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Educating children at home.

Now educating children at home is something that apparently twice the
number of parents are talking on than used to be the case. It is
estimated that about 6000 children are being taught at home without
going to school. “ Education Otherwise ” is the name of one organization
of parents who have taken this step, and Bruce Cox is one of their
number. Bruce thinks that it is not against the law to take the children
out of school or not to put them in school. Children must be educated,
according to the 1944 Act, but whether you educate them in school or
otherwise, is a matter for parents to choose – he thinks. For some of
children it is better to be educated at home or in alternative school
than in government’s school. People don’t sent their children to school
in the first place for a variety of reasons. They aren’t particularly
hostile to school in some respects, that they could do just as good a
job. And they very much enjoy having their family all together at home.
They have done a certain amount of more organized maths, but most of the
things they do arise out of the ordinary business of day-to-day life and
responding to their interests and questions. They also thinks that
children, who were educated at home, are perfectly OK as far as reading
and writing are concerned, though they’ve been much more happy to leave
the direct teaching of it to a later point in their lives than perhaps
would happen at school. Parents don’t have to be a qualified teacher to
their children at home. Most of them [ parents ] went to school and
were quite successful, quite enjoyed it. They did think that it was very
dependent on the ‘ carrot and stick ’ motivation. It means that they
don’t hate the school, they just want better for their children. Maybe
it is right, maybe not, but we should to try to understand and help

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