Customs and traditions of Great Britain (реферат)

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Customs and traditions of Great Britain Every nation and every country has its own traditions and customs. Traditions make a nation special. Some of them are old-fashioned and many people remember them, others are part of people’s life. Some British...

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Traditions and holidays of Great Britain (реферат)

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WORD STRUCTURE IN MODERN ENGLISH The morphological structure of a word. Morphemes. Types of morphemes. Allomorphs. Structural types of words. Principles of morphemic analysis. Derivational level of analysis. Stems. Types of stems. Derivational types of words. The morphological structure of...

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Intelligence (реферат)

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Intelligence Intelligence is in government operations, evaluated information concerning such things as the strength, activities, and probable courses of action of other nations who are usually, but not necessarily, opponents. In a world of sovereign nations, information is a prime...

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The peculiarities of marketing strategy development in china (реферат)

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Эстоно-американский бизнес колледж кафедра менеджмента и маркетинга Р Е Ф Е Р А Т «THE PECULIARITIES OF MARKETING STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT IN CHINA» Исполнил: Торп Андрей Группа ЕТ 402 Проверил:Шпилёв Андрей Т А Л Л И Н Н 2003 СONTENTS 1.Introducing…………………………………………………………………………3...

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Customs Service (реферат)

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Customs Service ( реферат по английскому языку) Студентки IV курса Факультета иностранных языков Полищук Валерии Сергеевны, гр.АФ 41/2 Contents Chapter I — What is customs? 1 Red and Green Channels 2 Privatization of customs 3 Customs services by country 4...

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History of Valentine\’s Day (реферат)

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History of Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day has always been the day dedicated to lovers. There are many stories as to how Valentine’s day started. Here are a few of them. Lupercalia Valentine’s Day has its origins in the Roman festival...

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The meaning of the control (реферат)

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The meaning of the control An important feature of the people-organization relationship is management control and power. Control systems exist in all spheres of the operations of the organization and are necessary part of the process of management. The manager...

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Some Famous Illuminated Manuscripts (реферат)

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1) Some Famous Illuminated Manuscripts. It is usual to regard English painting as beginning with the Tudor period and for this are several reasons. Yet the fact remains that painting was practised in England for many hundred years before the...

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The people trade (реферат)

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ПОВОЛЖСКАЯ АКАДЕМИЯ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЙ СЛУЖБЫ Кафедра иностранных языков. ДОМАШНЕЕ ЧТЕНИЕ Предмет: английский язык тема : “THE PEOPLE TRADE” Выполнил : студент 2-го курса 208 группы очного отделения специальности 0211 Чернов Вадим Александрович Проверил: Cалеева Л.П. г. САРАТОВ 2000 Статья из журнала...

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Protection of information (реферат)

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PROTECTION OF INFORMATION INTRODUCTION Rapid development of automation processes and the penetration of the computers in all fields of life have lead to appearance of a range of peculiar problems. One of these problems is the necessity of providing effective...

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