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Famoust Scientist

ALEC ISSIGONIS was born in 1906 in Izmir, Turkey. His mother was German
and his father was Greek with British citizenship. Issigonis didn’t go
to school. He was taught by a private teacher at home. After the First
World War, the family moved to Britain, and Issigonis studied
engineering. He was already a good designer but he couldn’t do math’s.
He failed his math’s exam three times at technical college! He worked
for a number of car manufacturers before joining Morris in 1936. After
the Second World War he design the Morris Minor, the first British car
to sell over a million. In 1956 he joined the British Motor Corporation.
In that year the Suez Crisis caused petrol shortages in Europe, so
everyone wanted cars that did not use much petrol. Issigonis was asked
to design a small economical car that could take four passengers. The
result was the Mini. Issigonis had complete control over the design of
the Mini. He was an arrogant man who did not like to listen to other
people. For example, he was told that all modern cars should have radios
and seat belts. But he did not listen to the radio himself or wear seat
belts, so he refused to put them in the first Minis. Later he changed
his mind and seat belts and radios were added. He saw himself as an
artist rather than a scientist. He once said, ‘Mathematics is the enemy
of every truly creative man.’ Issigonis always followed his instincts.
Luckily, they were usually right!About MINI. First of all he decided
that the Mini should be three meters long, half a meter shorter than
most small cars. Next, the wheels were made much smaller, with
independent suspension. And they were put right at the four corners of
the car. Then, the engine was turned sideways, and the gearbox was put
underneath. Most space was saved by having front-wheel drive. And there
was still room for four passengers. In 1959 this design was
revolutionary. Today nearly every small car is based on the design of
Mini. Henry Ford (1863-1947) Henry Ford was born in 1863. He was a man
who transformed the world. The car he built changed the lives of people
everywhere. In 1896, Ford succeeded in building an automobile powered by
a gasoline engine. He built this engine in his kitchen sink. In 1903,
Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company and introduced the Model T
Ford. Henry Ford wanted to make a car that everyone would be able to
afford. He was able to lower the price of the Model T from $850 to $360
by introducing mass production assembly line techniques. On an assembly
line each person has one specific job and can do it faster and more

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