Doc
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на тему:

“Короткий огляд історії розвитку англійської мови:

поява і використання ідіом”

Language is a form of our living. We can express ourselves with the
help of it. Language is a soul of every nationality, its saint thing,
the dearest treasure. By the level of its development we can judge about
the development ot the spiritual side of every nation. As we live in the
times when everything is changing quicker than we manage to get used to
it, new spheres of life and progress need much more words to describe
themselves. Instead of making up new words it is much more convenient to
make some changes in tlie old vocabulary. And here we need to use
idioms. In my opinion, they make the language more interesting,
different and bright. That is why I’ve chosen this topic tor my future
investigation. Idioms can change the meaning of the word by connecting
it witli other words with tlie same or other grammatical function and
peculiarities. It helps us to omit different linguistic mistakes which
can appear during the process ot inventing new words. My investigations
showed that it is easier to diversify English language with idiomatic
expressions. They do not need making up the new words but caring
attitude to the old ones. Idioms do not change the word, they vary it
with the new meaning which can provide the right understanding of the
new labels. I’ve tried to find rare and interesting books dedicated to
this topic and I tend to think that they helped me to develop and
enlarge my work. At the end of it you can find the list of used
literature. My work consists of several parts that have different
information directions. In the lirst part several ways of appearing new
words are described:  Changing word literal meaning;    Adding suffixes
such as -ize, -ization;    Adding prefixes such as mini-, maxi-, super-,
micro-, mega-;    Changing word grammatical function;   Joining words
together to form one adjective instead of a long phrase;    Combining
parts of two existing words. The work continues by the description of
the idioms and possibilities of their usage. What is an idiom itself? An
idiom is a fixed phrase that has its own special meaning. It is often
impossible to guess the meaning of the whole forms or structures. An
idiom can have a regular structure phrase from the meanings of the
separate words that it is formed from My investigation showed that
idioms take many different forms or structures. An idiom can have a
regular structure, an irregular or even a grammatically incorrect
structure. The clarity of meaning is not dependent on the ‘grammatical
correctness’. The aim of my work was to prove that idioms consist a
great part of English language and can help it to develop. The idioms
were shown in perspective with the help of the facts from the history of
development of the English language. In fact, idiom  is just an
expression that contains the words \vhich if taken together give the
meaning that is different from the meaning ot the each word itself. We
can make a conclusion that idioms are the result of language
development. New spheres of life need new words to characterize them. hi
stead of inventing newlabels it is more convenient to give the new
idiomatic meaning to the old words. This practice is widespread in
English language. We must not forget about the melodic pronunciation and
the variety of word vocabulary which provide the best language
perception. Language is an eternal thing, which unites all people around
the world.

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