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“Famous People of America”


In the history of Great Britain there are a lot of famous names. She
name of William Shakespeare is one of them.

William Shakespeare, the great English poet and dramatist, was born in
the town of stradford -on-Avon.

There were no theatres in England then. Groups of actors traveled fown
showing performances in the street. Sometimes actors came to
stradford-on-Avon. The boy went to see all their show and Tired them
very. He wanted to became an actor. Sometimes he wrote little plays and
staged them with his friends.

When he twenty one, William Went to London. There he joined a group of
actors. At fist he only helped actors and then began wring plays for

Soon shakespeare’s plays were staged more and more and became famous.
The theatre where he worked was called “Ihe Globe”. St became the first
professinal theatre.

Everyone rnows Shakespeare’s plays. The most famous of them are
“Othello”, “Hamlet”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “King Lear”. Thakespeare
showed the real life and attitudes between people.

Love and death, friendship and treason, devotion and lie are the main
Ideas of plays. Ihakespeare’s woers will always be interesting for all


John Constable, the of the greatest landscape painters, was born in
sufford, June 11, 1776. He was the son of a wealthy miller.

He began to take interest in landscape painting while he was at grammar
school. His father did not favour art as profession. As a boy Constable
Worked almost sevetly, painting in the cottage of an amateur painter.
His kun artistic interest was such that hit his father allowed him to
visit London in 1795, Where he began to study panting. In 1799 Constable
entered the Royde Academy School in London. He was the first landscape
painter who considered that every painter should make his sretches
direct from nature, that is, working in the open air.

Constable’s art developed slowey. He tried to make his living by
portraits. He heart was never in this and he achieved no popularity.
Constable was a realist. He put into his landscape cattle, horses, the
people working there. He put the smiling meadows, the sparkle of the
sun on rain, or the stormy and uncertain clouds.

The most notable works of Constable are «Flatford Mile», «The White
Hose», «The hay Wain» and ot hers.

In England Constable never received the recoghition that he felt he was
due. The French were the firet to acclaim Costable publiely. His
influence upon foreign painting scnools has been powerful. Constable may
truly be considered the father of modern landscape painting.


O’Henry real name was William Sydney Sydney Rorter. He was born in
Greensboro, a little town in North Carolina in 1862.

O’Henry is one of the mo9st widele published American au thors/ His
works have been tfanslated into nearly every language. He has been
called «the American Maupassant» and is ranked among the World’s
outstanding short – story Writers. She best of these Were published in
books: «Cabbages and Kings» «The Four Million», «Heaut of the West» and
ofhers. The works of O’Henry

Reflect a specific period in American literature – the turn of the

O’Henry comments on society had considerable force. His credo Was – art
should be true, democratic, it shoula address contemporare life and
embrace all aspects og libe.

O’Henry Was on outsanding numaurist. He workeg out ond enriched all the
the types of the short story the anecdote, the adventure story, tales
and sketches. He was most famous for his stories of csty life. O’Henry
wrote about 150 stories with a Hew Gork background.

O’Henry cjuld work out a plot that wald keep the reader in suspense up
to the surprising end/ He was a born Writer of great talent. The
converiation is witty, humorous, and often e[act and precise.

His wors has considerable influence on American literature. His love for
humanity, for the common pople, his critical attitude towards injustice
attract reders to this day.

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